Evil Ogel


Evil Ogel (real name unknown)


c. 1900s in Town Plan, LEGOLAND, Earth


OGEL Empire Galaxy


  • Evil Villain
  • Leader of OGEL Empire
  • Leader of the Skeleton Drones




  • OGEL Empire
    • Skeleton Drones
  • Himself



Wanted for

  • Numerous attempts to takeover the Earth
  • Connections to the OGEL Empire
  • Kidnappings
  • Murder
Evil Ogel is a leader of the LEGO Villains Alliance, and a primary antagonist of the LEGO Universe. He is an evil mastermind bent on taking over the LEGO Planet and turn everyone into his drones. Evil Ogel has attempted to take over Earth numerous times, always being thwarted by his nemesis, the Alpha Team. In 2010, Evil Ogel became a Dino Attack Ally, along with the other members of the LEGO Villains Alliance, the Brickster, Sam Sinister, and Vladek.


Early LifeEdit

Evil Ogel's past, including his name, are unknown to most Minifigs, including the Alpha Team, due to the fact most people who knew Ogel were either killed, brainwashed, or turned into drones. It is assumed he lived in Town Plan with his older brother George Ogel. The Ogels often went to their vacation island, where they discovered a mind control goo like substance. Ogel went into the fields of science and politics as he grew older.

Evil BeginningsEdit

Evil Ogel started to became an inspiring villains as the years went on the discovered the existence of the Brickster, who, at the time, was one of the most feared villains on the planet. In 1976, Evil Ogel headed to LEGO Island and freed the Brickster. The two villains then stole a space ship and fled to OGEL Prime to form an evil scheme to take over the LEGO Planet.