Official Language(s)

  • English
  • Legoese (formally)(primarily used in southern nomadic tribes.


Federal Constitutional Republic


Jørgen Vig Knudstorp

Vice President

Christian Iversen

Head of Congress

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen

Chief Justice

Mads Nipper


503,212,623 at 2011 census


United into one nation August 25, approx 10.8 zillion BC

The LEGOLAND Republic, known by its common name LEGOLAND, is an federal constitutional republic comprising of several states and one federal district. It is an island nation in the mid-Atlantic, between Africa and South America. The nation also possess several smaller islands at all four corners of the island, including LEGO Island, Adventurers' Island, Castle Island, Sandy Bay, and Dino Island.

LEGOLAND is the third most populous country in the world with nearly 500 million citizens and the tenth largest country in area. It is also one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the world, with its citizens composing of ninjas, pirates, and knights as well as minifigs of variety of decents. With its diverse cultures allows it to be one of the world's largest economies.

LEGOLAND is also one of the world's most technologically advanced countries in the world, having a space program that has pushed beyond the Milky Way Galaxy and have numerous agencies with futuristic equipment. LEGOLAND also very prone to attacks by powerful villains and terrorists.

LEGOLAND is often confused with the LEGOLAND continent, which features both LEGOLAND and the country of Barron.


Early HistoryEdit

The first minifigs that settled LEGOLAND were created by the Infomaniac around 50.2 zillion BC. The minifigs quickly reproduced and spread across the continent and into what would become Barron. States began to pop up across the country, and by 10.8 zillion BC, the states had united to form LEGOLAND. The people of LEGOLAND then chose George Brickington to act as the first President of LEGOLAND.

The Great Brick WarEdit

Shortly after forming, LEGOLAND fell into a massive depression. As a result, Brickington sold the island of LEGO Island to the rival MegaBlokland. After years of punishmen under MegaBlokland, the LEGO Islanders began a rebellion against the Mega Bloks. After seven years of fighting, George Brickington was ousted and replaced by Harold Neederhoff, which led the entire country of LEGOLAND against MegaBlokLand.

While the war never directly fought on LEGOLAND, the country lost thousands of troops in battle against the Mega Blok soldiers. However, three years later, the war was won by the LEGOLAND troops and MegaBlokLand and their island nations was destroyed. With no competion from the Mega Bloks, LEGOLAND was allowed to flourish as a nation.

Peacetime Edit

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