"It was pretty scary. Imagine getting ready to execute a couple of Undesirables, when six Jedi pop out of the ground, all wielding lightsabers. Then two Undesirables get a lightsaber, bringing the Jedi number up to eight. And their enemies? A bunch of gun-wielding thugs. It was embarrasing." -Crazy Frank at the Execution of the Undesirables

Second Brickster War


August 1st, 2009


The Beach, LEGO Island, LEGOLAND


Freedom of four Alliance soliders; Alliance Victory

The Jedi Rescue at the Beach was the rescue of Pepper Roni, Brikman McStudz, Micheal Osterblam, and K. Ninja VII. They were captured shortly after trying to rescue Pepper Roni, Qui-Gon Jinn, Luke Skywalker, and Dack Ralter. The Rebels were sentenced to be eaten by the Sarlacc that rested at the Beach. Their deaths were cut short, however, as several Jedi Knights lept out of the Underground and freed the Rebels.

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