"...And in any language, welcome to LEGO Island!"

-The Infomaniac

LEGO Island
New LI Town Plan
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The City of LEGO Island

Federal District

Brick Triangle


Information Center


217 minifigs as of January 2010 census


South of Pirate Bay, in the Phanta Sea

Major Landforms

  • Killinmalego Mountains
  • Highest Point: Space Mountain-elevation 5,634 ft.


October 2, 50.2 Zillion, B.C.

LEGO Island is a small island a few miles off the coast of southern LEGOLAND. This island has been known to have strange and abnormal things happen, like people getting there heads knocked off and can be put back on. LEGO Island is a tropical hot-spot during cold spots in the winter on LEGOLAND, since it never snows, or rains. LEGO Island is often subjected to evil villain attacks by the Brickster, but each attempt is put down by pizza delivery boy Pepper Roni.


The Beginning

Only one person witnessed the creation of LEGO Island. 50.1 zillion years ago, about 50.2 zillion, B.C., Giant pale colored people (humans) built the first minifig. The minifig had a red cap, glasses, a grey mushache, a red coat and white legs. The minifig was created with the world's largest intellect, his brain being able to process any information. He was given several LEGO Bricks and he built himself a house, now known today as the Information Center. The minifig then took a regular red 2x4 LEGO brick and converted it into a infinite power source with so much energy it could destroy entire cities

This figure became lonely eventually. So, this figure built a man who looked like him with black hair and a 5 o'clock shadow. He named this figure "Blarke". When Blarke saw how intelligant his friend was, he named him the Infomaniac. For awhile, the Infomaniac and Blarke were the bestest of friends. They decided to name their island LEGO Island after what everything they built with was made of. But soon afterwords, the Infomaniac told Blarke he was gonna make a new minifig.

Blarke grew angry with the Infomaniac. He wanted to be the only figure besides the Infomaniac because he wanted all the bricks for himself. Blarke casted his name down and named himself the Brickster and stole a majorty of the bricks on the small island and built a ship to fly into space. The Brickster traveled far into the LEGO Universe into Eagle Nebula and built a planet and named it OGEL Prime, which is LEGO spelled backwards. The Brickster would stay there on its capital, OGEL Island, until the First Brickster War era.

The Third Minifig

Afterwards, the Infomaniac built a new friend. This figure had an abnormal obsession with building anything, so the Infomaniac named him Bill Ding. Bill remodeled, redesigned, and reconstructed most of the buildings on LEGO Island while the Infomaniac built several more people for the island. Soon LEGO Island was bustling with people and buildings. LEGO Island was reviewed as “The Biggest City in the B.C. age” Most people who lived in LEGOLAND mainland were simple-minded Neanderthal people, who often fought with each other. However, LEGO Island was more peaceful. LEGO Island would live in peace for zillions of years.

The Army Builder Bill

There was a time of piece until 45 zillion B.C. where LEGO Island started to be constantly raided by pirates. Citizens slowly began to realize that with out a proper army, LEGO Island was utterly defenseless. So for a whole year, the issue was debated on wheather to vote for a new trained army for the island.

The debate lasted until the polls on January 2nd, after the debate year. On January 3rd, the results came in to forming the LEGO Island Millitary of Defense immdiently after the votes came in. The Infomaniac built excellent soilders in warfare, around 300 troops, plus the 600 troops from the LEGO Island Militia. The Infomaniac built General Casey Store to lead the the military in case of a crisis.

The Brickolini's Arrive

In 25 zillion years B.C., Mama Clickoff wanted to leave her home in Italy for elsewhere. She uses to help make pizza in her family's own pizzeria until it was closed because they couldn't afford to keep it open. So Mama took a boat to elsewhere. She only took her hat, her clothes on her back, and her piano, which her family thought was a "Useless Music Machine."

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Italy, Papa Brickolini, a profesional chef, heard of LEGO Island, so he decided to take a boat to the island to spread the love the Italian food, Pizza, to the place.

Soon the boat landed in Venice, Italy, and Mama boarded the ship. She met strange minifigs of all sorts of colors and ethnics heading to LEGOLAND for a better life. It is on this boat the Mama met Papa, and they fell in love and got married on the ship. Finally, May 16th, sometime in the 25 zillions B.C., they landed at the Beach of LEGO Island. They quickly bought some land, designed a building, and had Bill Ding build Brickolini's Pizzeria. They opened shop June 4th later that year, with Papa Brickolini as chef and Mama Brickolini as the musical entertainment with her piano.

Pizza sold well on LEGO Island. Citizens came crawling for the pizza that Papa made. The Infomaniac had shared some pizza to the citizens after a trip to Italy zillions of years before Mama and Papa came. But Papa made pizza with a magical touch, and it tasted better than any pizza that any citizen had ever tasted. The Infomaniac made pizza the official food of LEGO Island and it was added to LEGO Island's flag.

Countryhood, Statehood, and the Brickington-Mega Blok deal

10.8 zillion B.C. brought the mainland of LEGOLAND into a full country. LEGO Island was brought into the deal abruptly becoming a state that would get supplies from the mainland. LEGO Island was booming now. Surrounding small islands are being used to grow pizza ingredients which are shipped to LEGO Island and LEGOLAND. However, disaster strikes. In 10.0 zillion B.C., long after the beginning of LEGOLAND, still-President of LEGOLAND George Brickington sold LEGO Island to long time enemies, MegaBlokland. The country was in deep debt, so Brickington decided to sell off a useless state, in his opinion, to his enemies. So he sent off LEGO Island.

The first year was painful. LEGO Island was put under control of MegaBlok Island, the Mega Blok doppelganger of LEGO Island. The first year was similar to the Shadow Kinght take-over. Pain, hard labor, and death to many minifigs. The Infomaniac had enough of the cruelty. He raised the remaining LEGO Island soilders and sent a cargo ship to MegaBlok Island with the first Navy troopers to attack Coast Studders. The Great Brick War had began

The Great Brick War

The war started out poorly. The LEGO Island troops were weak and sick from the beatings the years so the Mega Blok troops thrashed Islanders around several times in 10 zillion B.C. to almost the end of 10 zillion years, B.C. The Infomaniac, intent on becoming free from the lesser quality warlords, build Doctor Clickitt, MD and Ph.D, and his two, superb but kooky assistants, Enter and Return, identical twins. This band of medics saved the army. Soon, the Millitary was at its peak and began winning battles.

The war lasted ten years, raging between the country of MegaBloklanland and LEGO Island. Despite being forced to fend off an entire country, LEGO Island held its ground against MegaBlokland's might. Key players in the war include Rootin' Tootin' Roni, Pepper Roni's ancestor, General Store; still leading LEGO Island's army; and Thaddaeus McStudz, Brikman's ancestor. This trio led many victorious battles against MegaBlokland and wiped out much of the Mega Blok Army.

Into the seventh year of the war, both sides are being hit with deadly attacks left and right, George Brickington and the LEGOLAND government were being thrashed themselves. LEGOLAND states were infuriated with Brickington selling LEGO Island just to make a "quick buck". Bricky Islanders joined the fight as well. Brickington, trying to keep his job, sent official Navy troopers to LEGO Island and MegaBlok Island. However, his plan failed and Harold Neederhoff became the second president of LEGOLAND. Neederhoff sent all available troops to the battling islands. The turning point of the war began when the LEGO troops busted up MBCG (Mega Blok Coast Guard) Station. With LEGOLAND involved in the war, the Great Brick War had just gotten greater.

The final three years of the war pushed the war was pushed into MegaBlokland mainland and the final fight took place in the capital, MegaBlok City. The LEGOLAND troopers marched into the city limits and began their final strike. Record is that is one of the bloodiest battle ever between LEGO and Mega Bloks. The battle raged from September 5 to September 15.

The battle's objective changed on September 10. Instead of hoping to outmatch the Mega Armies, a strategy that could last more weeks, LEGO Island decided to capture the Mega Blok President M. Blockers. The LEGO troops were sucessful. The Mega Blocks surrendered minutes after President Blockers was captured by Rootin' Tootin' Roni. LEGO Island reentered LEGOLAND after getting a very big, long apology from George Brickington.

After the War

LEGO Island had a time of peace after the Mega Block War. LEGO Island was booming with tourism, food, and attractions. However, major tragedies happened from time to time.

In 1,245 B.C., dinosaurs trapped inside of Mt. Killinmalego broke free from their lava encasings and ran rampage on LEGO Island. These dinos were locked in the mountain almost 100 zillion years before the Infomaniac was built when an unkown calactysm hit the earth and sent the dinos into extinction. The Marines and Army quickly came in and humanly captured a majority of the dinos and take them to present day Dino Island and present day Adventurers' Island, where some dinos already lived that survived the calactysm.

However, more discoveries were made too. In 695 B.C., Dr. Craig Hillroy, a famous archeologist from LEGOLAND, visited LEGO Island to discover any unknown vegitations, animals, or areas. He and a group of Scientist including the Infomaniac and Technicion Bob (But then just called Bob) treked across the uncharted areas of Mt. Killinmalego. When they reached the west coast, they found 5 square miles of plain area. Native groups lived on the west side of Mt. Killinmalego, far from civilazation. The group returned to the town and annouced their discoveries. They advised not to go there, though as the natives often fought, and they were not very friendly to outsiders.

Entering of the A.D. age, The Brickster returns.

The years passed on without a hinch. 3 zillion B.C. became 2 zillion B.C., Finally, nearly 50 zillion years.

As LEGO Island enters 1 A.D., things look good on the horizon for LEGO Island. However, LEGOLAND enters a Great Deppresion, but LEGO Island isn't effected at all. The medieval age begins around 453, and knights rule the ages. However, several years after the Medieval Age, Blarke returned.

Blarke, the Infomaniac's old friend, now called the Brickster, returned to his once empty home now a populated town in 1435. He and his emmased number of dimwitted subjects he built on OGEL Prime and took over the West side of the island effortlessly. He seperated his side into its own nation and called it Brick Island

Island Dispute

The Infomaniac never actually told the citizens about the Brickster, so when he took over, the westcitizens had thought they had rebelled against the east side and are now there own nation. Fighting broke out where LEGO Island and Brick Island border is. They often hurled bricks and pizza at each other until the Infomaniac assigned Nubby Stevens, Bill Ding, and the LICC (LEGO Island Construction Company) to build a new wall to seperate Brick Island from LEGO Island similar to the wall the blocked out the Scorpions zillions of years ago.

However, the wall didn't stop the citizens from hurling stuff at each other. It went as far as taking a boat to the other side and fire cannons at each other. Finally, The Infomaniac called the Brickster to the Information Center for a dinner of pizza.

They had a long talk, telling each other what they have been dong for the last zillion years. The Brickster stuffed himself with pizza and told of his island in space with his own people. Soon the Infomaniac asked kindly to The Brickster to leave. But the Brickster refused. He had returned to take all the bricks from LEGO Island, as he wanted them all to himself. They eventually argued themselves to the LEGO Island Civil War, most commonly called the First Brickster War.

First Brickster War

LEGO Island entered its darkest era ever. The Brickster blew the wall blocking the citizens from each other and his henchmen and Brick Islanders attacked. The Infomaniac allowed no citizen to leave there houses it was so dangerous. Bologna Roni, Pepper Roni's father, turned to one of the best heroes in the field. Many battle took place in Mt. Killinmalego, since LEGO Island had the better army, they often charged the Brick Island troopers into the mountains. However, several battle took place at buildings to take them over as there own building. Such as the First Battle of the Hospital. LEGO Island and Brick Island attacked inside, outside, on top, and around the Hospital. Dr. Clickitt, Enter, and Return, strong LEGO Island supporters, were captured as the Brick Islanders claimed the Hospital.

The war was the most evened out war ever. LEGO Island and Brick Island knew each others secrets in war, so the nobody could tell who was winning. Navy Ships often colided with LEGOLAND Cargo ships. This caught LEGOLAND's attention, especially President Abraham Studcon. He immediently sent a notice to the Infomaniac that he was going to send a brigade of troopers to LEGO Island to aide him. The Infomaniac denied the brigade. When Studcon asked, he told him of his first creation being the Brickster and he wanted to settle they're issues out, with only the island to help. The Infomaniac wanted to turn The Brickster back into his old friend, Blarke.

That didn't seem likely. The Brickster concerned himself of destroying the Information Center and capturing the Infomaniac and turning LEGO Island into his new OGEL Island. You could barely step outside with out getting captured, killed, having your house destroyed, or all three. If it weren't for the valliant efforts of the L.I. Millitary and the cooperative citizens of LEGO Islanders, LEGO Island would've been destroyed quickly.

The Battle at the Brickster's Palace

The war raged until 1440 when the LEGO Islanders pushed in far enough to reach the Brick Island "Town Hall", The Brickster's Palace. With General Store and Bologna Roni at the command of the army, and Captain C.D. Rom with Nick and his sister Laura at the command of the LIPD (LEGO Island Police Department), the battle seemed to be a likely victory.

Many people, including the Ogelites, believed the war would be settled on a final battle between the Infomaniac and the Brickster, now that the island has been told the beginnings of LEGO. However, the Infomaniac was not a fighter and would not battle the Brickster even though he realized the Brickster could never return to Blarke. Instead, he chose who he thought the best man for the job was Bologna Roni. So Roni avoided the whole battle until he made it to the top of the palace in a similar fashion that his son would do hundreds of years later in 2001.

Below the duel on the tower, the Ogelites were being defeated easily. Almost 4 hours after the beginning the Ogelites surrendered to General Store. The Ogelites were quickly launched out of LEGO Island and the citizens began repairing their lost buildings.

Bolonga underestimated the Brickster's strength. He was throwing brick gernades at him, attempted to blow Bologna from the tower. The tower began to fall apart though. Bologna was losing quickly. Suddenly, a very silly idea popped into his head. He yanked out one of Papa Brickolini's famous Jalopeno Red Pepper Anchovy Double Garlic Pizzas, Bologna's favorite, and threw at the Brickster's face. The Brickster stopped altogether. He licked his lips and ate the pizza. Bologna threw more at his crazed enemy until he knocked him off the tower onto the town below. Nick, Laura, and Rom quickly captured the Brickster and took him to the Infomaniac for him to decide what to do with him.

The Infomaniac's first idea was to simply send the Brickster back to OGEL I.S.L.E., but then he realized the Brickster could easily come back with a vengence. So he deconstructed the Brickster's Palace and had the LIPD throw the Brickster in jail on LEGO Island. The Brickster became the first and most devious pernament criminal on LEGO Island. Bologna Roni was awarded the LEGO Island Heroism Award.


After the war LEGO Island rebuilt and was as popular as it was before the Brickster returned. The Island eventually became known as traveling to the New World became popular. Many explorers from Europe stopped at LEGO Island for supplies. However, the two most famous visits were the ones recorded here.

Columbus sails to "India"

One of the first visits to LEGO Island was from Chris Columbus, an explorer for Spain insearch of a quicker route to Asia. When arriving, his crew members from his ships made friends on LEGO Island while Columbus bragged to the island that HE was gonna be the famous explorer who found a sea route to Asia and make some "moola". The Infomaniac had traveled the world several zillion years before on a simple boat. He told Columbus, "Sailing west will lead you to some interesting places, but not Asia. The natives are as interesting as well, and some are very polite." Columbus called the Infomaniac "a conspirater against Spain who lies." and sailed towards where the Infomaniac told him he would sail to, the Americas.

Magellian makes a visit

Years later, Ferdinand Magellian came to LEGO Island on his trek around the world. When Magellian arrived, he figured the islanders were simple minifigs and spoke in slow English to them. When the Infomaniac gave along complicated reply both in English and in Legoese, Magellian declared them "bewitched natives" and fled quickly. Neither one of this explorers made any real impact on LEGO Island other than stopping here. The Islanders didn't real like them either, to tell you the truth.

American Revolution

When LEGO Island heard off the War of Independence occuring in Present Day Untied States against the Yankees and Great Britian, LEGO Island sent troopers overseas to Boston, Massachuesets and helped the Yankees fight of the Red Coats. LEGO Islanders were present through several famous battles, including the decisive Battle of Yorktown. The Infomaniac was also present in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. The Independence Day for the United States in celebrated in LEGO Island.

Early 1990s

The early 1990s brought new technologies that are used today on LEGO Island.


When the first automobiles were manufactured by Henry Ford in the in the United States in the early 1900s, LEGO Island quickly jumped at the idea of quicker land transportation. Nubby Stevens, the decendant of Revoultion hero Buddy Stevens, got really into cars and built emergency and public transportations for citizens to use. He, Nancy Nubbins, and Bill Ding opened a garage, car wash, shop, and gas station all in one. They joined the rising gas company Octan, who had spurted in Denmark and had spread to all over the world.

Airplanes/Flight Transportaton

LEGO Island didn't use airplanes very much. Mainly because planes cost a lot and correct pieces for them are rare. However, Warplanes were used during the World War and World War II. Helicopter were used more for LEGO Island. Octan Company started producing fuel for airplanes and helicopter along with motor and speed boats. Helicopters are used for the LIPD and the Army. Starships are used instead of planes nowadays. There are only two airplanes on LEGO Island. A model plane and a Fighter Plane both owned by Brikman McStudz.

The Great War

Soon the world was thrown into conflict and the First World War began. LEGO Island remained neutral throughout the first few years until January 12th, 1917 when German planes bombed LEGO Island and LEGOLAND. Soon the country was thrusted into war. The New LEGO Island Air Force quickly sent a brigade of planes to Europe and struck back. Together with the Allied Nations, the enemies in Europe signed the Armistice and the war ended nearly a year after the first bomb.

World War II

When World War II began nearly 20 years after the first war, Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party in Germany, took over most of Europe. Hitler began a secret plan to start shipping soilders to LEGOLAND states. His first stop was at the L.U.N., a close ally to LEGO Island and a millitary threat to Hitler's plans. Nazi invaded in 1943 and starting killing and capturing citizens within the island. The Nazis also capture Mayor Charlie and turned him mad in their custody. Charlie was forever scarred that day and has freak attacks when anyone mentions "Nazis" or "Germans"

But anyway, LEGO Island came to the L.U.N.'s assistance and defeated the threat on their allies soil. Then Mayor Charlie and General Store flew to Europe and began to fight along side Soviet, British, and American allies. LEGO Island, L.U.N., and Bricky Island soldiers headed to Europe to defeat Hitler after the attack on the LEGO United Nations. For the next two years troopers were shipped in and out of Europe. They fought down Nazis countries all over Europe. Norway, Denmark, France and more were helped from the Allied Nations. The Brick Triangle also helped during D-Day rotting out Nazis as well.

In April, 1945, several Brick Triangle soliders, lead by Mayor Charlie and General Store, stormed the Reinstag in Berlin, Germany. The Brick Triangle captured several Germans just as the Russians claimed victory in the Reinstag. Rumor also has it that Hitler commited suicide after meeting Mayor Charlie, wanting revenge, not just because die Fuher didn't wish to face custody for his crimes.

The Second Brick War

1954 brought about the Second Great Brick War, one of the most deadliest wars in history of the LEGO Planet. The Mega Confederation, with Megaland destroyed and the Mega Bloks in its worst period ever, attacked brick mines in the United States, sparking the Second Great Brick War. LEGO Island and LEGOLAND were officially brought into the war when LEGO City, the capital of LEGOLAND, was bombed by English and French-disguised Confederate Planes.

LEGO Island was a main coastal base for LEGOLAND as the Mega Confederation spread its bases from Canada to all through out the world. LEGO Island soldiers signed on to fight in battlefields throughout the LEGO Planet. Once again, a major player in the war was Bologna Roni and Glen McStudz, Brikman McStudz's American great-great uncle stationed in LEGO Island as a pilot.

However, one of the most significant events during the war was on one of LEGO Island's surrounding agricultural islands. The event is one of the most infamous events in LEGO Island history. The event, called the Power Brick Disaster, took place in the Summer of 1957, after the war had took a toll on the LEGO Allied Nations. The experiment was planned to transfer energy from the Power Brick into other objects to test the effects on living minifigs. The experiment ended in a disaster, though. The Power Brick exploded during the transfer process and the radiation killed thirteen of the fourteen scientists working on it, the only survivor being the Infomaniac who escaped on the SS LEGO Island.

Despite the failure, it showed the potential as a weapon for the LEGO Allied Nations. Later in 1964, in the southern deserts of LEGOLAND, the Infomaniac led the project to transfer some energy from the Power Brick into a toy wand. However, the plan was to only transfer the quarter of the massive power from the Power Brick into the wand. However, another disaster occured. Three of the one-hundred fifty scientists on site where an equal amount of energy in the Power Brick was transfered into the wand, making it almost exactly the same as the Power Brick, except for the fact it was designed as a weapon. With the Power Wand completed, the LEGO Allied Nations begun planning when to put their super weapon into effect.

In 1966, LEGO Island was attacked by a American faction of the Mega Confederation. General Store and Bologna Roni led the LEGOLAND and LEGO Island soldiers against the onslaught of Mega soldiers. The Mega Confederation's inferior plastic quality was no match for the might of LEGO Island's superior plastic. The Americans retreated and soon the entire Mega Confederation was beginning their decisive attack on LEGOLAND, a victory that would severely weaken the LEGO Allied Nations.

However, with the mass production of the modern brick beginning in 1958 in Denmark, the LEGOLAND forces were suited up and prepared for the attack. During this battle Bologna Roni was issued the Power Wand and wiped out a huge portion of the Mega Confederation's Air Force. Frightened, the Mega Confederation scattered and the LEGO Allied Nations finished them off.

To ensure the another Brick War wouldn't happen again, the LEGO Allied Nations agreed to launch all presence of the Mega Confederation and their Mega Bloks into space. The Mega Shuttle, being auto-piloted by Technicion Bob, dropped the Mega Confederation on a planet several hundred million lightyears away from the LEGO Planet. This planet would eventually become the Mega Planet in the Clone Galaxy.

Post War

LEGO Island continued to boom as tourism increased for vacations. LEGO Island also became known as the place with the best pizza in the world. LEGO Island was givin the Nickname, "City-State" because most people thought LEGO Island acted as their own small state rather than a political subdivison in LEGOLAND. LEGO Island also began to host races inside the Killinmalego Mountains, where giant pizzas rolled and ghosts and skeletons ruled inside. LEGO Island became an Official track in the LEGO Racers circuit. It sparked up two racers, Studz Linkin, son to famous Hot Rod Linkin, and Rhoda Hogg. Rhoda Hogg and Studz Linkin were the first Islanders to win the LEGO Racers cup for LEGO Island.

In 1993, LEGO Island official began Jetski races at the beach. It was a minor sport to car-racing, but it still earned funds for the Beach. LEGO Island's top jetski racers are Snap Lockitt and Valerie Stubbins.

The Space Race

In the 50's The Soviet Union, or Russia, sent the first sattilite into space, errupting the "Space Race" between the Soviets and the United States to be ultimate space discoverers. The race followed Yuri Gagarin, a Russian astronaut, to be reported as the first minifig in space. The Infomaniac congraulated the Soviets on there success until the Brickster, of all people yelled at the Infomaniac to get his attention during a visit to the Police Station:

"Hey, Infomaniac!"

"What is it?"

"I heard some Russian Blockhead became the first man in space!"


"So? Infomaniac, don't you remember when I left LEGO Island? I went into SPACE. To build an island, in SPACE!!"

"Oh my! Your right! Brickster, you made history before Yuri whats-his-face!"

"So, since I made history, I can leave jail now right?"

"No way you blockhead!"

-The conservation, remembered by Nick Brick, between the Infomaniac and the Brickster.

So The Infomaniac annouced that their only convict on LEGO Island was the first man is space. The Russians called him, "A lousy liar who wants fame," and some other stuff in Russian that shouldn't be mentioned. The USA said about the same thing. Only the L.U.N. believes the Brickster is the first person in space.


In the 90s, things pretty much stayed the same as they have been for the last 40 years. In 1992, Pepper Roni, One of LEGO Island's most famous citizens, was born while Bologna, his father, went missing in 1995. Pepper was then adopted by Mama and Papa Brickolini, good friends of Bologna, who made Pepper the pizza delivery boy who delivered pizzas by his trusty skateboard.

Power Brick-Crazed Blockhead

In 1997, Pepper made a delivery to the Brickster's jail cell. The super hot pizza melted the lock on the door, freeing the Brickster for the first time since the Brickster War. The Brickster stole the helicopter and the Power Brick on the Information Center, shutting down all power to the building and sending the island into a stir. The Infomaniac sent Pepper out to find the Brickster and capture him.

Pepper, Nick, and Laura Brick chased him down to the Residential Area, where they discoverd the Brickster's plan that would continue for the next decade. He was this time trying to take apart LEGO Island, brick by brick. Nick and Laura went to investigate a piece of evidence the Brickster threw at them while Pepper chased the crook across the island while he destroyed buildings and knocked down plants and streetlights.

While this chase was happening, the Brickster threw LEGO pieces at Pepper, trying to slow him down. After the Brickster went into hiding, Pepper found the rest of the LEGO Pieces that were discovered to be apart of the helicopter the Brickster stole. Pepper found all the pieces and he and Bill Ding rebuilt the helicopter.

Pepper followed the fiend in the sky while he raced around the island trying to destroy the rest of the island. Pepper lured the Brickster to Nick and Laura with pizzas, an irrestitable craving the Brickster had to stop for, with the Infomaniac's all new technology, the Pizza Turbo Chucker. Meanwhile, Pepper lead the cops to the Brickster with doughnuts fired from the Chucker. The LIPD nabbed and locked up the Brickster, and put the Power Brick back on the Information Center, rebuilding the entire island. Pepper was awarded the LEGO Island Heroism Award.

Enter, the New Millenium

LEGO Island aquires a Space Program

The Infomaniac decided to add something new to LEGO Island and that is out of the ordinary. He gained a licence to the Space Program in LEGOLAND in 1999 and put Technicion Bob incharge of the program. The Space Port was located on a plateau on Mt. Killinmalego until 2008 when LEGO Island moved the station Underground. Later in 2009, after leaving the time stream, the Space Port was moved back into Mt. Killinmalego.

The Brickster Revenge

See Main Article: The Brickster's Revenge

In 2001, The Brickster escaped again after collecting enough ingredients from pizzas delivered to him to created firey breathe to melt the locks on the jail door, again. The Brickster stole the Constructopedia from the Information Center and ripped it apart, destroying every building on the island. After sending down his Brickster-Bot henchmen to guard the island, the Brickster fled to OGEL Island.

Pepper was sent to find every page across three different locations, including LEGO Island, and defeat the Brickster-Bots guarding the island. Pepper succeeded in both and became a trained astronaut, flew to OGEL Island, and defeated the Brickster once again, locking him up in a cell in the Brickster's Palace.

Xtreme Stunts

See main articles: Island Xtreme Stunts, Xtreme Stunts

2002 brought the movies to LEGO Island to film an action film called "Xtreme Stunts". Pepper became the leading stuntman, while the Brickster, free from OGEL and now pardoned of all crimes, becamed the leading villian stuntman. The movies was filmed in the span of a few days, and at the Opening Party, the Brickster revealed his new plan to deconstruct all of Earth. Pepper stepped up to the challenge and defeated the meglomaniac crook atop of his giant tower that contained a Super Computer that would accomplish the Brickster's Plans, until its hard drive was reversed by Sky Lane.

The Invasion of LEGO Island

Late at night, June 13, 2007, Alpha Rex, general of the OGEL Prime Military, led several Fish Ships to Earth to free the Brickster. The Brickster's capital ship, the OSS Deconstructor'', destroyed the Jail and freed the Brickster. The Brickster stole the Police chopper nearby and made his way to the Information Center, where he stole the Power Brick. Believing the Brickster's plan to be the worn out and often recycled Power Brick Bust-Up, Officers Nick and Laura Brick raced to the Residential Area to blockade the Brickster and to wake up the sleeping Pepper Roni.

Unfortunately, the Fish Ships began deploying Brickster-Bots to the surface to hold off the LEGO Island Military. While the army desperatly fought off the army of Brickster-Bots, citizens raced to Brickolini's Pizzeria to get pizza to fight the Brickster-Bots. Several of robots were destroyed, but in the end, most of LEGO Island's citizens were captured and beamed up to numerous 7500 Fish Ships.

As the battle passed on to June 14, and with Pepper still asleep inside his house, the LEGOLAND Military finally arrived on LEGO Island to combat the thousands of OGEL Starfighters and numerous Fish Ships. 113 pilots and soldiers from the LEGOLAND mainland died taking down almost 400 starfighters and a single Fish Ship, the OSS Monday. The Air Force made several bombing run, destroying hundreds of Brickster-Bots, but no civilians or soldiers were killed.

Finally, as the morning hours were upon LEGO Island, Fish Ships beamed up every minifig and escaped to OGEL I.S.L.E. to regroup while the remaining Fish Ships opened fire on LEGO Island until the Brickster, supervising the battle the whole time from his helicopter, ordered every ship to leave LEGO Island except for the Deconstructor. The Brickster abandoned his helicopter and joined Alpha Rex on his capital ship and ordered a Brickster-Bot to split the Power Brick up into shards. The order was obliged and sent a shockwave across LEGO Island, destroying almost every building and destroying every Brickster-Bot on the surface. The Deconstructor, protected by a shield, ordered a squad of Brickster-Bots to supervise the island while the OGEL Prime fleet continued its invasions all over the globe.

At 6:00 A.M. June 14, 2007, the anniversery of when Pepper was adopted into the Brickolini family, Pepper Roni finally woke up from what he later called, "possibly the best dream of my life", and found LEGO Island mostly destroyed, with only his house, Brickolini's Pizzeria, and the Information Center still standing. Pepper quickly found Sky Lane in the rubble of a destroyed building, and together they fought down a group of new Brickster-Bots, H.O.N.A.B. until they found another survivor, Bill Ding, inside the destroyed gas station. They made their way to the Hospital and found a medical assistant to Dr. Clickitt, either Enter or Return, who was suffering from amnesia. After getting the medic back on his feet, they headed to the Information Center.

Inside the Infomaniac was being held by five Brickster-Bots. Together, Sky, Pepper,.and Bill defeated the Brickster-Bots. With the Information Center zoned in for destuction, the Infomaniac leads the group to the elevator and takes them to the basement, once never thought to have existed, and they escaped on the SS LEGO Island, the boat the Infomaniac used to travel the world with.

The LEGO Island travelled all across LEGOLAND, liberating six key bases of OGEL Prime and recovering Power Brick shards until they were intercepted by Colonel o'Truth and the LLS Kristiansen. The Kristiansen, the LEGO Island, and all the liberated LEGO Island citizens made their way back to LEGO Island where Pepper took control of an F-15 Eagle fighter and destroyed the seven OGEL starfighters surrounding in the Battle for LEGO Island. After taking down the Air Force, Pepper and numerous liberated LEGO Island soldiers defeated the Brickster-Bots on the surface and captured all of OGEL Prime's command posts.

Although Earth was now free of the Brickster's clutch, Power Brick shards were still missing. With the help of Captain Click and Technician Bob, the LEGO Islanders rebuilt the SS LEGO Island into the Starship LEGO Island, a starship to travel the universe to find more Power Brick shards and to defeat the Brickster on OGEL Prime.

All though the details are sketchy, Pepper came out victorious against the Brickster and LEGO Island life went back to normal.

The LEGO Island Underground Airstrip

In 2008 LEGO Island's surface began to get filled up with industrial works and nothing else could fit. So, the Infomaniac assigned a group of Rock Raiders to drill three holes into the surface of LEGO Island and form a cavern underneath town. After this mission's success, Bill Ding and construction crews moved the Space Port and Millitary bases into the cavern along with their vehicles. The crews paved roads for the airstrip. An airlock door was built on the east side cavern for shuttles and air crafts to fly out of the cavern.

Soon the Octan people on LEGO Island created the Underground Brick Yard where bricks are stored for use of the citizens on LEGO Island.

In 2009, the Underground Airstrip was wiped out by the Brickster's Allies shortly after the Second Brickster War. A new group of miners, called the Power Miners, are currently re-drilling the cavern.

The Brickster Takes Over

After a serious Mafia attack, wiped out by Brikman McStudz, the Brickster's army of henchmen, Brickster-Bots, led by Alpha Rex, flew to LEGO Island and invaded the town, but did not attack the citizens. The Infomaniac ordered General Store to organize the army and for Pepper Roni and Brikman McStudz to be precautioned. After two solders decided to attack a pair of Brickster-Bots, the invasion officially began. The Brickster-Bots began firing their blasters and attack citizens while two Elite Bodyguard Bots freed the Brickster from jail and threw the Infomaniac into jail. Pepper and Brikman swiftly hid themselves in Pepper's House untill the invasion ended the next day.

After the invasion, the Brickster took over LEGO Island and renamed the entire island to New OGEL Island. He began his New World Order and took over the Former-LEGO Island Millitary and renamed them the New OGEL Island Army. Meanwhile, Pepper and Brikman disguised themselves in old leftover Xtreme Stunts jumpsuits with helmets and explored their new home ruled by the Brickster. Later they made an attack along with some rebellious Troopers in the army. They freed the Infomaniac from the Brickster old cell and fled to the Underground Airstrip, where the Brickster forgot to attack.

From there, the Infomaniac officially declared war on the Brickster's forces and The Second Brickster War began. The Infomaniac organized his rebellion forces who had escaped the invasion and began raids all over New OGEL Island. The Brickster learned of the location of the Rebel base and planned a strike team, led by Alpha Rex, to attack the Underground. This attack was foiled before it was ingaged by Brikman and a strike team of his own.

The Brickster took over the Coast Guard outpost on the east side of the island. Brikman and Pepper were sent as ambassadors to the Pirate Hideout south of Coast Guard to make a truce to the pirates to help free the Coast Guard. Their leader, Captain Redbeard, agreed and his band of pirates, with an army of LEGO Island troops led by Brikman and General Store, attacked the station. The Brickster-Bot Coast Guard leader, General Grievous II, led the Brickster's army against the rebels. One of the Elite Bodyguard Bots, Unit 0334, used his mind control powers downloaded into his hard drive to take control of some of the solders and the captured Coast Guard men to fight against their friends after the LEGO Island group wiped out most of the Bots. The Hypnoed-Rouge troopers were easily fought down and General Store busted Unit 0334. General Grievous II attacked Store and overhelmed him, believed to be dead. Colonel McStudz, wielding a lightsaber, fought against Grievous. Brikman destroyed Grievous II and threw his body, along with the bot army's bodies, back to the mainland of New OGEL Island.

The Time Stream

A week into the war, Tim E. Stream, the Head of the Department of Interspace and Space-Time Continum of LEGOLAND Government came to New OGEL Island to report some ergent news. He headed to the Information Center, where he found the Brickster instead of the Infomaniac. When Stream questioned that, Brickster replied saying "I'm leader now! *raspberries*" Stream informed him that the Creator, the being that created the Infomaniac and LEGO, has planned to lift New OGEL/LEGO Island out of existance in a "Time Stream". Word of this reached the Infomaniac the same day.

Two days later, the Time Stream began ripping LEGO Island apart piece by piece, building by building, minifig by minifig. After about three days, every single thing on LEGO Island didn't exist anymore. The only people who made it were on a secret mission when it had happened. Agent H.A. Wallace and Agent F.D. Roosevelt are trying to survive in the Castle Cove on the west side of LEGOLAND.

Nearly a month later, after we all drifted threw space and time, some Islanders and equipments returned to a strange place. The Infomaniac eventually found a new place to populate and he and Bill Ding began bringing the buildings that had been released from the stream to a new location. More minifigs have also arrived while many people wait anxiously if the Brickster will still be in control and if we forget this as soon things are normal. Luckly, this event was remembered.

The Second Brickster War Continues

And the Brickster was still incharge. After several brutal beatings by the Alliance, the Brickster sent a spy to the Underground Alliance Base and cracked the shield generator protecting the Alliance soldiers and citizens. The Alliance was forced to flee to Mt. Killinmalego and the Underground was taken for the Brickster.

The Alliance struck back furiously, sending most of its small army to OGEL Island to capture the space-outpost. Here it was discovered the Brickster was using Sith Lord Darth Vader to twist the minds of Jedi to work for the Brickster. OGEL was captured, but the Alliance members didn't let the Brickster know that.

With the end of the war near, the Alliance took control of the Coast Guard and pushed its final assult on the Brickster's LEGO Island. The Alliance had tricked the Brickster into sending a lot of his soldiers to OGEL Island to reclaim it while the Alliance began their attack at the Residential Area. After nearly a week of battle, Alpha Rex and General Grievous surrendered LEGO Island and fled to OGEL just as the Brickster and Pepper returned to the island after their chase across LEGOLAND. Pepper defeated the Brickster just before the Brickster could activate his Deconstruct-A-Ray to deconstruct the Earth and threw him back in jail. The Island then began its long cleanup. Even though the war lasted only 5 months, it was the bloodiest war in LEGO Island history

New Year Blues; Death of a Leader

"Hee Hee Hee Ho! And so I kill the great Casey Store with a simply gunshot! Pathetic!" -Alpha Rex relishing his victory over General Store. Only a few months after the war, Alpha Rex, General Grievous, and their newest ally, Happy-Go-Lucky Business Man led a Brickster-Bot invasion on LEGO Island. Although the invasion was put down easily, Alpha Rex killed LEGO Island's one and only general, General Casey Store. After this event, the Infomaniac promoted Field Marshall Thaddaeus Brickhouse to General Brickhouse, which as stirred some hateful relationships between Brickhouse and Colonel McStudz.

Shortly into the new year, the Brickster escaped and deconstructed the island with the Power Brick and fled into the mountains. A few days later the Power Brick was recovered and the rebuilding process began, the Infomaniac determined to make LEGO Island better than before. Nearly a week later, the island was rebuilt and the Brickster back behind bars, thanks to Pepper.

Dino Attack

On June 11, 2010, at exactly 12:00 A.M., the Dino Attack apocalypse began. Mutant Dinos arrived on LEGO Island though cargo ships delivering supplies to the island. These dinos tore apart LEGO Island, killing several citizens. The citizens, fearing for their lives and safety, decided to abandon LEGO Island. They escaped by sea by the SS LEGO Island or other ships or by swimming. Some citizens escaped with the help of the LEGO Island's very own squad of Space Police by having them load on to the OSS Brickulator, a modified Galactic Enforcer and fled to the Moon. At about 11:30 A.M., a Mutant T-Rex finally destroyed the Information Center and swallowed the Constructopedia, rendering all the buildings on LEGO Island unstable, since the pages are still in the book. At 1:23 P.M., the remaining Dinos that werent killed by the LEGO Island Army headed into the Killenmalego Mountains to destroy the native villages on the west side of the mountains.

At about 2:45 P.M., Brikman McStudz, who had managed to sleep through the whole attack since the dinos did not attack his treehouse, woke up and found LEGO Island mostly destroyed. Armed with only a machine gun, Brikman explored the destroyed LEGO Island, believing the Brickster had caused the destruction like he had almost exactly 3 years ago. However, Brikman found the Brickster on LEGO Island, playing with the Power Brick by destroying the rubble of buildings. The Brickster revealed that a insane scientist named Ronald Alexander, commonly called Dr. Rex, stole Mutant Dino blueprints from Evil Ogel several years ago to release the prehistoric beings on the LEGO Planet to bring the Minifigkind on Earth to extinction since Dr. Rex believe Earthlings are dangerous, warlike people who will spread their ways to every place in the Universe and send the Universe to its doom.

The Brickster and Brikman temporarily teamed up to defeat the Mutant Dinos and to find anymore survivors and stragglers from the attack. They found numerous people, and although the Brickster tried to flee for OGEL Prime, he was forced to stay and to clean up the island as Brikman faced his first wave of Mutant Dinos. However, with the help of Dino Attack Agent Digger, they are cleaning up and fighting off dinos to make LEGO Island safe again.

Rebuilding began while Digger and Brikman continued to fight off the Mutant Dinos and eventually recovered the Constructopedia. The Brickster managed to escape to OGEL Prime on a shuttle while citizens began to return home. Brikman left LEGO Island for LEGO City, now a Dino Attack Rookie Agent. Only a week after they left, L.E.G.O Radio reported a new force of Mutant Dinos on their way to LEGO Island via cargo ships. A majority of the population escaped to Antarctica as the Mutant Dinos tore apart the town and stole the Constructopedia. General Store, who had been reborn on OGEL I.S.L.E. earlier in 2010, and a small squad of LEGO Island soldiers, however, stood firm to defeat the Mutant Dinos. All the soldiers were killed and General Store was slaughtered. Dr. Rex built a laboratory in Captain Click's cave and began producing more dinos on the island.

Mission to LEGO Island

Several Dino Attack agents would visit LEGO Island during separate times, sometimes to fight dinos, other times to rescue citizens who didn't evacuate, such as Pepper. However, the island was mostly ignored by the Dino Attack Team. When the dinos were discovered to be mutated further to survive in Antarctica's harsh climate, Dino Attack leader Specs sent a small number of realist agents to quietly dispatch of the threat while a majority of the team was sent to LEGO Island, to investigate rumors that the Mutant Dinos were guarding the Constructopedia. In addition, there where reports of Mutant T-Rex and Pterosaur nests across the island, which made Specs' fears of Dr. Rex using LEGO Island grow more mutated dinos increase.

Former Power Miner, Semick, led a group of agents near the Residential Area to find the Constructopedia and Mutant Dinos while Elite Agents Rex and Reptile led another squad to search for the book in the Information Center. Neither group was successful, but a lone agent, Agent Ata, found the book in the L.E.G.O. Radio Station, only to be trapped inside. He sent a radio message to Rex and Reptile requesting help. After receiving a note from a pirate that the Constructopedia was, in fact, inside the station, the Dino Attack Team concentrated all their energy on the Radio Station and freed Ata and secured the Constructopedia.

Another note from the pirate led the team deep in the Killinmalego Mountains, to the base of Space Mountain, where they found the writer of the notes, Captain Click. Click, who needed the Constructopedia to get back into his cave, stole the book and tore out his cave's page. When they entered the dead pirate's cave, they found a massive laboratory full of scientists who worked for Dr. Rex, Dr. Inferno's henchmen, and one of the very first model of a Brickster-Bot Spider, constructed by Evil Ogel, Brickspider-Bot v1.0.

Any Dino Attack Agents still in town were called to the mountains and the Dino Attack Team battled it out with the Inferno Henchmen, Brickspider Bot and XERRD scientists. The Brickspider Bot hid in the ceiling of the lab while Dr. Rex's allies were defeated. The Dino Attack Team defeated the scientists and henchmen and put the lab out of commission. Shortly after the battle, the Brickspider Bot swooped down from the ceiling and killed Elite Agent Redshirt. The prototype Brickster-Bot Spider then attempted to escape via teleporter, but the teleporters were destroyed by Captain Click and Agent Demoman.

It was cornered by Agent Amanda Claw, but the Brickspider Bot created a distraction when revealing the death of Amanda's brother, Roger. During the distractions, the Brickspider Bot stole the Constructopedia from Captain Click and tore out the page for LEGO Island itself. The entire island deconstructed into millions of 1x1 LEGO bricks and took the bricks, and anyone who was still standing on the bricks, into a portal that took them to the alternate dimension, the Torn World. On their way up, Dino Attack Agent Kat was shot and killed by an Inferno agent.

The minifigs and Mutant Dinos who couldn't balance on the bricks fell into the Phanta Sea below. The LEGO City Coast Guard arrived and helped pirate Elizabeth Winsor, LEGO Island natives Andrew and Enter, and numerous other civilians safety. Elizabeth teamed up with a group of divers and discovered that a LEGO Island Baseplate page was torn out of the Constructopedia, which caused the whole island to deconstruct. Elizabeth managed to keep in contact with scientist David Norman, who was taken into Torn World, until a failed attempt at putting the baseplate page into another book, which caused the radio they were contacted each other with short-circuited.

In the Torn World, LEGO Island's bricks were suspended in field of open space, with the minifigs that were pulled into the portal balancing on the bricks. Captain Click explained that bricks of pages torn out of the Constructopedia were split into 1x1 bricks and brought to the Torn World for eternity until its page was restored. With the only way to get back to the LEGO Planet is to recover the book from the Brickspider Bot, the Dino Attack Agents began building a walkway out of 1x1 bricks to the Brickspider Bot, defeating Inferno Henchmen and scientist along the way who were also pulled into the portal.

While building their walkway, the Brickspider Bot crawled underneath the walkway and made his way to the back of the group of Dino Attack Agents. He began an ambush, shoving Dino Attack Agents of the walkway into the floating void, including Amanda Claw. The Brickster-Bot Spider prototype proved its deadly might, leaving many agents dead or unconscious as he made his way through the agents. However, Stranger, a Dino Attack Agent, blasted of one of the robot's arms, the arm holding the Constructopedia. Semick saw this and grabbed the Constructopedia. Furious, the Brickspider Bot, even with one arm, began throwing agents of the walkway to get the book.

The Constructopedia eventually fell into the hands of Rex. While the Brickspider Bot tried to reach Rex, it was attacked by Minifit/Mutant Lizard Hybrids. It managed to defeat several Hybrids before one beheaded the Brickspider Bot. Even though its head was disconnected from its body, the robot still control his body to attack Rex and other Dino Attack Agents. It made the mistake of shoving Amanda near its head. While it attempted to strangle Rex to death, Amanda destroyed the Brickspider Bot's head with an electro-spear, disabling its body and causing it to fall off the walkway into the void for eternity.

The Constructopedia was reunited with the LEGO Island Baseplate page and the island was rebuilt and the Dino Attack Agents were saved. While on LEGO Island, the Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids received Order 66 from Dr. Rex, which caused them to betray the Dino Attack Team and stab Rex in the side, causing him to blackout. The rest of the Dino Attack Team defeated the Hybrids and helicoptered Rex to LEGO City. Rex's wound paralyzed him from his waist down, forcing him to use a wheelchair.

After the Mutant Dinos were finally forced off of LEGO Island, the citizens began to leave Antarctica and rebuild their town, while under heavy guard from Dino Attack Agents.


The Dino Attack would prove to be the most devastating event to ever unfold on LEGO Island, destroying the entire city in a matter of hours. However, the LEGO Islanders were determined and continued to rebuild their fallen city shortly after the Dino Attack Team secured the island.

However, LEGO Island was still harassed by the Brickster's allies while the Brickster was busy fighting the Dino Attack. Particularly the Brickster's ally, Happy-Go-Lucky Business Man, led a large campaign against LEGO Island due to his neutral views of the Dino Attack and not caring who was killed. Even after Happy was defeated by Pepper, one of Dr. Rex's scientists sneaked back to LEGO Island with a small force of XERRD mercenaries with the idea to kill the entire population. However, LEGO Island's army defeated the XERRD soldiers and killed the scientist, but not before he split apart the Power Brick to cause trouble.

However, the Power Brick was split far enough away from LEGO Island that the city wasn't destroyed by the blast. Pepper began the hunt for the missing twenty-four shards, starting by recovering a shard from the Torn World from Alpha Rex and a vicious horde of Brickster-Bot Spiders.

In December 2010, the Dino Attack was finally ended with Dr. Rex's defeat and Brikman McStudz, Enter, Return, Dr. Clickitt, Andrew, and Brikman's girlfriend Minerva Fabello returned to LEGO Island. However, LEGO Island's general Thaddeus Brickhouse was killed during the Final Battle.

Rising Action

During the celebrations of the Dino Attack's victory, the Brickster was captured and thrown in jail. As 2011 entered, LEGO Island scored a major victory against OGEL Prime by defeating Alpha Rex on the LEGO United Nations. LEGO Island then remained in relative peace until late April, when a mysterious figure attacked, burying Pepper Roni in rubble and shooting Minerva Fabello. Things became worse when a group of OGEL soldiers, commanded by the de facto leader of the Brickster's force, Beta Viper, arrived on LEGO Island and attempted to break Happy-Go-Lucky Business Man, the Brickster, and Dr. Inferno. A chase ensured, capturing Happy and the Brickster. Unfortunately, Dr. Inferno escaped.

LEGO Island remained relatively peaceful until late June. An agent of the OGEL Empire named Blaire Darkling activated the Alien Conquest Spacefleet's invasion of the LEGO Planet. A UFO attack destroyed LEGO Island's jail, freeing Happy and the Brickster. Shortly following the Alien invasion, the LEGO Planet declared war against the OGEL Empire.

The Great LEGO Universe War

Battle of LEGO Island (GLUW)

LEGO Island because one of the first targets of a major attack by the Brickster's fraction of the OGEL Empire. The Brickster, Brick Daddy, and Hypaxxus-8 led a fleet of ships to LEGO Island and begun a large battle for control of the island in July 2011.

New general Hazel Spencer quickly organized LEGO Island's troops and fought back against the invading Brickster-Bots and OGEL Empire soldiers. In the midst of the battle, reinforcements in the form of the Alien Defense Unit, the Alpha Team, and the Agents Defense Organization and repel the villainous forces. The Brickster was forced to leave the confines of Brick Daddy's Lunar Limo to lead the attack himself.

Pepper engaged the Brickster in a battle. The Brickster, more powerful since the two enemies' last encounter during the LEGO Racing Championship in 2010, defeated Pepper and was about to kill the pizza delivery boy until the Infomaniac intervened.

The Brickster and Infomaniac launched into their own epic battle as both LEGO Island's and the OGEL Empire's armies seized fighting to watch the battle. Both minifigs were equally matched in their skills. However, the Infomaniac proved more powerful and defeated the Brickster with Imagination. The Brickster fled and the OGEL Empire's forces retreated.


LEGO Island rebuilt after the battle and remained largely ignored by the Alien Conquest Spacefleet. In September, the Infomaniac learned that the OGEL Empire had collected all of the Power Brick shards and had rebuilt the Power Brick. Pepper flew alone in LEGOLAND starfighter to OGEL Island on OGEL Prime. Pepper battled the Brickster yet again. During the course of the battle, the Brickster was shot by the Power Brick's energy and thrown off his palace. Pepper believed the insane criminal to be dead and returned the Power Brick to LEGO Island, with the threat of the Brickster gone forever.

In October, the Hypaxxus-1, Commander Hypaxxus-8's personal spaceship appeared over LEGO Island. A man in a battle suit decended from the ship and stole the Power Brick and placed it in the mothership. A massive laser was fired from the Hypaxxus-1 on LEGO Island, wiping out much of the town, killing hundreds of minifigs, and leveling the Killenmalego Mountains and split the mountains and the rest of the island apart. The force of the explosion cause numerous earthquakes around Earth. A video was released by the OGEL Empire later stating the attack was "retaliation for the death of the Brickster."

Relief arrived after the Hypaxxus-1 left Earth. Despite the devastating attack, more then half of LEGO Island's population survived the blast. The citizens began rebuilding in early November. The damage of the attack was estimated to be worth a billion studs.

In mid-December, the Information Center and the eastern part of LEGO Island was rebuilt. However, the Power Miners, hired to evaluate the underground damage caused by the blast, determined that the land underneath LEGO Island is extremely unstable and frequent earthquakes caused by Rock Monsters was weakening the island's support. The Power Miners didn't have enough time to repair the island or to stop the Rock Monsters, so the Agents and Alpha Team evacuated LEGO Island's citizens to LEGOLAND. On December 23, one final earthquake caused LEGO Island to sink into the Phanta Sea, ruining the progress LEGO Island achieved following the attack.



LEGO Island may have only one restaurant, by it is big in the food industry. The main food stop is Brickolini's Pizzeria which, according to every food critic to ever visit the Pizzeria, "Has the best pizza ever made in the WORLD!". Every LEGO Islander comes to the Pizzeria to eat except the high security prisoners. It makes up most of the LEGO Island economy.


There is a small amount of agricultural activity on the Mainland of LEGO Island. Only the native figures on the west side of Mt. Killinmalego farmed on LEGO Island. However, five smaller islands sourrounding LEGO Island hold farms with fields of crops. The crops grown are actually pizza ingredients used in Papa's pizza. The farmers grow cheese, pepperroni, green peppers, red peppers, anchovies, jalepeno, lettuce, parmajon, taco meat, hamburger meat, and more. The staple of the crops is the most neccesary part of the pizza, cheese.

Shopping Industry

There is only one store on LEGO Island and it is the Superstore 2 Store (pronounced Super Store). The Superstore 2 Store sells a varity of items including clothes, hats, flowers, items, levers and more. It also is a connected Post Office, but that is planned to possibly change. The owners are Maggie Post and Ed Mail.


In 2003, Brickster, and Pepper Roni starred in Island Xtreme Stunts, an action movie filmed by Steven Spielbrick. Four years later, Brikman McStudz toyed around with his own films, and Minikit Movies Filming Incorportaion was born. Over the past two years, McStudz had filmed several movies on location on LEGO Island and elsewhere.


LEGO Island has a large scale tourism for its temperatures and tropical atmosphere. Papa's pizza is one reason for tourism. Others are the hot climate while it it cold in other parts of the world during winter. Another factor is the LEGO Island Speedway, where a national LEGO Racers event is held. The biggest event is the Brick Yard 500, a 5 day event with partying, pizza, building, and of course, racing.


LEGO Island has one of the mos peculiar climates for a tropical island. It is hot and sunny all the time. It hasn't changed since the Summer of 1623. During that fateful summer it rained everyday until the beginning of autumn, then it grew hot and the sun always shined. The most common temperature on LEGO Island is between 85 F-110 F. During the waning days of the Second Brickster War, however, it rained for the first time in nearly 400 years. After that it stopped raining, many believe it won't rain until the climax of another major catastrophe.


LEGO Island features a varity of buildings, including usual buildings like the Police Station, the Hospital, the Gas Station, and houses. There are 17 buildings and/or facilties on the surface of LEGO Island and 2 buildings in the Underground. There is also a Coast Guard Station on the southern coast and a pirate hideout there as well.

There is a debate over wheather LEGO Island should aquire a fire station. LEGO Island has never had a fire station. The debate began in 1958 and continues to this day. Most people agree that LEGO Island has no threat of a fire anytime soon.


The Island of LEGO Island contains only a few settlements. On the east side of the island, the town of LEGO Island covers the eastern coast to Mt. Killinmalego. A subdistrict of the town is the Underground Air Strip which it directly underneath the town. However, the Power Miners are continuely drilling away at rock walls and expandeding the area.

No official settlements are in the mountains. Only a few hermits or seclusive people live there. On the west side of the island, past Mt. Killinmalego. Within the two mile wide narrow strip on the west side, three ancient native groups live there. They have small villages behind the mountain and farm and live there in peace away from the rest of the island.


LEGO Island has really only one culture. The reason is that the Infomaniac knows who created the island. Giant pale creatures with werid hand with little stubby attatchments and noses built the entire world out of LEGO bricks. Then he built the Infomaniac. The Infomaniac then proceeded to make hundreds of minifigs or LEGO people to live on LEGO Island. The rest of the minifig population on Earth, and the rest of the LEGO Universe for that matter, are believed made by the creatures, called "Creators"

There are, of course, a small diverity of religion and culture. Mainly between a few magical creatures. The sea creatures that live on LEGO Island believe in King Neptune while Orcs and Dwarves believe in Garglish, the King of Orcs, and Helvig, the King of Dwarves.


The primary language of LEGO Island is the English language. However, when the Infomaniac was built to around the begining of Vladek's occupation in LEGO Island the primary language was Legoese, a mixture of English and Gibberish. As the Revoultion began, English became the most use language by citizens.

There is a large dispute currently going on about reserrecting Legoese as an official language. However, only a few people on the island actually know an almost-complete Legoese dialect. Several people know snipits of Legoese though.


LEGOLAND is a democratic nation, so LEGO Island is also democratic. However, several critics on LEGOLAND has complained that the Infomaniac has been the leader of LEGO Island since he was built and hasn't changed since. LEGO Islanders shot back with the Infomaniac being an excellent leader. The citizens haven't found a reason to sack the Infomaniac and get a new leader.

LEGO Island has a council to make decisions on behalf of the islanders and senaters and representitives in the LEGOLAND government in LEGO City.

Video Games

In real life, LEGO Island is actually a video game series made by LEGO Media. It stars Pepper Roni, a pizza delivery boy who fights against the LEGO Island criminal, the Brickster. Most of the info listed on this page is noncanon. But most of the characters listed are real characters in the game. There are currently three games: LEGO Island, LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, and LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts. However, Tacku, a member of a Bionicle Fansite,, is making the official sequel to Island Xtreme Stunts, LEGO Island 3. It is currently in beta mode.

LEGO Island's official canon takes place between 1997-2002.