The Mars Mission was a mission taken to Mars by the LEGO Space Program in 2007. It was the second mission to Mars follow Operation Life on Mars in 2001. However, when the astronauts, named the Astros, arrived, they found most of the friendly Martians that were met in 2001 killed and the Red Planet under control of a deadly hive of Crystaliens that had destroyed the Martians in order to mine special Energy Crystals. The Astros fought and eventually defeated the Crystaliens, forcing them off the planet.

Later in 2009, the Second Mars Mission was launched to check up on Martians following the Crystalien Crisis. Shortly after arriving, the Crystaliens returned to the planet accidently. This time, the Crystaliens were allied with second in command of the Black Hole Gang. However, with the arrival of a Space Police base on the planet quickly led to Kranxx and the Crystalien's defeat.

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