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The wiki about connecting the dots in the LEGO Universe and extra fanon bits created by me and others that I really enjoy that no one should edit. I'm not joking, this is a singular project of me, so don't edit any pages unless I say, and I won't...

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What's new in the LEGO Universe

3/4/09: We do not exist!

3/5/09: LEGO Island has got it's new wikia

4/27/09: LEGO Island Wikia has made eight articles currently, LEGO Island being the most finished. Search it up. LUN page planned to be edited.

7/22/10: The wiki hads 30 articles, mostly on fanon, LEGO Island, and 2009 LEGO themes.

7/14/11: 100 pages FTW. 99 pages will need to be updated to July 14, 2011. Events: End of Raid on OGEL Prime to save Johnny Thunder and Harry Cane Preparation for invasion in LEGOLAND by villains Sinister takes control of Egypt, campaign by LEGOLAND begins.

Important Announcement to Visitors

I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but it has gone too far. Please do not edit or create pages on this wiki at all. I just had to delete a ton of pages. This wiki may have LEGO Island in it, but its for my fanon LEGO Universe. So please don't edit. You may view only. Thanks!

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