Sandy Bay is a large island off the eastern coast of LEGOLAND. It has one tiny town, Brickton, surrounded by a mountain, trees, beaches, and hills. Sandy Bay is considered LEGOLAND's racing capitol, being the home of Rocket Racer and the famed LEGO Racer II and hosting a portal that leads to Xalax.


Early HistoryEdit

Sandy Bay was first colonized in the 19th century by LEGOLAND explorers. On the island, colonists began built a small towns all across the large island. However, most of these towns were destroyed when there was a earthquake and tsunami off the coast in 1935. The colonists decided to rebuild only one town though. In 1948, the City of Brickton was rebuilt and quickly populated.

At this time, racing became extremely popular on the island. Most of the talk of the town was related to racing and minifigs often raced each other around the island. Sandy Bay was a relatively peaceful city where there was no criminals to harass the citizens.

2001 Galactic Racing ChampionshipEdit

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