The Brickster


Blarke; Later changed to the Brickster


August 28, around 50.2 zillion B.C. on LEGO Island, Earth


  • LEGO Island, LEGOLAND, Earth (when in jail)
  • OGEL Island, OGEL Prime


  • Trickster
  • Leader of the Brickster-Bots
  • Leader of the OGEL Empire




  • OGEL Empire
    • Brickster-Bot Army
  • Himself



Wanted for

  • Numerous deconstruction-related crimes
  • Coup d'etat of LEGO Island
  • Attempted takeover of the universe
  • Kidnapping
The Brickster is the second minifig ever built on Earth. He was built by the Infomaniac after he had become lonely on his island. The two were the best of friends for awhile until the Infomaniac said he was gonna build a new friend, called Bill Ding. The Brickster grew jealous and crazy. He stole several bricks from their island, which they named LEGO Island, and fled into space and built his own planet, called OGEL Prime. Years later, the Brickster returned in 1435 to seek revenge on the Infomaniac. He declared war against him and they fought for several years until Bologna Roni defeated him at the Brickster's Palace in 1440. He only would escape a few times in the next 500 years. Since 1997, the Brickster has been putting plans together to deconstruct the LEGO Planet.

The Brickster is constantly at ends with LEGO Island, particularly Pepper Roni, his enemy. As of 2009, the Brickster was made one of the leaders of the LEGO Villians Alliance, along with Evil Ogel, Sam Sinister, and Lord Vladek.


Early LifeEdit

The Brickster was built April 20, the following year of when the Infomaniac was built on an empty island of the coast of a large landmass. However, when the Brickster was built, he didn't have an name and neither did the Infomaniac.

The Creator of LEGO Island became lonely, so, with the help of the Creators, built a new minifig. He named this minifig Blarke and welcomed him into his home, now called the Information Center. Blarke saw how the Creator of LEGO Island knew many things, so he gave his friend the name, "The Infomaniac." Blarke and Infomaniac would be friends for several years, building an assorted number of things on their island they named LEGO Island.

One day, about seven years after Blarke was built, the Infomaniac told Blarke he was going to make a new friend, Bill Ding. Blarke became enraged that the Infomaniac would want another friend and selfish about sharing the LEGO bricks with anyone else. He decided that he didn't need the Infomaniac. He casted down the name his former friend gave him and named himself the Brickster. He stole thousands of bricks from LEGO Island and built a small spaceship and flew into space, becoming the first minifig in space.

Building OGEL PrimeEdit

The Brickster traveled through the Solar System until he stumbled upon a wormhole that led him to what would be called Eagle Nebula, an open cluster of stars more than 300 million lightyears away from the LEGO Planet. In between two gas pillars, called the Pillars of Creation, the Brickster started building a planet the size of Earth.

It wouldn't be long until he began running out of pieces. Taking his spaceship, the Brickster returned to the LEGO Planet and stole thousands of bricks from the continent LEGOLAND. The Brickster would make several more trips to the LEGO Planet, stealing bricks. After a zillion years of working on his planet, the Brickster finished his planet and named it OGEL Prime. On the North Pole of the planet, the Brickster built an island and called it OGEL Island, a mock doppelganger of LEGO Island.

The Brickster would spend the next zillion years building cities across his planet. In around 25 zillion B.C., the Brickster built his first minifig. The minifig was slightly deformed, missing an arm, but the Brickster made more minifigs to occupy his cities.

Around 16 zillion, B.C., a massive asteroid smashed into OGEL Prime. Hundreds of the Brickster's minifigs were killed and a quarter of the planet was blown off by the massive space rock, exposing the core. The atmosphere was made unbreathable near the core, and almost all the minifigs near the core suffocated. However, the areas around OGEL Island weren't affected and the oxygon levels remained normal. Lava from the core of the planet flowed into the oceans and rivers of OGEL Prime, making the oceanways a fiery burning pit.

In order to combat the lava oceans and poor oxygon levels, the Brickster managed to build boats that could travel across the lava and mutated minifigs that could survive the poor oxygon levels on the southern parts of the planet.

Evil PlansEdit

With his geographical problems solved, the Brickster began planning his revenge on LEGO Island. He built thousands of soldiers, catapults, and war machines. He also built a massive spaceship in the shape of a fish. Then the Brickster waited for over 15 zillion years to attack. In the meantime, the Brickster began thinking how to exactly put his plans into action.

In 1430, he decided to steal all the bricks on the LEGO Planet, as he had grown a love for building and wanted all the bricks for himself. With his final plans decided, his entire army boarded the Fish Ship he had built zillions of years before and flew to Earth with the intent of defeating the LEGO Planet.

Return to LEGO IslandEdit

The Brickster arrive on LEGO Island nearly five years later. He and a small portion of his army invaded the northern part of the island and took it over. He renamed his invaded land Brick Island, after himself. The Infomaniac was surprised to see his former friend return, and invited the Brickster to the Information Center to have pizza and discuss their lives.

The Brickster, not wanting to reveal any secrets to the Infomaniac, told him that he lived on a floating space rock he called OGEL Island, instead of living on OGEL Prime. The Infomaniac was truthful, however, revealing he built almost all of the citizens on LEGO Island and had helped them build their city, which caused the Brickster's jealousy to increase. But he didn't mind, for he had been stuffing himself with the pizza the Brickolini's had baked for them. However, when the Infomaniac asked the Brickster to leave LEGO Island, he grew angry and began arguing with the Infomaniac, until they sparked a civil war between LEGO Island and Brick Island, more commonly called the First Brickster War.

First Brickster WarEdit

The Brickster returned to Brick Island, and built a massive palace near the Killinmalego Mountains to serve as his capital. Then he had his LEGO Island and OGEL Prime soldiers attack the Infomaniac's side of the island.

The Brickster ruthlessly controlled his side of the island, often putting civilians' lives in danger from the line of fire. Eventually, the LEGO Islanders defected from Brick Island and joined the Infomaniac's side, infuriating the Brickster. However, he continued the war, despite his forces being several weakened. The war slowly started to take a toll on the Brickster's mind, making him often forget about the war and just want to murder the Infomaniac himself. He believed he would face the Infomaniac in a final duel, but was surprised to find that the Infomaniac had sent a man named Bologna Roni to defeat him on the Brickster's Palace.

The Brickster scoffed Roni and began throwing custom explosives at Bologna in an attempt to kill him or at least to throw him off the tower. Bologna dodged gernades and fought back by throwing one of Papa Brickolini's famous Jalepeno Red Pepper Anchovy Double Garlic Pizzas at the Brickster, causing the insane man to become distracted as he ate the pizza. Bologna used this as his advantage, throwing more spicy pizza into the Brickster's mouth, which the criminal didn't object too. Eventually, the heat of the pizzas was too much for the Brickster, and he desperately began searching for water. Bologna then shoved the insane man off the tower into the waiting arms of the LEGO Island Police Department.

The Brickster was thrown in jail to prevent him from attempting take over LEGO Island again while his remaining forces were thrown into space. The Brickster spiraled into a depression as he had lost everything.

Return to OGEL PrimeEdit

The Brickster would spend the next five hundred years in prison. To make up for it, the Brickster took to a hobby of tricking people and making fun of them, such as Nick Brick's inability to smell or Papa Brickolini's singing. While on LEGO Island, he was also given recognition for being the first minifig in space, despite it not being official in any other historical reference.

After a long wait in prison, he was broken out of jail with the help of a rising villain, Evil Ogel, in 1976. Together the both escaped LEGO Island, stole a space shuttle, and blasted into space. They then set course for OGEL Prime. After three days of space travel, they arrived in the Eagle Nebula and landed on OGEL Island, in front of the Brickster's Palace.

Creation of the Brickster-BotsEdit

The Brickster and Evil Ogel began planning to build up an army for the Brickster to use to attack the LEGO Planet, combined with Evil Ogel's experimental Skeleton Drones. They designed several robots, but the Brickster chose a robot design that wore his attire, a striped prison suit, and had square feet and a cube head.

The Brickster and Evil Ogel flew to OGEL II, one of the moons surrounding the planet, and built a massive factory on the surface. Once completed, the two villain built Alpha Rex, the first Brickster-Bot. Alpha Rex showed dangerous, cunning, and extremely intelligent. The Brickster, impressed with his new Brickster-Bot, made eleven more Brickster-Bots before the machine producing the Brickster-Bots malfunctioned, causing the rest of the Brickster's robotic henchmen to be less serious, more like pranksters. The Brickster decided to keep the bots they way they were. He then turned to his twelve original Brickster-Bots made and upgraded them to v1.5, with colored heads. He likewise did this with several other of the prankster Brickster-Bots, and dubbed them Elite Brickster-Bots.

With the evil artificial intelligence of Alpha Rex with them, the three villain began planning about the destruction of the LEGO Planet. Alpha Rex began stealing bricks from the LEGO Planet to create an armada of Fish Ships similar to the one the Brickster first built zillions of years before. Finally, in 1984, Evil Ogel, the Brickster, and the army of Brickster-Bots boarded the Fish Ships and made a direct course for Earth.

Invasion of 1984Edit

The rest of the OGEL fleet waited in the midst of the Terran Solar System Asteroid Belt as the Brickster went alone on a single Fish Ship 1000 to defeat LEGO Island. After his victory, he would radio the rest of the Fish Ships to attack the LEGO Planet.

He landed the Fish Ship in the Pizza Sea next to the jail. He swam to shore and stole the helicopter, flew up to the Information Center, and stole the Power Brick, after the Brickster saw it as a potential weapon during the Power Brick Diaster of 1957. The Brickster then flew the helicopter to the Residential, followed closely by Nick and Laura Brick and Bologna Roni. The Brickster connected the Power Brick to a laser he had constructed on OGEL Prime and fired, shooting a yellow laser out from megaphone and destroying a Residential House. The Brickster then started running around the island, destroying any building he saw.

Bologna, remembering the Brickster's weakness, began laying pizzas along the road. The Brickster, remembering the taste of pizza, became distracted and started following the pizzas, eating them until he became full. Then he opened fire on LEGO Island's buildings until he became hungry again. He followed the pizza trail to the jail, where Nick and Laura locked up the Brickster and recovered the Power Brick, ruining his plans of invasion.

After three days of waiting, the Fish Ship Fleet returned to OGEL Prime while Evil Ogel, aboard his own personal Fish Ship, returned to the LEGO Planet, believing the Brickster defeated and set about with his own plans of world domination. The wormhole that connected the Terran Solar System to Eagle Nebula destablilized, cutting off quick travel to OGEL Prime.


The Brickster would spend more than a decade in jail, where began formulating plans to defeat Bologna Roni. However, before he could defeat his archenemy, he disappeared from LEGO Island. Many believed the Brickster to be the culprit behind his disappearance, but the Brickster's alibi led the case to go cold. However, with Bologna's disappearance, the Brickster learned his son, Pepper Roni, who was only a toddler. Fearing the possible threat the boy could be to him in the future, the Brickster kept a close eye on him, to see if he could learn any weaknesses from the boy.

In 1997, the Brickster had his plan formulated, but he needed a way to get out of jail. That's when he noticed that Pepper, the Brickolini's pizza delivery boy, has poor reading skills. Knowing Pepper wouldn't be able to read the "No Pizza" sigh in front of the jail, he planned his escape quickly. A week, later, the Brickster placed a call to Brickolini's Pizzeria with his best impression of Nick Brick's voice, ordering Papa's Jalepeno Red Pepper Anchovy Double Garlic Pizza. Moments later, Pepper arrived at the jail cell.

The Brickster taunted Pepper as he took the pizza and melted the lock off his door, freeing him. The Brickster laughed at Pepper, continued to mock him, and stole the Police Helicopter parked by the jail and flew it to the Information Center, where he stole the Power Brick. Then he flew to the Residential Area while word spread quick that he had escaped from jail, causing panic.

The Brickster quietly walked to the Hospital, where he stole the ambulance from Enter and Return. He headed back to the Residential Area, where he set up blockades at two of the entrances to the Residential Area. He built another laser and combined the Power Brick with it. Then he deconstructed the helicopter and threw the pieces in the Ambulance and waited for Nick and Laura to show up so he could reveal his plan.

The Brickster was surprised to find Pepper with Nick and Laura when they found him, but his surprise quickly died. He laughed and showed off his power, shrinking a nearby palm tree with the Power Brick. The Brickster laughed again and headed near a Residential hous and deconstructed it. He turned back and saw Pepper chasing after him. He threw out a helicopter piece to block him, but Pepper mearly picked it up and continued after the Brickster. The Brickster managed to deconstruct a little less than half the island before he decided to take a break. He led Pepper to Captain Click's Cave where the Brickster threw out one more piece and went into hiding.

While Pepper hunted for the helicopter bricks, the Brickster snuck over to the Police Station and stole a Police Motorcycle and hid behind the Information Center. When he saw the helicopter rebuilt and taking off into the sky to find the Brickster, the Brickster headed from the Information Center to the Police Station, where he blew it to pieces with the Power Brick. The Brickster continued through town, determined to destroy LEGO Island. However, Pepper, his helicopter armed with a Pizza Turbo Chucker, fired pizzas at the Brickster. The Brickster stopped and began eating the pizzas while Nick and Laura began chasing after him with their own motorcycles.

The Brickster attempted to escape, but the pizzas constantly slowed him down while doughnuts fired by Pepper sped up Nick and Laura. Eventually, the Brickster abandoned the motorcycle and began walking through town, aiming to destroy the Bank when he was surrounded by Nick and Laura. They captured him and through him in jail while Pepper was renowned as a hero. The Brickster began a hateful relationship with the pizza boy.

Summer of 1999Edit

The Brickster eventually learned of Evil Ogel's skeleton drone army that he was about to release on the planet, and in amazement, the Brickster declared himself Ogel's number one fan, despite little knowledge of Ogel in 1999. Evil Ogel would eventually revisit LEGO Island in 1999 and would free the Brickster from prison. The Brickster headed to LEGO City and stole a famous Briccaso painting from the LEGO City Art Museum and hid it in a cave full of angry dragons. He then replaced the painting with his own artwork and left a note, much to the displeasure of the owners of the museum. However, Pepper Roni and his new friend Luna Rom recovered the painting and returned it to the museum. The Brickster found his painting in the trash, much to his sadness.

The Brickster returned to LEGO Island and kidnapped Arnold near the Haunted House on Spooky Hill. He dragged the minifig into the house and destroyed the stairs leading to the second floor. Then he threw Arnold in a pit and watched him. However, the Brickster was scared by Pepper and Luna, disguised as a ghost, and fled the house, avoiding capture once again.

The Brickster learned of the Crystal Brick, a natural Power Brick deep within the jungles of Adventurers' Island. He headed there and stole the Power Brick from the Aztec Village. He was pursued by the chief Achu, but quickly lost the native and headed into the jungle. He traveled through the trees and headed into a temple past a river. He cracked the code and entered the temple, only to be tied up by a snake. After five minutes of being tied up, Pepper and Luna entered the temple and scared the snake away and tied the Brickster up again with a rope for the LEGOLAND Police to arrest. They took the Crystal Brick and escaped the temple while the Brickster struggled to free himself. After two hours, he freed himself and summoned a group of Brickster-Bots to free him from the temple.

The Brickster-Bot returned him to LEGO Island. The Brickster declared himself as Space Pirate and they stole Papa's oven from the Pizzeria and escaped in a Fish Ship that one Brickster-Bot had taken from OGEL Prime. The Brickster set a course for the Moon closely followed by Pepper, Luna, and Brikman McStudz. The Brickster activated a tractor beam and captured the three LEGO Islanders. The criminal then stole the shuttle that the trio had followed him with and headed for the Moon. He landed on the surface and began heading for Galaxy City, the capital of the Moon Colony. However, he was tricked and captured by Pepper and Luna, who decided to take him home themselves. The Brickster was put under LIPD custody and thrown in jail.


The Brickster eventually learned of the Constructopedia, a book containing the instructions to all the buildings on LEGO Island. Under the impression it had a supernatural power, he began planning his escape, once again using Pepper to break him out. In 2001, The Brickster recieved pizzas every week by Pepper Roni, pizzas not hot enough for him to break out of jail. But he saved the ingredients until he only needed one small chili.

Pepper, who had just finished building his new house, delivered a pizza with one chili to the Brickster. The Brickster made fun of Pepper, telling him he tricked him again and combined the ingredients he had saved to make his Patented Brickster Dragon Breath. He breathed fire on to his jail door, breaking it open and freeing the maniac. The Brickster stole the Police helicopter and flew to the Information Center, where he stole the Constructopedia from underneath a sleeping Infomaniac. The Brickster then climbed to the top of the Information Center and began congradulating himself. Then he tore out the pages of the Constructopedia, deconstructing all the buildings on the island.

While tearing out the pages, the Brickster decided to harass the LEGO Islanders even further. He summoned his Brickster-Bots from OGEL Prime to invade and harass the LEGO Islanders. However, the Brickster-Bots proved to be more of an annoyance to the LEGO Islanders than a threat. Alpha Rex arrived and carried the Brickster with the help of his jetpacks. The Brickster hid four pages on the island and then fled LEGO Island before Pepper could capture him.

Alpha Rex took the Brickster to Castle Island. The Brickster destroyed the bridge connecting the two kingdoms together and dropped a page into the ocean below. Then the Brickster headed to the Bulls' Castle, where he made an alliance with Cedric the Bull. Cedric agreed to use one of the Constructopedia pages as a replacement as the Bulls' flag, which was stolen by the Lions, and agreed to guard the page incase Pepper came to Castle Island. With that, Alpha Rex carried the Brickster to Adventurers' Island.

The Brickster hid a page inside the Mummies Tomb in the Pyramid Area of the desert of Adventurers' Island. Not far from there, the Brickster then fed a large fish in the oasis a page, witnessed by the Old Fisherman. Then Alpha Rex took the Brickster into the jungle, where they met Sam Sinister, under the pseudonym of Mr. Hates. The Brickster made an alliance with Hates with Hates agreeing to guard a page, once again if Pepper arrived.

With him cut off from OGEL Prime, the Brickster headed to his asteroid outpost, OGEL I.S.L.E. He would soon leave, to hide two more pages on LEGO Island after Pepper recovered the four original pages and to leave six more Brickster-Bots on the island. Then the Brickster headed to Castle Island, where he rescued Cedric the Bull, who had been defeated by Pepper. The two villains returned to OGEL I.S.L.E., hoping the Brickster-Bots and Mr. Hates would be able to hold off Pepper.

While Pepper was on Adventurers' Island, the Brickster upgraded his Brickster-Bots, who had been easily defeated by Pepper's pizza, and hid the four last pages on LEGO Island. With his plans set in motion, the Brickster ordered his robots to make him pizza. However, the Brickster hated the pizza, and decided to kidnap Mama and Papa Brickolini as Pepper returned to LEGO Island riding Terry the Pterodactyl. The Brickster summoned his upgraded Brickster-Bots to harass the island while two Brickster-Bots kidnapped the Brickolini's from their newly rebuilt Pizzeria. The Brickster, with his new jetboots, then flew over to Pepper and the Infomaniac, mocking them before having his Brickster-Bots return to OGEL I.S.L.E. with the Brickolini's while the Brickster returned to Adventurers' Island and picked up Sam Sinister before returning the OGEL I.S.L.E.

With his two allies at the outpost, he gave them a Fish Ship to use in case Pepper tried to get to OGEL I.S.L.E. Then he returned to LEGO Island and stole the space shuttle's landing gear while Technicion Bob and Pepper were busy with the latter's space training. He then returned to his palace on OGEL I.S.L.E. and awaiting further reports. After two hours, he learned that Sam Sinister and Cedric's Fish Ship was destroyed by Pepper and that he he was parachuting onto OGEL. The Brickster, realizing that Pepper was getting to close, ordered his mutant OGEL I.S.L.E. citizens to guard the palace from Pepper. However, Pepper, Mama, and Papa put the citizens to sleep with pizza they made in the OGEL I.S.L.E. Pizzeria.

The Brickster, now on full alert, activated his palace's traps and activated a squad of Brickster-Bots to defend the throne room. Not long afterwards, Pepper arrived at the throne room. The Brickster sent forth his Brickster-Bots while he started collasping the throne room floor, hoping to defeat the pizza delivery boy. However, he came prepared. Pepper threw three of Papa's White Hot Ogel Pizza into the Brickster's mouth. The Brickster's mouth started burning. Desperate for water, the Brickster dived into the nearby jail cell and dunked his head into the water barrel. Pepper took advantage of the distraction and locked the Brickster in the jail cell. The Brickster screamed for mercy, claiming he shouldn't be in jail. However, Pepper ignored him and he and his adopted parents escaped OGEL I.S.L.E. aboard a Fish Ship, leaving the Brickster alone in his palace.

Return to LEGO Island; Xtreme StuntsEdit

The Brickster was soon freed by Alpha Rex, and he began planning his revenge. However, the Brickster decided that the LEGO Planet had condemned him and that the whole planet deserved deconstruction. In jealousy and rage, the Brickster formulating blueprint for a massive tower with a super computer that will take control of all the bricks on Earth. The Brickster soon learned of the filming of an action movie on LEGO Island. The Brickster, with a group of Brickster-Bots, returned to LEGO Island in 2002.

Lying to the LEGO Islanders saying he had turned from his evil ways, the Brickster was cleared of his criminal record and became a free citizen on LEGO Island. He auditioned for the role of the villain in Xtreme Stunts and beat out the other competion. The Brickster learned that his co-star was Pepper, much to his annoyance. However, the Brickster continued to play his "good guy" role and didn't attack Pepper directly, rather just pulling pranks on the stuntman. However, Nick Brick, suspicious of the Brickster, managed to record all of the Brickster's mideamenors with his camera. The Brickster attempted to jumble the evidence, but was stopped by Pepper Roni. Evidence soon began to pile up against the Brickster.

However, the Brickster prevented distrust from overcoming the director of the movie, Steven Spielbrick, by becoming close friends with him. However, despite his ruse, the Brickster was ordering his Brickster-Bots to begin building his tower on the summit of Space Mountain. Before his tower was completed however, the Infomaniac discovered the truth about the Brickster and attempted to alert the LIPD. The Brickster kidnapped the Infomaniac and placed him at the top of the tower, under strict Brickster-Bot guards.

The Brickster kept up his ruse throughout the entire filming of Xtreme Stunts. At the celebration party at the studio at the end of filming, the Brickster revealed his plot to the rest of the crew, mocking everyone for believing his ruse. He told them that he had captured the Infomaniac, and threatened his old friend with death if anyone tried to stop his plot. He then escaped Nick Brick and made it to the top of his tower to watch the destruction of the planet. However, he saw Pepper reach the gates of his tower. The Brickster laughed, telling the pizza boy there was no chance. The Brickster began rolling barrels down the outside, trying to defeat Pepper. However, Pepper dodged his traps and made it to the top of the tower.

The Brickster dueled Pepper on top of the tower, make use of his new slam move that caused a sonic wave, knocking Pepper away from him. Despite this attack, Pepper managed to hold is own against the Brickster. Annoyed at Pepper's will power, the Brickster ate hot pizza and ran around the tower at a high speed, trying to throw his enemy off the tower. Pepper still dodged the attacks. Now furious, the Brickster summoned his Brickster-Bots supervising the battle to sweep the the tower to push Pepper off the tower. Pepper, dodging the Brickster-Bots, starting pushing the Brickster off the tower with his pizza. Eventually the Brickster grew too weak to continue and surrendered to Pepper.

Sky Lane soon arrived at the tower, revealing she set the tower's Super Computer to self-destruct. Sky, Pepper, and the Infomaniac escaped via Sky's helicopter as the tower fell over, with the Brickster on top of it. The police later arrived and threw the Brickster in jail, only for him to escape to watch Xtreme Stunts. After the movie, the Brickster was thrown back in jail.

Soccer ManiaEdit

The Brickster would escape jail again with the help of his Brickster-Bots in 2002. He fled to the LEGOLAND mainland, where he stole a magic wrench from Area 58 near LEGO City. The Brickster then headed to LEGO Town. He created bridges to LEGO Town with the wrench, then stole a car and headed to the LEGO Cup Soccer Championship. As LEGO Town's mayor was about to award the winning soccer team the LEGO Cup, the Brickster jumped into the field and stole the trophy and escaped with his stolen car. However, he left behind the magic wrench.

The Brickster then stole a boat and headed to Castle Island, knowing the soccer team was trying to capture him. He met up with his old ally, Cedric the Bull. The Brickster asked Cedric to hold the Soccer Team off while he escaped through a portal set up by his Brickster-Bots to the Arctic.

The soccer team defeated Cedric's soccer team and soon arrived in the Arctic. While the team played the Arctic Mechanics, the Brickster snuck around and broke the Arctic Team's vehicles. Then he escaped to Adventurers' Island and reunited with Sam Sinister, this time with his own allies Slyboots and Rudo Villano. The villains agreed to hold off the soccer team by forming their own soccer team, the Adventuers Villains. Sinister led the Brickster to the coast, where the Brickster used another boat to escape the island, passing the Skelly Ship as he trekked across the ocean.

The Brickster returned to LEGO Town, where he deconstructed a spaceship at the LEGO Town Launch Pad. Then he headed to the Brickster's Volcano, his personal Earth headquarters situated in the mid-Arctic Circle. The Brickster then took a Fish Ship stationed there and blasted into space where he headed for the planet Mars. However, he was unaware that the Super Space Station orbiting the LEGO Planet had tracked him.

Shortly after landing on Mars, the soccer team arrived via the shuttle the Brickster had deconstructed. The soccer team played the Brickster's own soccer team made up of Brickster-Bots. The Brickster's team is defeated and the soccer team recovers their trophy, but the Brickster escaped Mars on his Fish Ship back to Earth before the soccer team could capture him.

Back on Earth, several months after the LEGO Cup, the Brickster, along with General Evil, rescued Evil Ogel from LEGO Island's jail cell after Pepper had arrested him for capturing two soccer teams and forcing them to play in an underwater dome. The Brickster was captured by the LEGO Island Police Department shortly after that.

Mission Deep FreezeEdit

The Brickster was freed from jail with the help of Evil Ogel's Ice Drones in 2004. He was taken to Antarctica, to Ogel's Mountain Fortress. While he was there, an Alpha Team Agent named Frozeen was due to be executed. The Brickster decided to play a joke and pretend to be the agent's brother. The Brickster, showing his never-before-seen mercy, asked Ogel not to kill him, but to convince Frozeen to join his side. Ogel inquired why, and the Brickster revealed that Frozeen was his brother.

The Brickster fed more lies to Frozeen until he discovered proof of his relationship to the Brickster that the latter had set up. Pushing the joke farther, the Brickster build a whole army of Brickster-Bots on an asteroid near OGEL I.S.L.E. and named it Ogelis Asteroid. Unfortunately for the Brickster, the plan backfired and Frozeen was able to activate his Brickster-Bot army that he had been given by the Brickster as a 'birthday present'. The Brickster had unknowingly given his enemies an army of his own soldiers. Frozeen's Brickster-Bots, nicknamed FMB-Bots, proved to be more of a threat to minifgs than the Brickster's own army.

The Brickster was given some Time Tech to escape the freezing of time on the LEGO Planet before he left. He returned to his Volcano Base and took a Fish Ship to OGEL I.S.L.E., where he managed to contact OGEL Prime. He informed his Brickster-Bot factories, now under the name of OGEL Robotics, Inc, to create several new upgraded designs of Brickster-Bots to suit different geographical settings. He also ordered the Brickster-Bots' AI to be upgraded from silly pranksters to menacing soldiers. He also issued several more upgrades to OGEL Robotics, including an orginal idea for a Brickster-Bot created by Evil Ogel.

After issuing those orders, the Brickster and Alpha Rex began coming up with their newest plans to destroy LEGO Island. They soon worked out a massive invasion force to destroy LEGO Island and to steal the Power Brick. Alpha Rex managed to commission a large taskforce of Fish Ships and Brickster-Bots. However, the two villains decided to wait for the completion of the new, upgraded Brickster-Bots before invading. With nothing else to do, the Brickster returned to Earth, only to be captured by the Alpha Team and thrown back in jail on LEGO Island. However, the Brickster's plans were continued by Alpha Rex for three years, until 2007, when Alpha Rex's massive fleet stationed at OGEL Prime left their home planet for the LEGO Planet.

Invasion of LEGO IslandEdit

At 11:00 PM, on June 13, 2007, Alpha Rex and his fleet of Fish Ships arrived on LEGO Island. The Fish Ships opened fire on the LEGO Island Jail, blowing its pieces into the water and freeing the Brickster. Nick and Laura Brick arrived quickly after the destruction of the jail and said they had the Brickster partially surrounded and threatened to blow up the bridge connecting the Jail to the rest of the island.

The Brickster laughed and stole the Police helicopter and flew it to the Information Center, where he stole the Power Brick, as he had done ten years before. While the police headed to the Residential Area to wake Pepper Roni up, the Brickster ordered his Fish Ships to deploy his new Brickster-Bots. The LEGO Island Army were overwhelmed by the more dangerous Brickster-Bots, but more so by the Brickster-Bots' new models, such as the High Objective Non Autonomous Bot, or the H.O.N.A.B., the new tank-treaded, laser wielding Brickster-Bot.

The Brickster watched from helicopter as the citizens attempted to defeat the Brickster-Bots with pizzas from Brickolini's Pizzeria, but found the Brickster-Bots more immune to pizza. The Brickster laughed the whole time, mocking the citizens at their doom, and congradualting himself on completing the objective he had failed at 23 years ago. However, as the LEGOLAND Air Force destroyed the Fish Ship OSS Monday, the Brickster landed the helicopter near the Information Center and watched his Brickster-Bots explode from bombing runs by the LEGOLAND Air Force.

Two hours later, more Fish Ships arrived on LEGO Island. Most of these Fish Ships were Prisoner Transport Ships. They beamed up the LEGO Island citizens and the Brickster-Bots unboard threw the citizens into jail cells. The Brickster, realizing victory, decided to split the Power Brick as an eleventh-hour resort. When the Power Brick was split, a massive shockwave shot out in every direction, vaporizing most of the buildings and Brickster-Bots remaining on the island. The Brickster was then beamed up to his personal Fish Ship, the OSS Deconstructor, where he sent several squads of Brickster-Bots back to LEGO Island to capture any survivors and to destroy the Information Center, as a sign of triumph. With that, the Fish Ships left LEGO Island to continue its path of destruction on the rest of the planet.

Taking the PlanetEdit

The Brickster's Fish Ship fleet headed east and invaded Pirate Bay. The Brickster's forces quickly put down the resistance of the Imperial Army, the Pirates, and the Islanders, due to their refusal to form an alliance. The Brickster sent left several Brickster-Bots on Pirate Bay to keep an eye on the locals. While there, the Brickster built a massive ship for his Brickster-Bots to command.

The Fish Ships continued east until they reached LEGO City. LEGO City put up the most defense against OGEL Prime's forces, due to being forwarned during the Invasion of LEGO Island. The Brickster personally lead the Brickster-Bots into battle against the LEGOLAND Military. The LEGOLAND Air Force attempted bombing runs again to eliminate the Brickster-Bots, but were defeated by the Brickster's own air force. After the Brickster's forces captured the Hexagon, the city was soon surrendered. However, most of the civilians who lived in the city managed to escape. The Brickster attempted to kidnap President Sherbert C. Bricker, but the LEGOLAND Head of States managed to escape the invasion hours before. However, Mayor Sandy Beaches was captured by the Brickster's forces and thrown inside a closet inside City Hall surrounded by Brickster-Bot Dusks. The Brickster then ordered his prisoner Fish Ships to lock Mama Brickolini, Papa Brickolini, Nick Brick, and Laura Brick inside the Fire Deparment while he locked Brikman McStudz inside the City Hall.

The Fish Ships continued northeast, occasionally dropping Brickster-Bots at cities to cause havoc. After several hours, the Fish Ships arrived over the coast of Ninja Valley. The Brickster had himself beamed down alone in a Samurai Village. He made an alliance with fallen Ninja Jitsuro and was given the additional reinforcements of Samurai. The Brickster deployed his new Ninja Brickster-Bots and H.O.N.A.B. against the Ninja village with the assistance of the Samurai. The Ninjas managed to hold back the Brickster-Bots, but slowly lost the energy to fight. The Brickster left Jitsuro in control of the Brickster's Ninja Valley forces and a Power Brick shard. Before leaving, the Brickster left Red Greenbase, Dororthy Funberg, Glen Funberg, Aaron Super, and Lucky Larry under the supervision of the Samurai.

The Fish Ship fleet decided to return to the west side of LEGOLAND. However, they traveled beyond the coast and instead invaded Adventurers' Island. The Brickster led his forces against Achu and his natives and stole the Crystal Brick from the native once again. The Brickster deployed his Jungle Brickster-Bots to hid in the trees around the natives' temple. The Brickster entrusted a Power Brick shard and the Crystal Brick in the hands of Sam Sinister, who used the Power Bricks to created super-powered dinosaurs. The Brickster left Snap Lockitt and Valerie Stubbins on the island, only for them to be captured by Achu and his natives.

The Fish Ships went southwest and attacked Castle Island. The Brickster quickly formed an alliance with the Fright Knights and Vladek, the new ruler of the Bulls. The Brickster-Bots and the dark knights made a massive attack against the small Lion Kingdom. The Lions were quickly defeated and their king, Leo, was captured by Vladek and taken to his castle. The Brickster entrusted the dark knight with a Power Brick shard and the leader of the Fright Knights, Willa the Witch, with a medic, Dr. Clickitt, Captain C.D. Rom, and Pete Bog before continuing.

The Fish Ships returned to LEGO City and dropped off the Brickster, who decided to guard LEGO City himself. The Deconstructor then launched into orbit above the planet to supervise the planet while the rest of the Fish Ship fleet continued across the planet, taking over numerous cities in hundreds of countries.

Liberation of LEGO CityEdit

The Brickster remained in LEGO City for several hours, until he learned that Pepper Roni, Sky Lane, Bill Ding, and a medic had been spotted by Brickster-Bots exiting the SS LEGO Island at the LEGO City Harbor. The Brickster closed off the drawbridge so the LEGO Islanders couldn't reach him while he increased his guard at the Hexagon and at the City Hall. However, all of these Brickster-Bots were dispatched by Pepper and Sky and soon he found the duo at the City Hall's doorstep.

The Brickster sent his Brickster-Bot Dusks to defeat Sky Lane while he attack Pepper personally. Pepper dodged most of the Brickster's attacks while throwing hot pizzas at the Brickster. Eventually, the Brickster grew too tired to continue and couldn't concentrate on fighting with his full belly. He gave Pepper a Power Brick shard he had been holding and threatened Pepper, telling him they would meet again. Alpha Rex then beamed the Brickster up to the Deconstructor as LEGO City was liberated.

Invasion of the UniverseEdit

The Brickster grew uncontent of only control of the LEGO Planet. He returned to OGEL Prime, where he discovered Sandy Bay's portal trying to make contact with the planet. Fearing that Pepper was attempting to access OGEL Prime, the Brickster issued an army of Brickster-Bots mostly made up of Brickster-Bot Spiders, a new Brickster-Bot designed by Evil Ogel, to attack Sandy Bay. He also sent his Brickster-Bot Megaspider, a supermassive version of a Brickster-Bot Spider, to lead the attack.

The Brickster then formed up another fleet of Fish Ships and began his conquest of the LEGO Universe.

To be expanded...

The Brickster was eventually defeated and thrown back in jail.


Early into 2008, the LEGOLAND Department of Defense decided to transfer the Brickster from LEGO Island to Brickcataz, an island-prison inside the Arctic Circle, stating the Brickster had sparked fear into the rest of the country and wanted to secure the Brickster fully. LEGO Island agreed and the Brickster was picked up by a high security speedboat and was taken to Brickcatraz. The Brickster was applauded by the rest of the criminals inside the prison-island. The Brickster was thrown into his own cell, for the government didn't want the Brickster speaking to anyone.

However, the Brickster, already planning his escape, had somehow alerted his Brickster-Bots to the prison tranfer. Using this facility to their advantage, Brickster-Bots disguised themselves as Brickcatraz workers, such as guards and janitors. These Brickster-Bots made it possible to communicate with Dr. Cyber and Professor Millenium, two high security prisoners in Brickcatraz for stealing artifacts by using Time Travel. The two scientists promised some Hyper Disks for time travel to the Brickster if he could free them from Brickcatraz. The Brickster agreed, and began coordinating his master escape plan to free all the criminals in Brickcatraz with his Brickster-Bots.

in April 2008, the Brickster-Bots set up explosives all around the prison, to go off at lunchtime. The plan worked without a hitch. The bombs exploded, fsestroying all the prison cells and freeing all the inmates. While the rest of the inmates escaped, the Brickster picked up Millenium and Cyber in a Fish Ship and the three villains began flying to the mainland.

However, the time travelers lied about their deal, refusing to give away their Hyper Disks. The Brickster, who had grown smarter and darker since his plans in 2007, realized this possiblity. He took the Fish Ship to Castle Island, where he picked up Cedric the Bull, who had returned to power after Vladek returned to Castle Cove. Cedric tortured the werabouts of the Hyper Disks, when they learned that the two scientists' Hyper Disks were taken by the government several years ago and are being held at Area 58.

Furious, the Brickster decided to return the two scientists to Brickcatraz. Cedric threw the two time travelers off the Fish Ship into the hands of the prison guards below. Then the two villains headed to Adventurers' Island, where they picked up Sam Sinister to join their party. The three villains then left the LEGO Planet, with their destination OGEL Prime.

While stopping at OGEL I.S.L.E., the Brickster's Fish Ship was attacked by Pepper Roni, Sky Lane, and Brikman McStudz, each with their own LEGO Island Starfighter. Irritated that Pepper had caught on to him so fast, the Brickster sent a squadron of starfighters to deal with the threat. While watching the epic space battle, he failed to notice Pepper board the Fish Ship. Several minutes into the battle, the Brickster discovered that his shields had been destroyed, despite the LEGO Islanders were still being held off by his Brickster-Bots. After viewing the security camera footage, he learned that Pepper was hijacking the capital ship from the inside. Even after the Brickster's soldiers forced Pepper off the Fish Ship, he found his communications and engines destroyed, stranding the Fish Ship at OGEL I.S.L.E.

Furious, the Brickster sent Cedric and Sinister to deal with the LEGO Islanders after his Brickster-Bot pilots had retreated back to the Fish Ship. He watched Sinister's starfighter hurtle back to Earth after Brikman and Sky had dealt with him and witness Cedric chase Pepper deep into the asteroid belt. The Brickster put his Fish Ship's crew into high alert as Brikman and Sky boarded the Fish Ship to capture the Brickster.

The Brickster, not willing to fight the heroes, surrounded himself with Brickster-Bot Dusks and ordered every soldier on the Fish Ship to defeat Brikman and Sky. The Brickster watched from the numerous security cameras his Brickster-Bots being slashed apart by Brikman's lightsaber and Sky's roundhouse kick. He soon found the two minifigs at the Fish Ship's deck, with a trail of Brickster-Bot pieces in their wake.

Brikman cut open the door and ordered the Brickster to surrender. The Brickster replied by sending his Brickster-Bot Dusks at his enemies. The twisted villain smiled as he watched the tired LEGO Island struggle to defeat the super-powered Brickster-Bots. However, the Dusks soon fell and the Brickster was left alone to face the LEGO Islanders. The Brickster, realizing there was no escape, broke a glass case nearby and armed himself blaster rifle.

The Brickster fired upon the LEGO Islanders, only to have his blaster destroyed by Brikman's lightsaber. Annoyed, he broke another glass case, this time arming himself with a bazooka. He opened fire on Brikman, who dodged the massive rocket which flew out the deck door, down the hallway until it exploded when it connected with the wall at the end of the hall, exposing the Fish Ship to outer space. The Brickster dashed down the hallway, where he pulled on a space helmet before making his way to the hanger to escape the Fish Ship aboard his personal starfighter. However, when he reached the hanger, he found his starfighter destroyed by Brikman and Sky.

Soon Brikman and Sky arrived. The Brickster attempted to shoot them, only to have his bazooka cut apart by Brikman. Sky then tackled the villain and handcuffed him. Sky then threw him in the brig while Brikman repaired the hole in the ship. Pepper soon returned to the Fish Ship, bringing the news of Cedric the Bull's death, which made the Brickster anger grow. The Fish Ship returned to LEGO Island and the Brickster was once again thrown in jail.

The Brickster YearEdit

The Brickster waited in jail for the rest of year until January 2009, when the LEGO Island Police Department was given a new Police Station. To test the new plastic quality on the his new jail door, the Brickster decided to steal the Constructopedia again. However, he found Brickolini's Pizzeria less willing to fall for his tricks. He forced his Brickster-Bots to disguise themselves as Captain C.D. Rom to get him another super spicy pizza. The Brickster-Bot-Captain Rom headed to the Police Headquarters and destroyed the lock on the Brickster's jail, freeing him once again.

The Brickster stole the helicopter and stole the Constructopedia and tore out all the pages, deconstructing the island. His Brickster-Bot then carried him to his Volcano Base, where he ordered Beta Viper, one of the few remaining Elite Brickster-Bots, to spread the pages across the universe. Beta Viper obeyed, and hid the pages in Pirate Bay and LEGO Island before hiding several pages on Tantooine in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Meanwhile, the Brickster took the OSS Deconstructor to OGEL Prime, where he began formulating an all new plan.

He first learned of the Deconstruct-A-Ray, created by several insane scientists and the Brickster began planning to steal this laser. In the meantime, the Brickster alligned himself with the Brickscrooge Mafia. He agreed to payoff the Mafia if they sucessfully caused a massive amount of damaged to LEGO Island. They agreed and began mobilizing in LEGO City, awaiting the orders of Alpha Rex.

Eventually he worked out a plan: Alpha Rex and the Brickster would invade LEGO Island and overthrow the government. However, before he could accomplish his goal, the Brickster was defeated by Pepper Roni and Brikman McStudz and was thrown back into the rebuilt jail. However, the Brickster continued to secretly communiate with Alpha Rex. Around March, the Brickster ordered Alpha Rex to unleash the first wave of Mafia on the island.

The Brickster watched from his jail cell the Mafia cause destruction and death all over LEGO Island while attempted to free the Brickster. However, Brikman McStudz, with the might of the LEGO Island Army on his side, put down the mafia attacks. Annoyed, the Brickster then sent two Chinese gangsters, Lao Che and Kao Kan, to cause trouble, steal money, and to free the Brickster once again. However, Lao was killed by Brikman and Kao Kan was captured by Major K. Ninja VII, one of Brikman's friends.

With the Mafia defeated, the Brickster was at a loss to do to cause more trouble. However, his oppertunity came when Rocket Racer came to LEGO Island.

Galactic Racing Tournament 2009Edit

Rocket Racer, wanting to use OGEL I.S.L.E. as his racetrack, freed the Brickster using his mass amount of fortune. The Brickster immediently began to play as a good guy as he and Rocket headed to OGEL I.S.L.E. to set up the racetrack.

Shortly afterwards, the Brickster began to stir up more trouble on LEGO Island. He sent his Brickster-Bots to LEGO Island while Brikman and Pepper were away from the island racing to cause trouble. Then he stole the Power Brick and the Constructopedia, and began to deconstruct the island slowly, wanting the LEGO Islanders to suffer one at a time. However, he foolishly left the Power Brick in the hands of his allies from Dr. Inferno's organization, and lost the Power Brick to Brikman McStudz

The Brickster, furious at his minion's failures, returned to LEGO Island and kidnapped the Infomaniac and locked him in a jail on OGEL I.S.L.E. However, after a few days of captivity, the Brickster found the Infomaniac missing, along with the Constructopedia. With his hostage and power gone, the Brickster flew to LEGO City, where he found the Deconstruct-A-Ray in Area 58. He stole the device and began programming to destroy the LEGO Planet.

The Brickster watched the final race between Rocket Racer and Brikman before activating the Deconstruct-A-Ray on top of the Information Center, using LEGO Island's capital as a power rod, connecting the laser to the Power Brick. He left Alpha Rex and a squad of Brickster-Bots while he took a Fish Ship back to OGEL I.S.L.E., only to find Brikman there.

Brickster and Brikman fought each other on top of the Brickster's Palace, however, Brikman quickly gained the upper hand. The Brickster, on his own car, escaped to LEGO Island on his own car through a portal Rocket Racer had built to access the island. His car was destroyed on LEGO Island and the Brickster was forced to fight Pepper and Brikman on the Information Center. He lost and his ray was destroyed, along with the portal to OGEL I.S.L.E. The Brickster was thrown back in jail and the planet was saved.

As a last resort, the Brickster launched another Mafia attack on LEGO Island and caused thousands of studs in damage. The Mafia was defeated shortly afterwards. However, the Brickster was happy to hear the news. In late May 2009, the Brickster radioed Alpha Rex on OGEL Prime to begin the invasion on LEGO Island that he had planned months before.

Second Brickster WarEdit

Alpha Rex's forces arrived shortly and invaded LEGO Island. However, the Brickster ordered them to remain neutral until threatened. It didn't take long for several LEGO Island soldiers to attack the Brickster-Bots, initiating the invasion. Alpha Rex freed the Brickster and the Brickster overlooked the battle as LEGO Island's forces were quickly pushed back by the Brickster-Bots' hostility. The Brickster himself then stormed the Information Center and captured the Infomaniac and threw him into the jail. In a few short hours, LEGO Island was under OGEL control and renamed New OGEL Island.

The Brickster started ruling New OGEL Island with an iron fist. He immidently ordered his soldiers to begin searching for Pepper Roni and his friends, so he could finally defeat his archenemy once and for all. However, Pepper, Brikman McStudz, and Sky Lane escaped the OGEL Empire's clutches and freed the Infomaniac. The Brickster ordered a large man-hunt to find the minifigs, but he soon learned they had escaped to the shield-guarded Underground Airstrip underneath New OGEL Island and had formed the rebel Alliance to Restore LEGO Island. As the Infomaniac declared war on the Brickster, a massive Time Stream portal opened up over New OGEL Island.

The Brickster attempted to escape, but was sucked into the portal along with all of his soldiers and enemies. The Brickster remained in the Time Stream for a month until shortly after the Fourth of July, when the stream opened up for the first time. He, along with several other minifigs, buildings, and vehicles, escaped the stream an appeared in what was later believed to be the Creator's Universe. However, he was sucked back into the portal shortly afterwards until the Brickster was spit out pernamently on an empty LEGO Island. Without any forces to help him, he used his rocket boots to escape town and survey the island from Space Mountain.

The Brickster and Alpha Rex soon reorganized his forces to retake over LEGO Island while he had his new doppelganger of Nick Brick, Mick Trick, cause trouble in town. After Trick's defeat, the Brickster ordered the destruction of the Super 2 Superstore's page and ordered his Brickster-Bots to take over LEGO Island. After a long battle, the Brickster regained control of LEGO Island and captured several of the Alliance's soldiers before the rest escaped.

The Brickster would lead his forces into several battles. He led the Attack on McStudz Treehouse to steal the Decontruct-A-Ray from Brikman. However, Brikman and Micheal Osterblam escaped with the Deconstruct-A-Ray. Later, the Brickster would lead the Battle at the Police Station and fight Pepper Roni on the Police Station for control of LEGO Island. The Brickster was nearly defeated until Alpha Rex intervened and tossed Pepper into the ocean while the Brickster escaped and had his reinforcements push the Alliance back.

It wasn't until after the Battle at the Police Station that the LEGOLAND Government demanded to know what was going on on LEGO Island. The Brickster explained the the Infomaniac had twisted the minds of the citizens to start a ruthluss invasion on LEGOLAND that the Brickster, turning a new leaf, had tried to stop only for the Infomaniac to start a rebellion. Before the Alpha Team could prove the story false, they found the Brickster's records erased, thanks to Alpha Rex. The government applauded the Brickster's efforts and send Agent Chase and Agent Fuse, along with a group of five other Agent Defense Organization units, to help the Brickster. However, the Brickster's forces pushed them back into the Underground so they could not report the truth while the Brickster said that the Agents had turned against the government as well.

Despite several defeats, many, including most of the LEGO Island citizens, saw the Brickster as an intelligent leader, commanding his armies in a way that every defeat wasn't crippling to the OGEL Prime army. He led attacks on the Underground and crippled the Alliance greatly. He also took advantage of Darth Vader with his enhanced powers with the help of the Kalibur Crystal and twisted Brikman into joining the Brickster's alliance. Brikman proved to be a valuable ally in the short time he was aligned with OGEL Prime. He and the Brickster led a massive assault on the Alliance Killinmalego Headquarters and stole the Deconstruct-A-Ray, completed the four parts of his plan.

However, he faced frustration as autumn came around. The Alliance quickly recovered and took over the Coast Guard off the southern coast of LEGO Island and took over the Residential Area. With the final battle dawning, the Brickster built his super Deconstruct-A-Ray that combined the might of the Constructopedia, Power Brick, and the Brickster's Super Computer. However, before setting it off, he decided to watch the epic Second Battle of LEGO Island between OGEL Prime and the Alliance.

A day into the battle the Brickster sent a distress signal to LEGOLAND, reporting a massive assualt by the rebels on LEGO Island. LEGOLAND responded, sending two legions of LEGOLAND soldiers to defeat the rebels within the week. The Brickster then decided to demostrate his power and fired the Deconstruct-A-Ray upon the Hospital, blowing it into a million pieces all across the island. Before he could fire it again, he was confronted by Commander Pepper Roni, who had fought throught the Brickster's waves of soldiers to reach the top of the Information Center.

Pepper and the Brickster had a short fight on top of the tower before the Brickster decided to flee. He took his own personal Belbullab-22 starfighter, named the Debrickster One, and set himself to a direct course for Castle Cove.

The Brickster gained the assistiance of Lord Vladek's troops within Castle Cove and waited for Pepper to catch him. Pepper arrived shortly in an Agents Supersonic Jet and had the help of King Jayko's knights to defend himself against the onslaght of Shadow Knights. Pepper and the Brickster fought through their enemy's forces and met in the center of the battlefield and engaged in an epic sword duel, in which Pepper defeated the Brickster.

The Brickster escaped back into the Debrickster One as fled across LEGOLAND with Pepper in hot pursuit. As they were flying over a swamp in southern LEGOLAND, the Brickster's ship was shot down. Pepper attempted to shoot down the Brickster from the air, but the Brickster dodged the attacks and rebuilt his ship and fled into space, hoping to throw the pizza boy hero off by landing on OGEL I.S.L.E. However, Pepper quickly arrived on the asteroid to face his enemy again.

After fighting for ten minutes, the Brickster got back into the Debrickster and returned to LEGO Island, intending to activate his Deconstruct-A-Ray, combined with the power of the Power Brick, Super Computer, and Constructopedia. Pepper closely followed the fiend and blew a hole in the Brickster's engines.

As the starfighter was going down, the Brickster ejected himself into the sky over LEGO Island and flew using his jet shoes to the Information Center. As he finalizing the weapon, Pepper landed his ship and climbed to the top of the Information Center to face his foe.

The Brickster fired the laser repeatedly at Pepper, taking out numerous buildings as he kept missing. Finally, he abandoned the laser and attacked Pepper directly, using his ground pound attack to throw Pepper off the Information Center long enough for him to complete his plan. However, Pepper dodged the attacks and threw pizzas at the Brickster, burning his mouth and throwing him off the Info Center only be rescued by his Brickster-Bots and put back on the tower.

After nearly twenty minutes of constant fighting, the conflict ceased. The entire island was watching the fight from below, as General Casey Store had defeated the Brickster-Bot Army. The Brickster, tired of Pepper's refusal to give up, was given one of General Grievous' lightsabers to kill Pepper. However, Colonel Brikman McStudz tossed up his own lightsaber for Pepper to use. The final battle truly began.

Pepper and the Brickster didn't let up, striking at each other brutally with the lightsabers: Pepper trying to defeat the Brickster; The Brickster trying to kill Pepper. The Brickster swung his lightsaber down and destroyed Pepper's lightsaber and kicked the pizza boy's chest, knocking him to the ground. The Brickster pointed the sword down to Pepper, laughing as he was about to make the final move. However, Pepper launched a pizza at the Brickster's face. The Brickster dropped the lightsaber and tried to wipe the sauce out of his eyes when Pepper was back on his feet and threw ten pizzas at the Brickster, knocking the criminal off the Information Center, only that there was no Brickster-Bot to save him now.

The Brickster was caught by Officer Laura Brick, who abrupty shoved the Brickster into a police K-9 Van that carried him to jail. The Second Brickster War was finally at an end and things were looking bleak for the LEGO Island Trickster.

2010 LEGO Racing TournamentEdit

The Brickster remained in jail for the rest of 2009. However, he didn't go without a few personal victories, the most major victory being when Alpha Rex assassinated General Casey Store while trying to keep the Brickster in jail.

In 2010, Alpha Rex succeeded in freeing the Brickster from jail to participate in the 2010 Galactic Racing Tournament to finance new evil plans for the coming year. The Brickster became the champion of his volcano while Alpha Rex became champion of OGEL I.S.L.E. The Brickster also requested to Sam Sinister and Lord Vladek to help in his finacial scheme.

Before the beginning of the LRC, the Brickster began researching a powerful weapon known as the Power Wand. He had been trying to find the wand ever since he learned of how Bologna Roni had defeated the Mega Confederation Armies during the Second Brick War with the wand. The Brickster had his soldiers capture Commander Esp Loshun, the Secretary of Defense for LEGOLAND during the Second Brick War. The Brickster interrogated the former mlitary officer into revealing that the Power Wand had secretly been hidden in a pyramid in the deserts of southern LEGOLAND. The Brickster and Sam Sinister then went to the deserts alone in search of the pyramid.

Inside one of the pyramids the villains found a hidden chamber, where they located the Power Wand. After escaping numerous booby traps on the way out, the Brickster and Sam Sinister split up with a new plan.

His plan was simple: Win the LEGO Racing Championship and use the cash prize to finance his evil plans and equipment. The Brickster built a three-wheeled motorcycle and became the champion of his volcano base in the Arctic. The Brickster found himself unmatched by any opponent with the combined strength of the Power Wand.

The Brickster made it all the way to the final race along with his allies Sam Sinister and Vladek; enemies Pepper Roni and Rocket Racer; and champion Brikman McStudz. The Brickster also had Alpha Rex rig Brikman's randomized final track so the locations of the track would be at OGEL I.S.L.E., the Brickster's Volcano, and LEGO Island. Sinister and Vladek fell out of the race quickly and the Brickster was behind. So the villain ordered Alpha Rex to steal the Power Brick. He combined the Power Brick with its sister Power Wand and formed a dangerously powerful weapon capable of destroying entire continents.

The Brickster defeated both Pepper and Rocket, but failed to shoot down Brikman, allowing him to win the race. Furious at losing, the Brickster dismounted his motorcycle and attacked Brikman with the wand. However, Brikman dodged the attacks and managed to stun the Brickster with pizzas long enough for LIPD to arrive and steal back the Power Brick. The Brickster then started to tear apart nearby building with the Power Wand and threw the chunks at Brikman. Brikman countered the bricks with the force and threw them back at the Brickster, knocking him out. When he awoke, the Brickster was back in jail and had lost the Power Wand.

Dino AttackEdit

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