Krysto is a icy planet near the edge of the Leg-Godt Galaxy that was colonized by a group of LEGO Space astronauts in 1999. Krysto only has a few LEGO Space controlled bases. The rest of the planet is barren ice, uninhabitable by most species. However, due to planet being very unexplored at the moment, many factions are interested in landing on the planet to discover its secrets.


Prior to 1999, absolutely nothing is known of Krysto. Any evidence of life has been erased by the snow and ice. The LEGO Space Organization wants to mine the ice of the planet to find possible fossils hidden in the ice.


The planet was discovered in late 1997 by Futuron explorers, who reported their findings to the LEGO Space Organization. LEGO Space created a small team of explorers led by Commander Cold and launched their flagship the Deep Freeze Defender into space in 1999. After several months of travel, the ship reached Krysto and bases were immediately established. Interest in the planet led to Rocket Racer to add the planet to two circuits in the 1999 LEGO Racing Championship with Commander Cold representing the colonists, called the Ice Planet Fleet


Following the LEGO Racing Championship, building and exploration continued on the planet under Commander Cold's leadership. By 2002, a large city, labeled Krysto City, was built.

However, shortly following Krysto City's construction, a conjoined attack by Spyrius and the Blacktron was launched against city, leaving much devastation. It was at this one point the rival organizations, Space Police and Unitron, united and helped force the enemy organizations off the planet.

After the Spyrius and Blacktron's defeat, Krysto remained in peace as two more cities were contructed on the icy surface. In 2009, Commander Cold launched an archeological mission on the planet to discover more about Krysto's past. In 2011, with the Great LEGO Universe War beginning, the Planet of Krysto announced support for Earth and its allies against the Villains and Black Hole Gang. Two days after the declaration, the Alien Conquest Spacefleet invaded Krysto with intents to take over the planet. Krysto is currently at battle with the Space Police and the Spacefleet.

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