c. 1970s-1980s in Spyrius, Leg-Godt Galaxy


Believed to be in the Leg-Godt Galaxy


  • Independent Criminal(formally)
  • Black Hole Gang henchmen(currently)




  • OGEL Empire
    • Black Hole Gang
  • Himself



Wanted for

  • Breaking into astro-jail
  • Breaking out of astro-jail
  • Remembering what he came for and breaking back into astro-jail again
  • Numerous heists
  • Evading arrest
  • property damage
Jawson is high-ranking Black Hole Gang member that usually serves directly under the orders of Brick Daddy himself. Jawson is dimwitted, loyal, and very tough, often just busting through walls of the places he is breaking into with his fists and teeth. Jawson is captured frequently by the Space Police, but often breaks himself out of prison.


Early LifeEdit

Jawson was most likey born in the 1970s or 1980s. It was later confirmed under interrogation that Jawson was born in the Leg-Godt Galaxy on the planet of Spyrius. Due to being born on a criminally-run planet, Jawson quickly fell into a life of crime. He moved from Spyrius to the planet Futrino, where he constantly robbed the Futuron. The Space Police captured Jawson in 2004 and threw him in jail. However, only a few hours later, Jawson broke out of jail, stole a Space Police Rebel Hunter and fled the Leg-Godt Galaxy. By 2009, Jawson was one of the most wanted fugitives by the Space Police, second only to the seven original Black Hole Gang members. He had also broken out of prison more times than could be counted. His noterity and efficient made him sought after by the Black Hole Gang boss, Brick Daddy. Finally in late 2009, following the fall of the Black Hole Gang, Snake, a Skull Twin, the recently freed Squidman, and Brick Daddy met up with Jawson and offered him a role in the Black Hole Gang. Jawson accepted and joined the ranks of the galaxy's most wanted.

Black Hole GangEdit

Jawson's first Black Hole Gang heist was on June 28, 2010 at the Galactic Sector Bank 19. Fellow Black Hole Gang member Craniac shut down the bank's security system, allowing Jawson to smash his way into the bank to steal half a million space credits in gold plates. Later, the Space Police confirmed Jawson's involvment in the crime and declared him a Black Hole Gang associate.

Jawson then would commit numerous crimes across the Solar System. He was often teamed up with Craniac, with the former being the muscle and the latter being the brains of operations. Despite numerous successes, Jawson was often captured by the Space Police and thrown in jail. However, Jawson usually managed to free himself.

Following a mass breakout at the Central Precinct Detention Center, Jawson became the personal driver of Brick Daddy's Lunar Limo and helped the crime boss escape a Space Police Undercover Cruiser in dense traffic. The Space Police attempted to build a ship that could defeat the Lunar Limo, but it failed and Jawson escaped. When the gang split into several teams to spread their influence across the LEGO Universe, Jawson was teamed up with Slizer at a Black Hole Gang outpost in the LEGO Solar System Asteroid Belt.

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