Maelstrom Dragons are dragons that have been corrupted by the Maelstrom. They are the most powerful type of regular Stromlings and are very difficult to defeat. They have black bodies that radiate purple, blue, and violet light, showing their infection. Maelstrom Dragons are commonly found in Forbidden Valley. However, Maelstrom Dragons have been spotted during the Dino Attack on Castle Cove.

Maelstrom Dragon Invaders are the invader class version of Maelstrom Dragons. They are only found on Crux Prime and are the most difficult Stromlings (in general) to defeat, even with four Nexus Force soldiers fighting it. The Maelstrom Dragon Invaders are led by the deadly Butterscorch, who stands as the most powerful Stromling in Nimbus Galaxy (not counting the Darkitect).



Maelstrom Dragons were orginally massive dragons that inhabited areas such as Castle Cove and the Forbidden Valley of Crux. They were later corrupted with Maelstrom, turning them into evil servents of the Darkitect.

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