Sky Lane


Sky Lane


April 16, 1988 in LEGO City, LEGOLAND


  • Avant Gardens, Nimbus System (temporary home)


  • Captain of the Venture Explorer
  • Explorer
  • Stuntwoman (formally)




  • LEGO Alliance of Planets
    • Earth
      • LEGOLAND
        • LEGO Island
  • Nexus Force
    • Venture League



Known for

  • LAFTA for Best Leading Lady in an Action Movie
  • Saving the Universe
  • Captaining the Venture Explorer
  • Bowling
  • Technology
  • Piloting
Sky Lane is a LEGO Island citizen and captain of the Venture Explorer. She is well known for assisting Pepper Roni in his battles against the Brickster, but became more independant from Pepper's adventures and rose to piloting ships for Nexus Force and becoming a prominent member of the Venture League.


Early Life

Sky Lane was born April 16, 1988 in LEGO City, LEGOLAND as the youngest of three sisters. She grew up in LEGO City with her ten-year-older sister Velocity and her six-year-older siter Peppermint. She lived with her family in her early life and became interested in technology such as computers.

In 1999, Sky started to grow independent of her parents and built her own house to live in outside of LEGO City, where she constantly worked on computers and hung out with friends. However, in 2001, Sky grew tired on LEGO City and learned of LEGO Island, a town off the southern coast of LEGOLAND that holds an odd history and even odder people with odd talents. Wanting to spice her life up, Sky moved to LEGO Island in November 2001, shortly after The Brickster's Revenge Crisis. Shortly after arriving, Sky became friends with local pizza delivery boy Pepper Roni. She also sparked a long-going rivalry with Brikman McStudz, one of Pepper's friends. She saw Brikman as an immature brat who would constantly try to upstage her technology skills.

Sky, Pepper, and Brikman would travel around the LEGO Planet for the next several months, battling pirates, going on adventures, and overthrowing harsh governments. During this span of months, Pepper developed a cursh on Sky, although she was unaware of his feelings..

Xtreme Stunts

In 2002, Steven Spielbrick came to LEGO Island to film a new action film called Xtreme Stunts. Sky auditioned and became the leading lady to Pepper, the main character, and the Brickster, who had returned to LEGO Island and had auditioned to be the villian of the movie. Sky, along with the rest of the island, believed the Brickster had became a good guy, much to the annoyance to Pepper, who believed the Brickster was still a villian.

At the ending party for the film, Sky was present when the Brickster revealed his master plan to deconstruct the LEGO Planet. While Pepper headed to the villain's tower to battle him, Sky and Brikman stayed behind and hacked into the tower's Super Computer. They set the Super Computer to self-destruct and then Sky took the Police Helicopter to the top of the tower. She lifted the Infomaniac and Pepper off the tower as it collapsed.

After the Brickster was thrown in jail, Sky joined the rest of LEGO Island in watching the new movie. She later received a LAFTA for her work on Xtreme Stunts.

Invasion of LEGO Island

LEGO Island remained relatively safe from the Brickster for five years. In 2007, a large invasion force of Brickster-Bots led by Alpha Rex attacked LEGO Island and freed the Brickster. Sky participated in trying to repel the Brickster-Bots, but fled to the Funbergs house as many LEGO Islanders were captured and the Power Brick was ripped apart, destroying all of LEGO Island's buildings in a massive explosion. However, Sky survived in hid the rubble of the Funberg house.

The morning after the invasion Pepper found Sky, who informed the pizza delivery boy of what had happened while he had slept through it. Pepper and Sky eventually found Bill Ding and an Enter who was suffering from amnesia. They battled past new HONAB Brickster-Bots and reached the Information Center. After saving the Infomaniac from several Brickster-Bots, Sky broke up an argument between the Infomaniac and Pepper and all five LEGO Islanders escaped the Information Center in the SS LEGO Island as it was destroyed by the Brickster-Bots.

Battle for LEGO City

Battle of Ninja Valley

Liberating Adventurers' Island

Castle Island Conflict

Sandy Bay Struggle.

Battle for LEGO Island

Saving the Universe

Battle in the Asteroid Belt

Almost four months after the Brickster was locked in the high-security prison on Brickatraz Island, his Brickster-Bots liberated him and he, Sam Sinister, and Cedric the Bull launched themselves into space. Sky, Brikman, and Pepper boarded LEGO Island Starfighters and chased the Brickster's Fish Ship into an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The Fish Ship unleashed a massive force of OGEL Starfighters to combat the LEGO Islanders.

While Pepper destroyed the ship from the inside, Sky and Brikman remained outside the Fish Ship, shooting down as many OGEL Starfighters that came in. Eventually, Pepper rejoined the battle and shoot down the remaining OGEL ships. As they were about to enter the Fish Ship hanger, Sinister and Cedric exited the ship in their own fighters. Brikman and Sky quickly shot down Sinister and sent him hurding back to Earth.

However, Pepper was forced to flee from an onslaught of blaster bolts fired by Cedric. Brikman and Sky boarded the Fish Ship alone and fought their way to the ships deck. Sky's blaster and roundhouse kick made her a deadly enemy as they smashed through waves of Brickster-Bots.

On the ships deck, the Brickster activated the deck's auto turrets, which opened fire on Sky and Brikman. Sky destroyed the auto turrets as the Brickster sent waves of powerful Brickster-Bot Dusks at the two LEGO Islanders. Sky and Brikman began to close in on the Brickster as the Brickster-Bots fell. The Brickster then tooks a bazooka and blasted a hole through the Fish Ship, exposing the minifigs to the deadly vacuum of space. Sky and Brikman quickly found helmets with oxygen tanks and followed the criminal. The Brickster attempted to escape, but his ship was destroyed by Brikman. Sky then tackled the criminal and handcuffed him.

She threw the criminal into the brig and piloted the ship back to LEGO Island. Pepper later rejoined the LEGO Islanders with the captured Cedric the Bull and the defeat of Sinister. Once back on LEGO Island, the Brickster was thrown in jail.

Second Brickster War

In 2009, LEGO Island was taken over by the Brickster's forces. Sky managed to escape the OGEL Prime Army by heading to the Underground Airstrip, where she met up with Pepper, the Infomaniac, General Casey Store and a small batch of LEGO Island soldiers. Sky, along with Pepper and Brikman, were declared the top three "undesirables" of the OGEL Prime, putting a large price on their head. War was declared and the Second Brickster War began.

Sky, due to her experiance in fighting the Brickster's forces, was made a captain in the Alliance to Restore LEGO Island's army. She is mostly known for helping lead the efficent evacuations of Alliance troops from the Underground following the disasterious Battle of the Underground and leading the fight against a mind controlled Brikman McStudz in the Battle of Killenmalego Sky was also a major leader in the Second Battle of LEGO Island with General Store and reformed Colonel McStudz.

It was during this war that Sky began a skilled pilot involving various planes and starfighters and would leading bombing runs to cripple the Brickster's forces during the Second Battle of LEGO Island.

Joining the Nexus Force

In early 2010, both Sky Lane and Johnny Thunder were sent requests by the Nexus Force to join their fight against the Maelstrom. Both well known heroes agreed and boarded a ship that flew them to the Nimbus Galaxy. Sky and Thunder both joined the Venture League, seeing that the group both fit their interests. Sky trained in the Nexus Air Force and became the captain of a Venture League ship called the Venture Explorer that would deliver supplies and Nexus Force recruits across the galaxy. She was also given crew to maintain the ship. Besides a large group of mechanics and technicians, Bob, Jeff Moonshot, and a Nexus Force Astronaut assisted her.

Shortly after joining the Nexus Force, Sky learned that her sister Velocity Lane had become the racing master of Nimbus Station. Due to not seeing each other often when Sky was a child, she and Velocity began to grow closer. In December, she discovered her other sister, Peppermint Lane, had been living on the comet-town of Frostburgh and was also a race master. For the short time that they all three were in the Crux System, they formed a bowling troupe called the Bowling Lanes and had a bowling night sometime before Frostburgh drifted away from Nimbus Station's orbit, taking Peppermint with it. Sometime between April and October 2010, Sky, along with Velocity, got a small tattoo of a black star near her left eye. Peppermint Lane also recieved a star tattoo when Frostburgh was near Nimbus Station.

In October 2010, the Venture Explorer was flying to Nimbus Station with hundreds of Nexus Force recruits. One of the engines of the ship began to leak Imagination. The leak caught the attention of the Maelstrom and it attacked the ship, crippling it. Sky contacted Sentinel Commander Beck Strongheart in Avant Gardens to report the situation. Strongheart quickly replied that he couldn't send help as an explosion at the Paradox Research Facility in Avant Gardens had created an army of Stromlings that the Sentinels had to deal with.

Captain Lane decided not to tell the scrambling minifigs on board of the situation down on Avant Gardens. She helped hundreds of recruits build rockets so they could escape. However, she learned the rockets would only take them as far as the Maelstrom-infested Avant Gardens. She ordered every recruit to meet up with Wisp Lee once they landed so they would not be killed on sight by Stromlings. She then built her own rocket ship and escaped to Avant Gardens as the Maelstrom began to infect engineers trying to repair the ship.

She landed her rocket in the Launch Area of Avant Gardens and waited to see if any recruits made it to the launch pad. To her relief, most of the minifigs that had been aboard the Venture Explorer had survived. She quickly directed them to Nimbus Station so they could begin trainning for the Nexus Force. A few hours later, she met up with Bob and the Nexus Astronaut, but Moonshot and the other engineers were nowhere to be found.

Sky Lane was rewarded with the Nexus Force Medal of Honor for her acts of bravery aboard the Venture Explorer and her calm, commanding matter she quickly and safely evacuated the recruits. She remained in Avant Gardens and helped the Sentinels fight off the Maelstrom in the Battlefield.

At some point, she became close friends with Epsilon Starcracker. It was rumored that the two were romantically involved. However, Sky remained faithful to Pepper on Earth and Starcracker, who was infatuated with Sky, grudgingly accepted that she was with Pepper Roni

Return to the Venture Explorer

Early in 2011, Sky became aware that there were important files aboard the Venture Explorer related to the under-construction Nexus Tower that, if the Maelstrom found them, could allow the Darkitect to easily exploit any weakness in the tower when completed.

She had Starcracker fly to the Maelstrom-corrupted Venture Explorer to observe the situation. Starcracker soon sent a message saying that the Venture Explorer's crew and security mechs had been corrupted into Stromlings and that extremely powerful Elite Dark Spiderlings had somehow spawned on the ship.

The report darkened Sky's hope of recovering the datacards. As she was preparing to launch up to the ship herself, she suddenly encountered Brikman McStudz, now a Paradox Space Marauder. She was surprised but happy to see a familar face and greeted Brikman with a hug.

Sky quickly picked up that Brikman's generally bright mood was replaced by a darker, more serious version. He had seemingly matured over the past year. When Sky noted his maturity and darker mood, Brikman explained painfully that he had been transformed into a Stromling during the Dino Attack and the Maelstrom had a negative affect on his mind despite being cured. Sky expressed pity and attempted to comfort him, but Brikman shooed her away. He then begged her to promise not to tell anyone about his past. She half-heartedly agreed.

Sky then told Brikman of the story of the Venture Explorer's fall and why she needed to return to the ship. Brikman quickly volunteered to help her find the datacards and to fend off the Stromlings. Sky accepted the help and she and Brikman quickly recruited a few other Rank 3 Nexus Force members to help out. They quickly gathered a small squad of troops who were ready to help Epsilon Starcracker on the Venture Explorer.

Sky remained on Avant Gardens to monitor Brikman and Epsilon's progress. A few hours later, Starcracker, Brikman, and half of the squad they assembled returned with the datacards. Sky had Brikman deliver them to the Brick Annex in Nimbus Station to protect them from the Maelstrom's influence.

The Great LEGO Universe War

In May, Sky returned to LEGO Island as a vacation from the Nexus Force. She reunited with boyfriend Pepper Roni and met Brikman's girlfriend Minerva Fabello. She was finally aloud to rest after a rough year in the Nimbus System. Sky quickly became friends with Minerva, despite differences in past and personality.

In June, she watched the final race of the LEGO Racing Championship. In the middle of the race, she, Pepper, and Minerva learned from Brikman, who was racing and was contacted her via radio, that a plot was underway to assassinate the high-ranking polliticians at the race on LEGO Island. Sky, Minerva, and Pepper quickly alerted the Agents and LEGO Island Police, who managed to prevent most the assassinations.

After the race ended, one of the racers, Blaire Darkling, activated the Alien Conquest Spacefleet that decended on Earth. Sky helped defend LEGO Island against the attack from the Police Station. As she fought, she observed a female minifig scientist and several Alien Troopers decend from a saucer and land near the jail. Sky realized the troopers intend to free the Brickster and other captured inmates. She charged toward the hostiles, soon joined by Brikman, who glared angrily at the scientist. Sky defeated most of the troopers, but the scientist freed the Brickster and the two were picked up by a saucer and flown off the island.

After the Brickster's rescue, the Spacefleet pulled out of LEGO Island and headed north to LEGOLAND. Sky made sure Pepper, Brikman, and Minerva was safe before she boarded a ship heading for the Nimbus System. Sky landed at the newly-built Nexus Tower and alerted the Nexus Force of the Spacefleet's invasion of Earth and alliance with the OGEL Empire. A few days later, word reached the Nexus Tower of a war between the LEGO Alliance of Planets and the OGEL Empire had been declared.

Final Battle with the Maelstrom

The Spider Queen Attacks

Sky continued to help train new recruits in Avant Gardens. In August, the Spider Queen, the Maelstrom beast created the Paradox that caused the explosion at their research facility, escaped to the Block Yard properties of Avant Gardens and created a massive cloud over the area, preventing Sky and other recruits from reaching Nimbus Station and minifigs on Nimbus Station from flying to Avant Gardens.

Sky worked with Commander Beck, Melodie Foxtrot, and Crash Helmut to organize the many newbies and few Nexus soldiers so they could fly to the Block Yard to defeat the Spider Queen. Although they managed to clear away the cloud, the Spider Queen constantly evaded destruction.

In September, Sky found that Minerva Fabello, who had grown bored on LEGO Island while Pepper went on a secret mission to OGEL Prime and Brikman went to war against the Villains in Egypt, had decided to join the Nexus Force. She had chosen to become a Buccaneer for the Venture League. Sky helped Minerva throughout her progress in the Nexus Force, and at one point fought the Spider Queen with her.


In November, Sky and Minerva met up with Brikman, who had been ordered to head to the Nexus Tower for an important announcement. They learned that the Nexus Force believed they had enough information concerning the Maelstrom and how it functions to launch a final assualt on it to defeat the Darkitect once and for all.

A few days after the announcement, the Stromling forces on Crux Prime suddenly launched a massive attack on Nexus Tower. Sky, Minerva, and Brikman helped repel the attack, but Nexus Tower was severely crippled and would crumble if the Maelstrom decided to attack again. The three helped rebuild Nexus Tower and protected it from Stromling attacks throughout the month of November and December. By Christmas, the Stromlings had retreated to the Maelstrom cloud they had spawned from, leaving the Nexus Tower alone.

At the end of the year, Pepper, the Infomaniac, and a variety of heroes from the LEGO Planet arrived at Nexus Tower to help defeat the Maelstrom. Sky was happy to see Pepper after a long, nearly six month seperation. However, the two were split shortly after Pepper's arrival. Sky and Minerva were ordered to begin a campaign to take back the Venture Explorer while Brikman and Pepper headed to Avant Gardens to build up defenses.

Sky and Minerva organized a group that would help them take back the Venture Explorer. They formed a team that consisted of Epsilon Starcracker and a small group of Space Rangers, Commander Han Nibble, Johnny Thunder, Logan Moonshot, and Santa Claus. In early January, the group of 15 launched from Nexus Tower to the Venture Explorer.

Battle for the Venture Explorer

Around January 13, 2012, a squad of rockets launched themselves up to the Venture Explorer. Once on board the ship, the Nexus Force troops began to attack the Maelstrom troops on the ship. Sky's group easily overwhelmed the first wave of Stromlings. However, more Stromlings began to generate, forcing the group into a neverending battle that would only end when all the Nexus Force troops were dead.

The squad pulled up to a safe area far above the Stromlings. Epsilon reported that most of his Space Rangers had been killed, but other then that, everyone was alive. Johnny Thunder expressed that there was little hope in continuing the fight and reccommended retreating and just destroying the Venture Explorer from afar. Sky immediately rejected Thunder's plan. She desperately wished to save the ship she had piloted and had grown attached to and would fight for it until all hope was gone.

Santa then suggested that, like corrupted properties that surrounded the planetary chunks in the Nimbus System, there could be an Imagination Orb in the ship that, once released, could defeat the Maelstrom aboard the ship. Without any better ideas that wouldn't involve abandoning the ship, the minifigs leaped down from the safe area and began attacking the Stromlings again. While this was happening, Sky began to search for the Imagination Orb around the ship, but had no success in finding it.

As she started to search near the Minifigure stasis pods once used to transport minifigs from all over the Universe to the Nimbus Station, she was attacked by a single Stromling. It threw her to the ground. She crawled to her feet and saw a Venture League Grunt that had purple smoke pouring out of his body. Sky realized in horror that grunt was her former crew member Jett Moonshot, having become a Stromling when the Venture Explorer was taken over by the Maelstrom.

Jett scoffed at both Sky's and the Nexus Force's attempts to defeat the Maelstrom. He started walk toward Sky when his brother Logan appeared and tackled Jett to the ground. Suddenly, the Imagination Orb floated upward from underneath the platform and move to one of the Venture Explorer's towers. Sky jumped down on to one of the ship's lower walkways and quickly built a bounce pad. By this point, new Elite Dark Spiderlings, Corrupted Sentries, and Hammer Stromlings had spawned and were heading toward her. Luckily, Minerva, Thunder, Claus, and Starcracker arrived and held off the Stromlings while Sky bounced to the tower.

The Imagination Orb floated just above Sky. However, the orb was too high for her to jump to. As she attempted to reach for it, Jett caught up with her and pinned her to the ground. Sky glanced over the edge and found Logan Moonshot in pieces. She kicked Jett off of her and starting throwing punches at her former friend. Jett fell to the ground, beaten. Sky grabbed Jett by his collar and, using all of her strength, threw the Stromling upward, smashing his head into the Imagination Orb.

Imagination was released from the orb and spread out through the entire ship. The Stromlings aboard the ship were smashed. Jett Moonshot was killed in the explosion and Sky was thrown from the towre back on to the Venture Explorer's bridge. Sky was knocked out from impact.

Sky woke up several hours later in a Nexus Tower medbay. She learned from Minerva and Johnny Thunder that her group had retaken the Venture Explorer and the Imagination Orb had completely purged the ship of the Maelstrom and had rebuilt Logan Moonshot. Santa Claus had then piloted Venture Explorer to the Crux Prime for repairs.

Although Sky was saddened by the betrayal of Jett Moonshot, she was happy to have the Venture Explorer again.

Mission to Frostburgh

Hael Storm approached Sky a few days later. He asked her to lead scouting mission to Frostburgh, which had been infected by the Maelstrom as had approached Nimbus Station in late 2011. When she questioned why she had to lead it, Storm sited that Peppermint Lane was last seen on Frostburgh and he had thought Sky would be concerned. Sky accepted the mission almost immediately after the realization and began to prepare a team to fly Frostburgh.

She enlisted ten Nexus Force soldiers to help her. She also sent a call to Velocity Lane in Nimbus Station and asked her to help. Velocity accepted and flew to Crux Prime. Sky was prepared to leave in the Venture Explorer when she was approached by Brikman, who had returned from Avant Gardens. Knowing his Maelstrom past, she let him tag along. The Venture Explorer then took off for Frostburgh.

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