The Space Police are an intergalactic organization of crime fighters created in 1989 to combat the budding empire of the Blacktron. Space Police is often separated into three generations: The Original Space Police, were created in 1989 to combat the Blacktron; The Second Generation of Space Police, featuring a massive upgrade or vehicles and uniforms to battle the Future Generation of Blacktron; and The Third Generation of Space Police, another extensive upgrade in 2009 with newer vehicles and technology to battle the Black Hole Gang, a crime group with extensive connections to the Blacktron.



The Space Police was formed in 1989 by the LEGO Space Organization to help the company's moon colonists, the Futuron, fight against the hostile alien forces known as the Blacktron. The Space Police quickly arrived on the moon and evacuated the Futuron and quickly went on the offensive. After a long, brutal battle, the Blacktron were forced off the moon.

However, the Blacktron followed the Futuron to their new home, Futuron II, and continued to harass the colonists. The Space Police followed and protected the Futuron from further Blacktron attacks. As this was happening, the LEGO Space Organization had the LEGO Company build up a fleet of vehicles the Space Police could use. Their flagship, the Mission Commander, would lead a squad of black-and-blue ships against the Blacktron ships that attacked Futuron ships. The Space Police helped keep the law in Futuron from the Space Lock-Up Isolation Base, a command center featuring a prison. A consistant feature in Space Police vehicles would be a jail cell to hold Blacktron prisoner.

In 1990, the Blacktron was finally forced off Futuron II and peace was restored in the Leg-Godt Galaxy.

The Blacktron Strikes BackEdit

In 1992, another LEGO Space Organization colony, the M-Tron, were being oppressed by an upgraded version of the Blacktron on their planet of Magnatron. In order to face the Blacktron Future Generation, the Space Police, now completely independent from the LEGO Space Organization, upgraded their unifroms, vehicles, and equipment to face the Blacktron. The general color-scheme of the vehicles changed to black, gray, and red. Despite the change, vehicles continued to host jail cells to hold Blacktron prisoners.

However, the upgrades somewhat backfired. The vehicles and officers were extremely underarmed and the Space Police struggled to defeat the powerful Blacktron. Despite this, the Space Police Chief led the fight on Magnatron in his own speeder, the Galactic Chief, while flagships such as Galactic Mediator led the fight in the sky against the Blacktron. The war lasted two years. The Blacktron was finally defeated in 1993.