The LEGO Racing Championship (briefly referred to as the Galactic Racing Championship.) is an annual racing competion held in the LEGO Universe since 1999. Started by acclaimed racing champion Rocket Racer, the championship consists of numerous circuits made up of tracks across the universe. Each circuit is generally headed by a "boss racer" who must be beaten to continue through the championship. The final race of the championship consists of the top racers in the universe in a race against Rocket Racer.

The LEGO Racing Championship is the most popular sporting event in the universe and lasts several months. It is also famous for allowing Heroes and Villains to form a temporary truce so they can race. However, this truce has been broken numerous times near the end of the 2000 decade and the 2010 decade by villains.



In 1998, acclaimed LEGO racer Rocket Racer had become bored with his racing opponents he frequently encountered. After he widely publicized victory over Hot Rod Linkin in 1991, Rocket felt his opponents did not offer enough challenge for him. He decided to create a universe-wide racing championship to find the perfect opponent to race him.

Rocket teamed up with his friend and Time scientist Veronica Voltage. Using the Time Cruiser's Hypno Disks, Rocket and Voltage traveled across time and space to enlist seven racers to act as champions. These champions would weed out the bad racers and hopefully pass on skilled racers to Rocket.

After finding seven champions, Rocket and Voltage built tracks all across the LEGO Universe, including Earth, Mondo II, and Holox. Rocket even managed to build a track on Krysto by jumping ahead in time to 2002 when the planet was discovered.

After the tracks and champions were ready to race, applications to race opened up. Thousands of racers joined up in hopes of beating Rocket Racer and being crowned the LEGO Racing Champion and winning the grand prize of a million studs.

1999 LEGO Racing ChampionshipEdit

1999 LEGO Racing Championship


July - December 1999

Incoming Champion

Rocket Racer


The LEGO Racer

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