Pepper Roni


Pepper Roni


March 7th, 1989 on LEGO Island, LEGOLAND; Adopted by Mama and Papa Brickolini June 14th, 1993


LEGO Island


  • Pizza Delivery Boy
  • Soldier
  • Astronaut
  • Temporary Venture League Daredevil
  • Stuntman (formally)




  • LEGO Alliance of Planets
    • Earth
      • LEGO Island
      • LEGOLAND



Known for

  • Defeating the Brickster and other villains
  • Saving the Universe
  • LAFTA for Best Actor in an Action Movie
  • LEGO Island Heroism Award
Pepper Roni was born March 7th, 1989 on LEGO Island. He is the adopted son to Mama and Papa Brickolini, the owners of Brickolini's Pizzeria. Pepper is the pizza delivery boy for the restaurant, using a skateboard to get to his delivery location. He and his friends Sky Lane and Brikman McStudz together have saved the island from the local criminal, the Brickster. Pepper is widely regarded as one of the greatest heroes the LEGO Universe has ever seen and is constantly helping save the LEGO Universe from evil.


Early Life

Pepper Roni was born March 7th, 1989 on LEGO Island. Pepper only had a father, the hero of the First Brickster War, Bologna Roni. It is currently unknown if Pepper has a mother. Bologna Roni made Pepper his first and only skateboard, predicting that Pepper would be an excellent skateboarder. Soon afterwards, on August 12th, 1992, Bologna disappeared mysteriously and was never seen again. The LEGO Island Police Department and the LEGO Island Millitary held a nationwide man-search for Bologna Roni, but gave up search late May 1993. On June 14th, Mama and Papa Brickolini adopted Pepper into their family.

Pepper did become a skateboarder. In 1995, Pepper was the champion skateboarder on LEGO Island and the fastest. Both Mama and Papa loving cared for Pepper, but his skateboarding did injury to many citizens than to himself. Papa swore he would break the skateboard but Mama came up with a solution. She said that Pepper could deliver pizzas at breakneck speed on LEGO Island. So a few days later, Pepper delivered his first pizza, Since then, he has delivered pizzas around the island.

The Jail Delivery

In 1997, Pepper delivered a pizza to the Brickster, the only criminal on the island that has been locked up for more then 10 years. Papa Brickolini had gotten a call from Nick Brick asking a pizza to be delivered to the Jail. The pizza being delivered was Papa's Famous Jalapeno Red Pepper Anchovy Double Garlic Pizza. When the Brickster accepted it, he taunted Pepper's poor reading skills because of the sign next to the jail that said "PIZZA" and was crossed out. To Pepper, it said "NO PIZAZ". He soon realized that the Brickster had somehow called the Pizzeria and disguised his voice as Nick's voice. He broke out and stole the Police Helicopter parked nearby and flew to the Information Center and stole the Power Brick, the first brick ever on Earth, beside the Infomaniac. Inside of the brick there is a small red megaphone that can deconstruct creations at will.

Almost as soon as the Brickster left, Nick and Laura Brick flew into the Jail lot on their motorcycles. Nick began alerting authorites around the island that the Brickster was loose. Laura started to fuss over Pepper, but stopped after Nick said it was no time for "touchy feely stuff now".

He began to contact the Infomaniac just as he appeared out of nowhere and began to panic, even though he told everyone not to panic. Nick and Laura began discussing the situation while Papa and Mama Brickolini arrived, fussing and panicing as well. Pepper were confused enough. The quarrel ended as Mama said that the helicopter had flown over the Pizzeria to the Residential Area. Suddenly a plan was being formulated. The Infomaniac remembered the location the Brickster went the last time he escaped, the Residential Area. Then he figured they needed someone who could go offroad in possible vehicles and get to the Park fast and over ramps. Nick said Pepper could do it, and everyone agreed. The Infomaniac told the duo to head ove to the Residential Area to find the Brickster. He then disappeared and returned to the Information Center to come up with a plan. Nick and Laura would meet Pepper at the Residential Area and took off. Mama and Papa left for the Pizzeria to make some pizzas.

Pepper on his skateboard, he raced down the streets of LEGO Island to the Residential Area. Moments later, Nick and Laura arrived planing to hunt down the Brickster. However, the Brickster found them, driving a stolen ambulance. He taunted them and took off and used the Power Brick to deconstruct a palm tree. Captain C.D. Rom called in and informed the group that the Brickster had stolen the ambulance and his educated guess is that the Brickster is trying to take apart the town. Nick, Laura, and Pepper chased after him but were blocked off by a random piece the Brickster through at them. The cops took the piece in for investigation and evidence while Pepper, now on foot, chased after the Brickster in his speeding ambulance.

After about thirty minutes, the Brickster grew tired of the chase and dropped on last piece and drove into Mt. Killinmalego and disappeared. Pepper had been picking up the bricks all across the island. Nick and Laura arrived at the scene and informed the hero that the pieces were apart of the helicopter and there were four more pieces missing. Nick ordered him to search the island and find the pieces. Pepper skated across the island and found the four pieces and went to the Police Station and he and Bill Ding rebuilt the copter.

At the landing pad, the Infomaniac informed Pepper that the island was nearly destroyed and they needed to work quickly. The Infomaniac had been working on a new technology called the Pizza Turbo Chucker and had installed it to the helicopter. After heavy thinking, the Infomaniac had concluded the Brickster would only stop for pizza, so Pepper was to use the helicopter's new Pizza Turbo Chucker to lure the Brickster to Nick and Laura Brick. He could also fire doughnuts and Nick and Laura to speed them up. Pepper launched into the air and Captain ROM informed him that the Brickster had been located at the Information Center. After a long, messy chase with splattered pizza and doguhnuts everywhere, the Brickster had been caught by Nick and Laura and put back in jail. Pepper was awarded the LEGO Island Heroism Award for his service.

Summer of 1999

The summer or 1999 brought Luna Rom, Captain Rom's niece, to LEGO Island for an all summer visit. Luna Rom became good friends with Pepper and went on many of Pepper's earliest adventures. On June 6th, The Brickster broke out of jail and stole some very famous art from the LEGO City musuem. Pepper and Luna went to Castle Island, where the Brickster hid the painting in a cave surrounded by angry dragons. Pepper and Luna recovered golden rings during a tournament to gain access into the castle, where King Leo revealed the location of the painting. The duo rebuilt a bridge that led them into the cave. Pepper captured the dragons with a net launcher he had recieved from King Leo and recovered the painting and he and Luna returned it to LEGO City.

Luna and Pepper returned to LEGO Island as the LIPD continued search for the Brickster. A week after their return Pepper's friend Arnold disappeared. He were last seen in the Haunted House on Spooky Hill. Pepper and Luna went to the house quickly, for construction crews were going to deconstruct the house. They entered the house. Pepper sling-shoted cobwebs to release the staircase. Pepper and Luna found out that the Brickster had broken the floor above Arnold, trapping him in the basement. Pepper and Luna scared the Brickster away from the house with a ghost costume and they built a crane and used it to save Arnold. Together the three escaped the house. Arnold was afraid of the dark to that day.

In July, Luna's parents took her and Pepper to Adventurerers' Island to search for the rare Crystal Brick. While Luna's Parents left for the day, Pepper and Luna saw the Brickster run through the forest, with Achu, a native chief, chasing after him. Achu told Pepper and Luna that the Brickster had taken the natives' Crystal Brick through the jungle and asked Pepper and Luna to find their artifact. They traveled through the trees of the jungle until they came upon a river, which they crossed with the help of alligators and logs. They came upon a temple. The door of the temple had a coded puzzle on the door, but the duo solved it and found the Brickster tied up in snakes that coiled around him. Pepper and Luna saved him and tied him up and called LEGO Island and LEGOLAND police. Then they took the Crystal Brick and built a helicopter and flew back to Achu. Achu thanked them and left just as Luna's parents returned. They were unsucessful on finding the Crystal Brick and returned Pepper and Luna to LEGO Island.

Finally, in August, days before Luna would return to LEGO City, the Brickster striked again. He had broken into the Pizzeria and stolen Papa's Pizza Oven. He was assisted by a group of Brickster-Bots. They loaded the oven into a stolen van and headed west. Papa told Pepper and Luna to chase after him, and they obliged. They chased him to the Newly-built Space Port. They found Brikman McStudz and Technicion Bob at the site. Brikman informed Pepper and Luna that the Brickster and his minions loaded the oven onto a Fish Ship and took off for space. Bob had checked the coordinates from his NASA computer and discovered that the Brickster has headed for the Moon. Bob called the Infomaniac to give the group permission to use space shuttle with no training, and he agreed. Brikman, Pepper, and Luna suited up and took the Space Shuttle and lifted off.

Brikman piloted the ship to the anchovy shuttle and latched his shuttle to the Brickster's cruiser and was captured. Pepper and Luna broke the code containing them and boarded the Fish Ship Pepper formulated a plan to make a bunch of pizza to lure the Brickster into a trap just like in 1997. They made several pizzas, got pass the ship's hallways infested with Brickster-Bots and took an escape pod from the Fish Ship to the moon to find the Brickster. On the Moon, Pepper and Luna built a simple trap similar to a mouse trap and set a pizza in it. The Brickster found the trap and greedily tried to take the pizza, but got trapped. Luna handcuffed him and they dragged him to the LEGO Island Shuttle that the Brickster had stolen. They returned to the Fish Ship, picked up Brikman and the oven, and returned home.

The LIPD took custody of the Brickster and returned him to jail as the oven was returned to Brickolini's Pizzeria. Luna was awarded a LEGO Island Heroism Award, as Pepper had already been given one. Days later, Luna returned to LEGOLAND mainland.

Pepper's House

In 2001, the Islanders decided to award Pepper for his help against the Brickster buy giving him bricks to build his house. Before then Pepper had lived at the Pizzeria with Mama and Papa Brickolini, so he accepted the award. The Infomaniac told him to deliver 11 pizzas around the island. When he delivered the pizza, he'd get some bricks for Bill Ding to build his house. So, after a few hours on his skateboard delivering pizza, Pepper's House was built. But before he could relax in his new home, he got a call from Papa.

The Brickster's Revenge

Papa asked Pepper to come over to the Pizzeria for one more delivery job. When arriving he found the Brickolinis at the Pizzeria. He was told that there was a delivery for the Brickster. A small Chili Pizza was ordered so it was not to hot that the Brickster couldn'y break out of jail.

When arriving, Pepper was taunted by the Brickster like always. Then he handed him the pizza. There the Brickster revealed that he needed one small chili for his pantaned Brickster Dragon Breath to escape. Pepper, suddenly realizing he were pulled into a trap, ducked as the Brickster spat flames at him, busting the door down. The Brickster ran out of his cell down the street where the Police Helicopter was parked. He jumped in the chopper and flew to the Information Center. There he stole the Constructopedia and ripped out the pages. The buildings exploded and the bricks flew up to OGEL I.S.L.E., the Brickster's space island. Then he sent down Brickster-Bots to terrorize the citizens and Alpha Rex, or Brickster-Bot 001, took the Brickster to OGEL. These bots are, in fact, the robots that helped the Brickster in 1999. Pepper headed over to the Infomaniac to figure out how to save the island.

Pepper collected the Constructopedia pages scattered around the island and helped fix the Information Center mainframe. After recieving a chaos call from Castle Island that the Brickster had destroyed the bridge. Pepper headed to Castle Island and helped the knights rebuild the bridge, finding a page in the process. Pepper soon discovered that the Bull's Castle had a Constructopedia mounted as their flag. Pepper made a deal with the Bulls to get their real flag back from the Lions. He made a deal with Lions to joust the Dark Knight of the Bulls and defeat him, in exchange for the flag. Pepper triumphed over the Dark Knight and recaptured the Bull's flag.

Pepper took the flag back, but Cedric the Bull, the leader of the Bulls and an ally of the Brickster, refused to return the page. Pepper fought the tyrannical villain with cannonballs and took the page and returned to LEGO Island. Pepper recovered more pages and was sent to Adventurers' Island to find three more pages. Pepper helped Johnny Thunder and Pippin Read collect and protect gems from gem-loving snakes. Pepper recovered another page from the Mummies Tomb. After that exciting adventure, Pepper drove to the oasis in the desert and fished out another page from a giant fish.

Pepper and the Adventurers flew to the jungle to get to Baron Lord Sam Sinister von Barron's (then called Mr. Hates as a secret allias to avoid the authorites) camp of captured dinosaurs. Pepper saved the dinos and sandbagged Mr. Hates into submission, recapturing the page. Pepper returned to LEGO Island to find the island overrun by pizza-immune Brickster-Bots and Mama and Papa Brickolini captured by the Brickster. Pepper rebuilt the island and used a radio from the Radio Station to defeat the Brickster-Bots with music. The Infomaniac then sent Pepper to Space-Training Camp with Technician Bob. Pepper became an astronaut and was launched to OGEL I.S.L.E. to defeat the Brickster.

Pepper got the Space Shuttle past the Asteroid Belt and parachuted onto the asteroid-island. Pepper freed Mama and Papa and sent the mutant Ogelites to sleep. Then they made several white hot pizzas for Pepper to use to defeat the Brickster. Pepper climbed his gigantic palace and heated up the Brickster's mouth with Papa's White Hot OGEL Pizza. The heat distracted the Brickster to cause him to jump into the palace jail cell to cool his mouth in a bucket of water. Pepper then locked the door on the Brickster and left with Mama and Papa in an OGEL Fish Ship back to LEGO Island to celebrate.

A Year of Peace

Since Pepper left the Brickster locked up on OGEL I.S.L.E. , LEGO Island celebrated a year of peace with no possibility of the Brickster trying to take apart their home.

Nearly three days after the Brickster's Revenge Crisis, Sky Lane, a teenaged girl about the same age as Pepper, arrived on LEGO Island. Pepper and Sky instantly became friends, though Sky didn't become a real friend of Brikman McStudz, Pepper's other friend. The trio went on several adventures around LEGOLAND. They fought pirates, Fright Knights and even returned to Castle Island after Gilbert the Bad took control of the Bulls and issued a harsh reign over Castle Island, overthrowing the Lions. During these adventures Pepper developed a crush for Sky.

Xtreme Stunts

A year after the Brickster's Revenge, LEGO Studios, all the way from Hollywood, came to LEGO Island to film Steven Spielbrick's new action movie, Xtreme Stunts. Steven chose Pepper Roni as the agent hero. Around this time, the Brickster broke free of his jail and returned to LEGO Island escorted by his Brickster-Bots. The Brickster claimed that he had done some thinking on OGEL and turned over a new leaf. To prove this, the LIPD put the Brickster on a one-week trial period, and the criminal passed. The Brickster audtioned for the bad guy role in the movie and the ex-criminal was chosen. Though he was out of jail, noboby trusted the Brickster for awhile, but every saw how he didn't try and destroy the town, so everyone agreed the Brickster had gone over a new leaf, a newly opened box of bricks, a good guy. Soon many minifigs became friends with the Brickster. Steven Spielbrick became especially close with the ex-criminal.

Pepper went through all the scenes of the movie while Detective Nick Brick and Brikman McStudz gathered evidence against the Brickster. After the final scene was filmed, the Brickster revealed his plot to deconstruct the world with a super computer inside a tower ontop of Space Mountain. Pepper raced to the the base of the mountain, avoiding obstacles set up by the Brickster-Bots. At the base of the mountain, Pepper climbed up the mountain, avoiding multiple obstacles until he reached the top.

At the top, Pepper fought the pizza-immune Brickster. Despite that, Pepper managed to trick the Brickster into stunning himself and then proceeded to knock the villian off the tower several times with pizza. The Brickster surrendered, and Sky destroyed the tower. The island then watched the debut of Xtreme Stunts. Pepper eventually earned two LAFTA's for the movie.

Later on....

Life remained almost normal for Pepper after the filming of Xtreme Stunts. The Brickster only got out of jail a few times over the years of 2002 and 2007, but each escape was easily put down by Pepper, Sky, and Brikman.

Pepper continued his job as Pizza Delivery Dude at Brickolini's after the movies left LEGO Island. However, even though the Brickster didn't get out as frequently, a squad of Brickster-Bots would touch down on LEGO Island every month to try and free the Brickster from jail, but each mini-invasion was stopped by Commander Brikman McStudz and the LEGO Island. Pepper would often help take down the bots.

Invasion of LEGO Island

In June 2007, on Pepper's adoption anniversery, Alpha Rex, general of the Grand Brickster-Bot Army, led a fleet of Fish Ships to LEGO Island to free the Brickster and take over Earth. While LEGO Island faced an onslaught of Brickster-Bots and Fish Ship fire, Pepper sleeped in his house, having one of the best dreams of his life. Finally, the Brickster split the Power Brick into shards and left LEGO Island. An hour later, Pepper woke up.

Pepper found Sky amongst the rubble of the Funbergs' house. Sky explained what happened and they went out to find more survivors. Together they made it to the gas station and found Bill Ding in the rubble. The trio soon encountered a squad of new Brickster-Bots, H.O.N.A.B.s. They fought down squad and made it to the Hospital, which was nearly destroyed. They rescued a medic, either Enter or Return, from the rubble. The medic had amnesia, so the group had no idea who it was.

The group made it to the last building standing, the Information Center and rescued the Infomaniac from a squad of Brickster-Bots. The Infomaniac got into a heated argument with Pepper on how he could possibly sleep through the invasion. The argument ending with the Infomaniac mentioning how Bologna Roni was ready during the First Brickster War and the Invasion of 1984. Sky told them that the Information Center was going to be destroyed by Brickster-Bots. The Infomaniac quickly issued the citizens into the elevator of the Information Center and took them to the never-before-seen basement of the Information Center, where they found the SS LEGO Island. They set off from LEGO Island as the Information Center was destroyed.

Saving Earth*

LEGO City*

The SS LEGO Island made its first stop in LEGO City. Pepper, Sky, Bill, and the medic headed out to find LEGO City run down and empty. The city had been closed down and evacuated by the Department of Homeland Security and President Bricker was helicoptered. The group explored the city, marveling at the abandoned cars and OGEL Prime propaganda. Near a garage, Pepper was attacked by a group H.O.N.A.Bs and Brickster-Bots until they were saved when the garage door opened and a minifig ushered them inside and destroyed the Brickster-Bots.

The person was actually revealed to be Luna Rom, Captain C.D. Rom's niece who visited LEGO Island eight years ago in 1999. Luna briefed the group on the situation in LEGO City and, from information from hacked cameras, that four LEGO Island citizens were being held inside the Fire Station downtown. Luna gave Pepper her cell phone number and they headed to the only drawbridge still open that lead from the seabearing LEGO City into the inner city. The group trekked across the bridge and avoided all the Brickster-Bots until they reached the Fire Station guarded by two Brickster-Bot Scouts. They were destroyed and, with super hot pizza, melted the bars of the garage and freed Mama and Papa Brickolini and Nick and Laura Brick. Bill and the medic led the rescued LEGO Islanders back to the LEGO Island while Pepper and Sky headed to the Brickster's second command post in LEGO City, the military base called the Hexagon.

Pepper and Sky together wiped out a group of Brickster-Bots made up of Scouts, Commanders, Engineers, and H.O.N.A.B.s. With LEGO City mostly clear, all they had left to do was head to City Hall and rescue Mayor Sandy Beaches from the Brickster-Bots. However, inside the building was the Brickster himself and two bodyguard Brickster-Bot Dusks. Sky Lane duelled the Brickster-Bots while Pepper fought the Brickster, who was armed with a blaster. Finally, the Brickster had enough pizza, and his bodyguards were destroyed. He gave a Power Brick shard to Pepper, cursed him, and beamed up to the OSS Deconstructor, his personal capital Fish Ship.

With Mayor Beaches freed and the OGEL Prime fleet recceding from LEGO City, she began rebuilding LEGO City while Pepper and Sky were ready to head out to their next location.

Ninja Valley*

The duo boarded the LEGO Island to find Luna Rom had decided to join them on their quest, much to Sky's contempt. The SS LEGO Island made its way east around LEGOLAND and reached Ninja Valley in Central East LEGOLAND coast. The Infomaniac gave Sky and Pepper ninja costumes. Pepper assumed the identity of Jitsuro, a former apprentice of Shugu who had disappeared. The two disguised ninjas headed into the ninja village and met Shugu and Master Genshin, who revealed that the Brickster had invaded Ninja Valley, allied with the Samuari, the Ninja's worst enemy, and had his Ninja Brickster-Bots invaded the Ninja Village.

Pepper and Sky were ordered by Shugu to defeat the robots in the forest across the Ansui River by the village. With their new ninja spikes, the LEGO Island heroes defeated the Brickster-Bots and returned to the village. Princess Dhyana informed them that she had finished meditating and believes the Samuari are about to attack. She also told Pepper that she felt the presence of five prisoners. Pepper concluded that the prisoners are LEGO Islanders, and he and Sky went to go spy on the Samuari village. They defeated the Samuari guards and saved Red Greenbase, Glen Funberg, Dorothy Funberg, Lucky Larry, and Aaron Super. Pepper pointed them in the direction of the SS LEGO Island and he and Sky returned to the Ninja Village. Dhyana and Genshin informed the two that Shugu had disappeared and a massive army of Brickster-Bots and Samurai have gathered at Ying Yang Island.

The ninjas told Sky to stay in the village while Pepper went to face the army alone. Pepper defeated the army with his katana and ninja spikes. As he finished the last Samuari on Ying Yang Island, a mysterious figure appeared, who revealed himself to be the true, Jitsuro. Pepper realized in horror that he had taken the identity of one of the Ninja's most hated foes. Jitsuro dueled Pepper with his magic while Pepper retaliated with his katana. Jitsuro surrendered a Power Brick shard and fell unconsious.

Genshin, Sky, Dhyana, and Shugu suddenly appeared and told him that Sky had revealed their true identities. Pepper and Sky were made Honorary Ninja Masters and they returned to the LEGO Island.

Adventurers' Island*

Castle Island*

Pirate Bay*

Sandy Bay*

Battle for LEGO Island*

Saving the Universe*

Battle in the Asteroid Belt

After Pepper saved the Universe, he continued be the Brickolini's Pizzeria delivery boy without any threat from the Brickster, who was relocated to Brickcatraz for his crimes against the planet. However, only four months in the high security prison, the Brickster escaped the Arctic island with the help of his Brickster-Bots. He boarded a Fish Ship and picked up Cedric the Bull and Sam Sinister before launching into space, his destination OGEL Prime.

LEGO Island was soon alerted by the head of the Brickcatraz of the Brickster's escape, requesting Pepper's help. Pepper, Sky, and Brikman each boarded newly issued LEGO Island Starfighters and launched into space and soon met up with the Fish Ship near OGEL I.S.L.E. in the Terran Asteroid Belt. Pepper engaged the Fish Ship, which released a squadron of OGEL Starfighters.

While Brikman and Sky battled the starfighters, Pepper himself boarded the Fish Ship. He destroyed the capital ship's shield, engines, and communications while be attacked by ruthless Brickster-Bot Marines and Dusks. Eventually the Brickster-Bots overwhelmed Pepper, and forced him to escape the Fish Ship and rejoin his friends and their fight against the OGEL Starfighters. Pepper blasted apart numerous starfighters before the surviving Brickster-Bot pilots retreated to the Fish Ship. Minutes later, Sam Sinister and Cedric the Bull, with their own personalized starfighters, left the Fish Ship hanger and attacked the three LEGO Islanders.

Pepper watched as Sky and Brikman fought and defeated Sam Sinister, sending him back to Earth on fire. While Pepper was distracted, Cedric engaged Pepper, destroying his shields. With his defenses down, Pepper pulled his starfighter deep into the asteroid belt, Cedric close behind. Cedric unleashed a wave of blaster bolts on Pepper's starfighter, slowly tearing it apart. Determined to defeat the knight lord, Pepper turned his starfighter around to face the villain.

Cedric, surprised at Pepper's sudden offensive move, was distracted enough for Pepper to blow out Cedric's own shields and critically damaging the engines. Cedric, furious, turned back to being on the offense, began firing homing rockets at Pepper. Pepper managed to shake most of the rockets by flying around asteroids. Once out of rockets, Cedric began firing lasers on Pepper again, closely behind the LEGO Island Starfighter. Pepper swerved around the asteroids, hoping to shake the made knight.

While manuvering through the asteroid belt, Pepper connected with a space rock, damaging his engines. However, Pepper tested his luck and sped up as Cedric came closer. Pepper eventually reached a cluster of asteroid belts. Pepper spun his ship through cluster and managed to make it out with only a few scratches. However, Cedric, not quite adept at flying a starfighter, smashed nose-first into an asteroid, causing his ship to explode. Pepper saved the evil knight and brought him aboard the Fish Ship

Pepper returned to OGEL I.S.L.E. and reboarded the Fish Ship, now under the control of LEGO Island, with the Brickster locked up. The three minifigs then returned to LEGO Island, where they threw the Brickster in jail and stored the Fish Ship in the new built LEGO Island Underground Air Strip.

The Brickster Year

2009 was nicknamed The Brickster Year for the Brickster escaped more times in 2008 than any year between 2003 and 2008. His first escaped used a recycled plan of using the Constructopedia to destroy the island. However, the Brickster hid the pages in new locations and sent his NEW Dr. Inferno minions, Spy-Clops and Gold Tooth, to lead the Brickster-Bot army that invaded LEGO Island. Instead of Pepper heading to the page location himself, Brikman McStudz came with him to Pirate Bay and to Tantooie in a galaxy far, far, away. Brikman helped Pepper defeat the Brickster on OGEL I.S.L.E. again and this time Pepper brought him back to LEGO Island and threw him in jail.

The Brickster recycled that plan twice. He usually recycled his plan he used that made Pepper a hero. Brikman helped him defeat him during these plans that involved him stealing the Power Brick. In that time Pepper became known all over Earth as a hero.

However Pepper wasn't involved during the Brickster's new plans to have the infamous Brickscrooge Mafia start terrorizing the town long enough to that his Brickster-Bots could free him and unleash his master plan. He usually just fought the goons while his friend Brikman took down the Mafia scum.

In May 2009, a new faction of Brickscrooge Mafia appeared on the island. Pepper, Sky, and Brikman defeat the scum. The Brickster had given up on any mafia freeing him from prison, so he somehow communicated to Alpha Rex to begin the 'final plan'.

The Second Brickster War

Pepper started his well-deserved vacation immediently after the Mafia was defeated. However, three days after the incident, Alpha Rex's massive Brickster-Bot began their invasion on LEGO Island. Although the bots landed and began patrolling the island, not touching any citizen, the Infomaniac was worried severely, so he put Pepper, Brikman, and several Agents to keep an eye at for any suspicious activity.

It was too late though. Several soldiers attacked some Brickster-Bots near the race track, turning ALL the invading cyborgs into attack mode. The soldiers were killed and the invasion began. Pepper was anxious to fight it out against the Brickster-Bots, but Brikman pulled him into Pepper's House to hide, for a fight against the bots was futile. Alpha Rex broke the Brickster out of jail and captured the Infomaniac and threw him in jail. The Brickster assumed control of LEGO Island, renaming it to New OGEL Island. Then Brickster made Pepper Roni New OGEL Island's Undesirable No. 1

After the invasion ended, Pepper and Brikman left their hiding spot and found their town run down by Brickster-Bots. They freed the Infomaniac from prison and fled into the Underground Air Strip, where the remenants of the LEGO Island Millitary were forming the Alliance to Restore LEGO Island. Pepper participated in several battles and secret operations on New OGEL Island. Pepper was chosen to protect the source of the Brickster's plan, the Deconstruct-a-Ray. However, it was stolen by Brikman, who was transformed into an evil, Brickster thug. Pepper and Major Ninja, Brikman's other friend, saved him.

Pepper lead the assult on the Coast Guard, and eventually led the Alliance Army into LEGO Island in October 2009, who ended up defeated the OGEL Prime Army, securing the OGEL Council, and defeated Alpha Rex and General Grievous.

Meanwhile, Pepper had chased the Brickster down while he tried to escape LEGO Island. They fought in Castle Cove, Pirate Bay, a swamp in south LEGOLAND, and OGEL I.S.L.E. Pepper returned to LEGO Island just as the Brickster was activating the Deconstruct-a-Ray, combined with the Power Brick, Constructopedia, and the Brickster's Super Computer to destroy the world. Pepper fought the Brickster, engaging in a brutal fistfight, try to knock each other off the Information Center tower. Finally, Pepper weakened the Brickster down with super hot pizza and knocked him off the Information Center, into waiting LIPD arms.

Pepper was awarded the LEGO Island Millitary Red Bricks, the highest millitary honor possible, and returned to his normal life.


Pepper retained his normal life delivering pizza to the citizens of LEGO Island. He still helped with any Brickster-Bot occurances. Pepper and Sky, in November, helped rescue hostages on Space Mountain. Pepper defeated the Brickster's newest ally, the Happy-Go-Lucky Business Man, the financial supervisor of the OGEL Prime Empire. However, Anakin Skywalker was murdered General Grievous, Happy's partner.

Pepper also assisted General Store guard the Brickster's cell during a Brickster-Bot raid. Pepper was chosen to help Store after the zillion-year-old general was badly wounded during the final battle in the Second Brickster War. Pepper shot his Pizza Turbo Chucker at Alpha Rex, but was overun by the Brickster-Bot. Alpha Rex then took aim at Casey Store with his blaster. Alpha Rex killed General Store, and he was replaced by General Thaddeus Brickhouse.

Crossing into the new year, the Brickster broke out of jail and commenced his old 1997 plan and stole the Power Brick. However, he wasn't taking no for an answer. The Brickster proved more resistant to Pepper's pizza, and had extra aid from Arabian Bandits when Pepper was trying to capture him in the helicopter. The Brickster destroyed the whole town and fled into Mt. Killinmalego.

The Infomaniac quickly sent Pepper, Sky, and Brikman into the mountains to find the Brickster and the Power Brick. They only found the remains of the Gas Station, though. When they returned to town, the layout of the town had altered. The Brickster returned to the island to mock at the civilians, only to start an chase to capture the Power Brick. Pepper and Brikman got the Power Brick, but the Brickster escaped. The town began rebuilding after the Power Brick was recovered. Pepper later recaptured the Brickster in the Killinmalego Mountains.

Galactic Racing Championship 2010

In February 2010, Pepper signed up for the Galactic Racing Championship. Pepper built a car at the Gas Station and began practicing. However, soon his races would have more of a purpose. The Brickster escaped prison with the help of Alpha Rex and stole the Power Wand and escaped to his Earth base, the Brickster's Volcano. There, the Brickster entered his volcano in the tournament as a location. Pepper was assigned by the Infomaniac to keep an eye out for the Brickster and his numerous allies. Just then, Alpha Rex returned to LEGO Island and kidnapped the Infomaniac and took him to OGEL Prime and later to the Brickster's Palace.

Pepper raced on numerous locations and fought a villianous champion on a majority of the locations. Pepper fought Spy-Clops in LEGO City, Kranxx and Squidman in the Asteroid Belt, and Alpha Rex on OGEL I.S.L.E. Midway through the championship, Pepper was sent to race in the Brickster's Volcano.

Pepper raced and fought Brickster-Bot and Stormtrooper racers. Near the end, Pepper fought and defeat Dollar Bill, one of Dr. Inferno's evil henchmen. Pepper earned the right to race the Brickster in the final race. Pepper raced and fought the Brickster and his Power Wand. Pepper fought and defeated the Brickster and won the race. He freed the Infomaniac and they escaped the volcano via a helicopter as the Brickster caused the volcano to errupt.

Pepper raced and won several more circuits, only losing the circuit in Pirate Bay. Finally, Pepper raced and won the circuit on Planet U and was granted the ability to race in the final circuits. Pepper beat every other race except Rocket Racer and fought Alpha Rex again on LEGO Island and sent the Brickster-Bot running.

During the final race on the second lap, the Brickster used the might of his Power Wand to destroy Pepper's car engine and sent him crashing into a Tow-Truck. Pepper remained unconsious during the rest of the race. He woke up to see the Brickster with the Power Wand and Power Brick. Pepper was too weak to fight the villian, so he left the duel to Brikman. Brikman defeated the Brickster and threw him back in jail. For winning against all of his circuit champions, Pepper was awarded 250,000 studs.

Dino Attack

In April 2010, XERRD unleashed the Mutant Dinos on the LEGO Planet. A month and a half later, Mutant Dinos began boarding cargo ships to LEGO Island. L.E.G.O. Radio warned all of LEGO Island to get to the survivor boats to escape to Antarctica. Pepper wasn't able to escape and was forced to hid in the ruins of his house while Mutant Dinos stole the Constructopedia. Pepper attempted to leave, but was caught by a Mutant Lizard near the location of where the Information Center would be. Pepper attempted to defeat the mutant, but his pizzas were proven ineffective to the Mutant Dinos.

As the Mutant Lizard closed in on Pepper, eventual Elite Dino Attack Agent Voltage defeated the lizard, but were soon attacked by a Mutant T-Rex. Voltage shot the Mutant Dino in the eye, causing it to go blind and fall into unconsiousness. Voltage and Pepper climbed into a Fire Hammer and escaped as the T-Rex fell on to the pavement. They escaped to the Police Station and rebuilt the Police Helicopter. Together they flew south to Antarctica to regroup with the rest of LEGO Island and most of the world's population.

Returning Home

Pepper remained in Antarctica for another month before he and the rest of LEGO Island's citizens were aloud to return home after the Dino Attack Team had rid LEGO Island of most of the Mutant Dinos and of one of Dr. Rex's secret bases. Pepper rebuilt his house and started a regular life on LEGO Island after hearing the Brickster had allied his forces to the Dino Attack Team for the greater good.

However, one of the Brickster's anti-Dino Attack allies, Happy-Go-Lucky Business Man, decided to take advantage of the lack of authorities around the world to cause trouble.

To be expanded.....

Rising Action

Alien Conquest

Battle of Nimbus System

Shortly after Christmas 2011, the Infomaniac approached Pepper with an offer from the Nexus Force. He was being called to the Nimbus System to assist the Nexus Force in their final battle with Maelstrom. Pepper agreed and he traveled with the Infomaniac to northern Greenland, near Santa's workshop. There, Pepper met a variety of LEGO heroes, including Dash Justice, Charles Kilroy, King Jayko, and Santa himself. They boarded a Sentinel starship left the LEGO Planet. A few days later, the ship landed near the Nexus Tower in the Nimbus System.

After arrving at the tower, Pepper met up with Sky, Brikman, and Minerva, who introduced him to the four leaders othe Nexus Force. They welcomed him and offered him the choice of armor to use in the final battle. Pepper decided to take a Rank 3 Daredevil kit from Hael Storm. However, Pepper recolored the armor to blue, red, and white to mimic the color of his trademark clothing.

As the Nexus Force busily prepared for the final battle, Pepper began to reassociate with his friends, particularly Sky and Brikman, who he had not seen for several months. He especially felt a longing need spend time with Sky, his girlfriend. However, he was seperated from her shortly after arriving. Pepper and Brikman were sent to Avant Gardens to help build fortifcations and trenches in front of the Spider Cave.

While building defenses and patrolling the area, Pepper reacquainted himself with Brikman, who he had not seen for several months as the latter had been busy fighting in Egypt and had not communicated very much since the Dino Attack. The two spoke of the previous years and recollected their experiances. It was during this point that Brikman revealed that he had been corrupted into a Stromling for several days during the Dino Attack and had killed his allies with euphoria. Pepper quickly realized that this transformation had caused Brikman's sudden maturity following the Dino Attack and his darker, somewhat pessimistic mood.

Pepper then recollected his experiance aiding the Alien Defense Unit in fighting the Spacefleet on LEGO Island. He then expressed that he wished to propose to Sky Lane sometime before the battle began and asked Brikman if it was a good idea. Brikman agreed to idea and reccommended he find Sky soon.

Abilities and Traits

Pepper is the best skateboarder on LEGO Island. He used his skateboarding talents for pleasure and to deliver Brickolini pizzas to the citizens of LEGO Island. Pepper has even used his skateboard during the Xtreme Stunts Crisis to race up the Brickster obstacle course on Space Mountain. He ollied over ramps and gaps and grided across rails to the the Tower's gate. Pepper often uses the pizza he carries around in his backpack to fight the Brickster, his Brickster-Bots, and his other allies. He usually can disable his enemies with hot pizza and leave them crying out for water. More than once, Pepper has used his accuracy with pizza throwing to defeat the Brickster.

Pepper has faced many challenges while trying to stop the Brickster. He's saved dinosaurs, climbed death-trap-towers, fought with cannons, jousted knights, used magic, flown military planes, and escape ancient, booby trapped tombs. Pepper has always, more or less, had the confidence to do whatever it takes to save his friends on LEGO Island. Because of his constant hardships at saving LEGO Island, Pepper can withstand powerful adversaries. Unfortunately, one of Pepper's greatest downfalls is his illiteracy. He inability to read often gets him tricked by the Brickster.

Pepper Roni has been described as a nice, well-rounded guy. A bit gullible at times, but can fix just about any problem that occurs. Pepper is, along with being a pizza delivery dude, a movie stuntman, actor, and trained astronaut. Pepper is most well known, however, for his triumphs over the Brickster and his forces of evil. Though he may not seem like a hero, he has always put himself together to save LEGO Island and Earth.


Bologna Roni

Although Pepper hardly knew his father, not a day goes by that he hasn't thought about him. Pepper only has two things to remember his father: his skateboard Bologna built for him when he was young, and a photo Pepper has of him that hangs in Pepper's House.

Brikman McStudz

Brikman is one of Pepper's best friends. More recently, Brikman has been assisting Pepper in his adventures, particularly during the Brickster Year in 2009. Pepper often will chose Brikman to assist him in mission and vice-versa.

Sky Lane

Sky Lane is also one of Pepper's best friends who has helped out Pepper during his adventures as well. She also enjoys skateboarding, like Pepper. Pepper is known to have a crush on Sky. After the Villains Conflict of 2007, Sky and Pepper began dating.

The Infomaniac

Ever since Bologna disappeared, the Infomaniac has acted like a mentor and guide for Pepper during his life and as well his adventures. Pepper has even saved the Infomaniac from the Brickster's schemes. Pepper is always willing to help the Infomaniac out during times of crisis.

The Brickster

While they certainly do not have a friendly relationship, its a relationship nonetheless. Pepper has often saved LEGO Island, and on a larger scale, Earth, from the Brickster's armies and his plans to deconstruct the world. The Brickster might dislike Pepper more than Pepper does him, for the Brickster's history with the Roni family shows he was defeated by Bologna Roni at the end of the First Brickster War. Coincidently, Pepper defeated the Brickster at the end of the Second Brickster War. Oh, the irony.

Mama Brickolini and Papa Brickolini

Mama and Papa Brickolini are Pepper's adopted parents who love him as much as Bologna Roni did. They have cared for Pepper his whole life, giving him a job at their Pizzeria to deliver pizza on his skateboard. Pepper was shocked when Mama and Papa were kidnapped by the Brickster and worked extra hard during The Brickster's Revenge Crisis to get to OGEL I.S.L.E. to save them.


"I want to say I'll miss you but wasn't trying to hit you. See you later, Brickulators!" - Pepper Roni

"I really hate that kid!" - Sam Sinister

"Achoo! There must be Pepper in the air! Hahaha!" - The Brickster

"I'm the Knight of the Round Table, Circumference! Way cool!" - Pepper Roni

"Pepper, if you learned how to read, you'd be out of college by now!" - Papa Brickolini

Behind the Scenes

Pepper Roni depicted here is based on the lead protagonist of the LEGO Island series.

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