Castle Cove is a medieval themed LEGOLAND state that streches from northwest LEGOLAND, bordering the state Icebergland, and streches south all the way to the border of Pirate Bay. Castle Cove is home to numerous smaller kingdoms that often compete for complete power over Castle Cove, leading for this state to constantly shift power every few years. During the Dino Attack, numerous Castle Cove kingdoms were destroyed and a Dino Attack Outpost in the state was taken over by Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids.


Early KingdomsEdit

The first kingdom of Castle Cove was established by a group of knights and pioneers sent by the LEGOLAND government in the 11th century. The LEGOLAND pioneers built up a castle out of yellow LEGO bricks and formed the LEGOLAND Kingdom.

The LEGOLAND Kingdom remained the most powerful kingdom in Castle Cove for centuries as new kingdoms began to rise. Finally, near the end of the 16th century, the kingdoms of Ankoria and Morcia had exceeded the LEGOLAND Kingdom's power and become the dominant, or superkingdoms, of the region.

The Reign of MorciaEdit

Morica ruled in peace for nearly a hundred years, bringing prosperity throughout Castle Cove. However, peace would soon vanish with the rise of a new, and frequent villain that helped bring about Morcia's fall from power.

Heart of the Golden ShieldEdit

In the late 1600s, King Mathias of Morcia was kidnapped by Lord Vladek. Vladek then used the powerful Book of Morcia to learn dark magic to transform Mathias's loyal soldiers into evil Shadow Knights. Vladek then became acting king while his Shadow Knights kept Mathias locked in the dungeons underneath the castle. However, Mathias was secretly rescued by four knights: Jayko, Santis, Rascus, and Danju. The four knights began a quest to find the Heart of the Shield and use it to defeat Vladek.

The four knights defeated a border guard and left Morcia, traveling across the lands of Castle Cove until the reached the Citadel of Orlan, where Guardian of the Heart relinquished the Heart to the knights. The four knights then quickly returned to Morcia and found Vladek holding a Grand Tournament with the prize being being the king. Vladek had been winning the entire time thanks to his dark magic. However, Jayko stepped forward to battle Vladek.

Vladek, for the most part, had the advantage against Jayko thanks to his dark magic, making his Lightning Blast stronger then Jayko's, knocking Jayko's shield away. However, Jayko took out the Heart and recovered his shield and reflected Vladek's final Lightning Blast back at him, defeating. King Mathias regained his rightful place as king. Vladek was arrested, but escaped his cell only a few days later.

Battle for AnkoriaEdit

Vladek made his way to the neighboring kingdom of Ankoria and transformed every knight there into a Shadow Knight and transformed its castle into his own dark fortress. Vladek collected the shards of the Golden Shield and created the Vladmask to give him more power then ever.

The four original knights who had defeated him earlier were sent out by Mathias to Ankoria to defeat Vladek once again. While sneaking into Ankoria, Rascus provided and distraction so the three other knights could escape, only for Danju to be captured by the Shadow Knights and taken to the Scorpion Prison Tower. Rascus and Santis decided to continue to the fortress while Jayko set forth to the Scorpion Prison Tower to free Danju. After Jayko freed Danju, they both made their way to the fortress.

Santis and Rascus led King Mathias's troops into Ankoria via an Attack Barge and defeated Vladek's troops at the Dark Fortress Landing, allowing them directly make their way to Vladek's Dark Fortress. Rascus and Santis entered the fortress and forced the drawbridge to the fortress down for King Mathias and his approaching army of seige engines. Soon, the Battle for Ankoria commence between the Shadow Knights and the Knights of Morcia.

Jayko arrived shortly after the battle began and dueled Vladek on top of his fortress one on one. The Vladmask proved to be stronger than the Heart of the Golden Shield. So Jayko did the unexpected: He plunged his sword into the Vladmask, destroying Vladek's powers. Vladek escaped, cursing Jayko, and Mathias named Jayko King of Morcia at the conclusion of the battle.

Quest for the Mistland TowerEdit

As the 1700s rolled in, Vladek fashioned himself a new sword to use and allies himself with other Rogue Knights. King Jayko and Lord Vladek both learned of the Mistland Tower, where great power resided and the Golden Shield could be reformed.

Jayko called on two young knights, Sir Kentis and Sir Adric, to assist him in the quest for the Mistland Tower while Vladek had Rogue Knights Dracus and Karzon help him in his quest. While on the quest, Karzon set some traps and caught Jayko, Kentis, and Adric. As the knights struggled to escape the trap, Vladek and Dracus departed on a Rogue Knight Battleship while Karzon set more traps for the Knights of Morcia. The three knights eventually freed themselves at set off to stop Vladek

While traveling, the Rogue Knight Battleship was attacked by Jayko, Kentis, and Adric, who were using catapults to destroy the battleship. However, Vladek used his sword to destroy most of the rocks thrown at the ship and made two gargoyles come to life at Gargoyle Bridge to slow down the Morcian Knights. However, the Morcian knights defeated the gargoyles and beat the Rogue Knights to the Mistland Tower.

At the Pass, Vladek, Karzon, and Dracus met up and killed the knights guarding the pass. Together the ripped off pieces of the Pass and formed a seige engine to destroy the rest of the Pass and to reach the Mistland Tower. At the tower, Karzon and Dracus were defeated by Adric and Kentis. Vladek reached the top of the tower and used a magical orb to make himself invincible. However, Jayko used the newly-reformed Golden Shield to turn Vladek's powers against him and he was defeated at last. Vladek was trapped in the tower in a magical orb while King Jayko and his knights returned to Morcia with the reformed Golden Shield.

Reconstruction and StatehoodEdit

Morcia's constant conflicts with Vladek lead to widespread destruction across Castle Cove. Most kingdoms caught in the middle of the conflict were severely damaged or destroyed. Finally, in 1978, LEGOLAND commissioned the LEGO Company to help rebuild the shattered state. The LEGO Company rebuilt most of the kingdoms and brought the LEGOLAND Kingdom, now being called the Ancient Kingdom, back to its former glory. For six years, the Ancient Kingdom was the most powerful kingdom in Castle Cove and, to this date, is the only kingdom to ever be the superkingdom twice.

In 1984, the Kingdom of the Crusaders and the Kingdom of the Black Falcons rose in power and eventually overshadowed the Ancient Kingdom. The Crusaders and Black Falcons' rise would mark the beginning of nearly three decades of frequent power changes in Castle Cove.

Crusaders vs. FalconsEdit

The Kingdom of the Crusaders were formed as the Black Falcons began to take over Castle Cove. The Ancient Knights had mostly scattered and had formed smaller armies and raised war against the Black Falcons. However, a King eventually rose to combine these smaller armies under one banner of a lion. The Crusaders had formed. The Crusaders eventually grew strong enough to topple the Black Falcon's supreme reign over Castle Cove and leave it in a small war for control of the state.

The Crusaders built up a kingdom in 1984, consisting of a castle and a blacksmith shop. Over the years, the kingdom expanded its military vehicles and added the famous Guardian Inn, which was eventually rebuilt in 2001 and labeled a LEGO LEGEND. In 1990, the Crusaders built the King's Mountain Fortress as their new castle.

The Kingdom of the Black Falcons, after the rise of the Crusaders, never grew as powerful as they were. They built a small, modest castle in their kingdom that didn't compare to the Crusader's castle. However, the Black Falcon's armies were very powerful and easily contended with the Crusaders. In 1986, the Black Falcon's built a new fortress that would rival the King's Mountain Fortress. The Black Falcon's Fortress was later recognized as a LEGO LEGEND in 2002.

The Black Falcons and the Crusaders were not always at end. They sometimes jousted for sport. They also shared two common enemies at one point. The Forestmen, a band of rebels, often raided Crusader treasure wagons and engaged the Black Falcons. However, all three factions would be forced to join together as they faced a new enemy.

Rise of the Black KnightsEdit

A rising kingdom in Castle Cove, the Kingdom of the Black Knights, began a full scale invasion of Castle Cove in 1988. The Black Falcons, Crusaders, and the Forestmen joined forces to defeat the new threat to Castle Cove, but were finally defeated in 1992. The Black Falcons and Crusaders surrendered to the might of the Black Knights while the Forestmen disbanded and became the Wolfpack and the Dark Forest Factions. In honor of the Black Falcons, the magical school of Durmstrang had shields emblazed with the Black Falcon's emblem placed on their ship.

The Black Knights' total reign lasted until 1993. Their kingdom had two castles over the course of its golden age of 1988 to 1993. The Black Knights came into conflict with the band of bandits known as the Wolfpack during their total reign of Castle Cove.

Reign of the Dragon Masters and Royal KnightsEdit

The Black Knights were defeated and fell from power thanks to the Dragon Master, a new faction led by the wizard Majisto. The Dragon Masters were very different from the previous super-kingdoms, as they controlled powerful fire-breathing dragons. The Dragon Master's fortress was situated on a spectacular mountain top, where they ruled Castle Cove.

Despite its power, the Kingdom of the Dragon Masters was very small and fell from power in 1995. In its place rose the Royal Knights. The Royal Knights were also a small faction and its reign as superkingdom lasted only two years as well with a single castle created and a small amount actual structures and a very small army.

The Fright Knight's Fearful Reign and WarEdit

The Fright Knights rised as the next superkingdom after the Royal Knights. The Fright Knights were led by Basil the Batlord and Willa the Witch, who injected three years of terror across Castle Cove. Both Willa and Basil had their own castles and Willa owned a special windship whose power came from a dragon so she could cause terror from above. The Fright Knights first act of taking power was defeating the Snake Knight Kingdom before they could take over Castle Cove themselves.

The Fright Knights would lead Castle Cove into its largest war in history, lasting ten years. Kingdoms chose either the side of the Fright Knights or their enemies, the Royal Knights. The war eventually forced a group of Lion Knights to flee Castle Cove to Castle Island off the western coast of Castle Cove. The Lions were quickly followed by the Fright Knight's allies, the Kingdom of the Bulls and established their own kingdom on the island to defeat the Lion Knights. Angered by this move, the Kingdom of the Lions on Castle Cove joined the Royal Knights. Shortly afterwards, the Kingdom of Morcia, led under King Jayko VIII, joined the Royal Knights and the Lions in battle.

In 2004, the war escluated further when Lord Vladek, long thought to be dead, returned and joined Basil, Willa, and Cedric the Bull in leading the combined Villain forces. With Vladek's dark magic against them, things were looking bleak for Heroes as the Fright Knights established a castle on Castle Cove to help the Bulls defeat the weakening Lions. Luckily, the Ancient Knights, who joined the heroes in the war, also established a castle on Castle Island to fight the Bulls and Fright Knights.

In 2007, the Brickster, free from jail and causing mayhem across the LEGO Planet during the Villains Conflict of 2007, arrived in Castle Cove and deployed two hundred Brickster-Bots on Castle Cove to help the Fright Knights and dropped off four LEGO Islanders and a Power Brick shard on Castle Island. The Brickster then picked up Cedric in his Fish Ship and left LEGOLAND as Vladek kidnapped King Leo in the resulting chaos.

The Lion Knights were about to surrender to Vladek's might when a few days later, Pepper Roni and Sky Lane arrived via the SS LEGO Island and freed the LEGO Islanders and led the Ancient and Lion Knights into battle against the Bull and Fright Knight armies at the Bull Castle, led by Vladek. The Bulls and Fright Knights were defeated by the powerful armies and Vladek was defeated by King Jayko VIII and Pepper Roni.

Concurrently, the LEGOLAND military marched into Castle Cove and assisted the Morcian and Royal Knights in their fight against the Brickster-Bots and defeated them, ending the conflict in Castle Cove. Several knights would later be launched into space to help defeat Cedric the Bull on OGEL Prime at the climax of the Villains Conflict. With Cedric's defeat, the war was won in favor of the heroes. For the next three years, the Kingdom of the Lions would act as the successors to the Fright Knights and brought reconstruction and peace back to Castle Cove.

The Lions Vs. the DragonsEdit

In 2010, the rising Kingdom of the Dragon Knights declared war on the Lion Kingdom for control of Castle Cove. Dragon Knights and Lion Knights battled it out across Castle Cove, the Dragon Knights eventually capturing the Lion Princess. The Lion Knights stormed the Prison Tower and rescued the princess and destroyed the tower in the process.

In response, the Dragon Wizard led an army of Dragon Knights to the Lion's Castle to take it over. In the midst of their battle, however, a Mutant Dino invasion began and crippled both sides. The Dragon Knights fled to their castle while the Lion Knights desperately attempted to hold back the advancing Mutant Dinos.

Dino AttackEdit

As they sieged the Lion's castle, the Mutant Dinos spread out across Castle Cove and crushed every kingdom in sight, killing nearly half a million minifigs. Soon afterwards, the Alpha Team and Agents helped save the remaining minifigs and gave them a safe haven in Antarctica.

The Dino Attack Agents soon arrived. The Dino Attack Agents soon got into battles with the Mutant Dinos all over the state as they tried to force them off the LEGO Planet. In the summer of 2010, the Dino Attack Agent had managed to keep the Dino Attack population low enough for them to secure an outpost in Castle Cove.

Around late 2010, the Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids betrayed the Dino Attack Team on LEGO Island by stabbing Agent Rex's side after receiving Order 66 by XERRD. Order 66 spread to other Dino Attack outposts across Earth with Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids, including Castle Cove. Castle Cove's outpost was overrun by the Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids, killing most of the Dino Attack Agents stationed there while few escaped.

Dino Attack Team leader Specs decided to have Lord Vladek and King Joseph Race command a squad of Dino Attack Agents against the Hybrids to take back the outpost while the rest of the Dino Attack Team were sent to Adventurers' Island.

Shortly after arriving at Castle Cove, King Race and Lord Vladek were ambushed by a Mutant T-Rex pack. Numerous Dino Attack Agents were killed before Vladek could force the T-Rexes back with his lightning sword. Vladek immdiently suspected his team of treason

As the team forced their way inland, they were constantly harrassed by black-scaled dragons that seemingly were allied with the Mutant Dinos. Eventually, the Dino Attack Team regained the outpost and won the war.

The War ContinuesEdit

In 2011, as the rest of Castle Cove rebuilt itself following the Dino Attack, the Lion and Dragon Knights continued to rage war. The Lion Kingdom depicted the Dragon Knights as extremists, terrorists, and rebels bent on destroying order. However, the Dragon Knights depicted themselves as revolutionaries attempted to win freedom from an oppressive Lion Kingdom. The LEGOLAND government could figure out whose propaganda was more accurate, and decided to once again leave Castle Cove to unravel its issues on its own.

The Dragon Knights abandoned direct attack on the Lion Knights' castle and instead attacked villages underneath the Lion Kingdom's banner. A blacksmith shop was sacked by a Dragon Knight, causing a weapons shortage in the Lion Army. Shortly after the attack, a Dragon Knight squad invaded a village. However, the force was repeled long enough by the citizens of the village for the Lion Army to arrive and force the Dragon Knights out.

The Dragon Knights later built a prison fortress and used it to hold several Lion Knight prisoners. It was guarded by an Elite Dragon Knight. The Lion Knights attacked the fortress, but were defeated by the Dragon Knights. A few weeks later, two Dragon Knights attempted to assassinate the Lion King as he was passing through the edge of the Dark Forest. The Lion King's guards successfully held back the assassins and returned to the Lion Kingdom.

As the year went on, the Alien Conquest and the Great LEGO Universe War began. Castle Cove, being a LEGOLAND state, pledged to help defeat the OGEL Empire. However, the Kingdoms of the Bulls, Fright Knights, Dragons, and the newly formed Scorpion kingdom under a man named Kedalv refused to join the treaty and decided to live as neutral kingdoms. Knowing the past associations of the two former kingdoms, the kingdoms that agreed to the the treaty became worried that the Fright Knights and Bulls are in an alliance with the OGEL Empire.

Despite these accusations, the Bulls, Fright Knights, and Scorpions remained dormat while the Dragon Knights continued their war with the Lion Kingdom. However, new concerns about the Dragon Knights' allegiances began to rise after Alien Conquest Spacefleet fighters bomb the Lion Kingdom, destroying much of its castle and toasting many villages. The rest of Castle Cove was left untouched throughout the attack.

          • Note that the content below is not proven until further information is released.*****

In early December, a new kingdom was built featuring a crest similar to the Black Falcons. The Kingdom of the Falcons also challenged the Lion Knights' authority and their bravest knight challenged the highest-ranking Lion Knight for the Lion Princess' hand in marriage. The Lion Knight accepted and joust is expected to occur in January 2012.


The primary economy of Castle Cove's kingdoms is blacksmithing. Under this economy, Castle Cove exports various weapons, armor, and other materials to other nations of states nearby. Another economy that has suited Castle Cove well is conquest of other kingdoms. Kingdoms raid other kingdoms and take the loot for themselves.


All of Castle Cove is based of monarchies, their rulers being kings and queens. Since the kings rule with absolute power, the governments of the kingdoms are easily susceptible to corruption and greed.

Castle Cove has no set capitol unlike other LEGOLAND states. Due to the constant shifting of power, the LEGOLAND Congress passed the Castle Cove Capitol Act of 1997. The act stated that the most powerful kingdom in Castle Cove that shares the interests of the federal government would be the capitol. This act made sure that the Kingdom of the Lion Knights would be the capitol of Castle Cove because the most powerful kingdom at the time was the Fright Knights, who were against the federal government.

Despite constant opposition between each other, during dire need the kingdoms may ally against other kingdoms or antagonistic forces. Every six months a week-long meeting between the kingdoms is held to discuss matters concerning Castle Cove as a whole.


Within Castle Cove there are numerous sub-kingdoms with their own rulers and laws.

Ancient KingdomEdit

The Ancient Kingdom (formally known as the LEGOLAND Kingdom) is one of the oldest kingdoms in Castle Cove, created from the original kingdoms from the 11th Century.

Although the kingdom is no longer as powerful as it once was, many modern kingdoms look up to the Ancient Kingdom for inspiration on how to run their kingdom. The Ancient Kingdom also tends to stay neutral in Castle Cove wars, only breaking this rule during the Great Castle Cove War.

In 2005, the Ancient Kingdom eventually expanded their kingdom beyond Castle Cove to Castle Island. There they helped the Lion Knights fight back against the Bulls and Fright Knights during the Great Castle Cove War. When the Dino Attack came around, both castles were destroyed by the Mutant Dinos.

The Ancient Kingdom's castles were rebuilt in 2011 following the Dino Attack. It was the first of Castle Cove's kingdoms to agree to declare war against the OGEL Empire.

Kingdom of the CrusadersEdit

The Crusaders were formed from scattered remains of kingdoms victim to the Black Falcon's invasions. After being united by the Crusader king, the Crusaders grew in power to compete with the Black Falcon's power.

The Crusaders were known for trying to create a civilian enviroment within their kingdom, their town containing a blacksmith shop and an inn, compared to the more millitarized Black Falcons.

In 1988, the Crusaders allied themselves with their long time enemies the Black Falcons and the Forestman to try and defeat the Black Knights who were attempting to take over Castle Cove. An epic war was fought for four years. In 1992, the three-way alliance surrendered to the Black Knights. The Black Knights spared the the Crusaders allowed them to live under their reign. In 2010, the Crusaders were raided and their kingdom was mostly destroyed by the Mutant Dinos.

The Crusaders' kingdom was rebuilt in 2011.

Kingdom of the Black FalconsEdit

The Black Falcons formed in 1981 and began their invasion of Castle Cove. However, the Crusaders formed from the ruins of the kingdoms the Black Falcons had already defeated and forced them back into a stalmate between the two factions.

The Black Falcons never became as powerful as they were in 1984. They didn't focus as much on architectural design as military strength. In 1988, the Black Falcons allied with their enemies the Crusaders and the Forestmen in an attempt to defeat the Black Knights from taking over the Castle Cove.

In a bad case of karma, the Black Falcon and their allies were defeated by the Black Knights in 1992. The Black Falcons were spared by the Black Knights and were allowed to continue their kingdom under the rule of the Black Knights. In 2010, the Black Falcons lasted the longest against the Mutant Dinos in the Dino Attack due to their military strength. Eventually, however, the Black Falcons were ran out of their kingdom as it was sacked by the Mutant Dinos.

The Black Falcons' kingdom was restored in 2011 after the Dino Attack.

Kingdom of the Black KnightsEdit

The Black Knights were created in 1988 from smaller kingdoms who wanted to defeat the superkingdoms the Crusaders and the Black Falcons. In 1992, the Black Knights defeated the two kingdoms and their allies the Forestmen and began their reign over Castle Cove.

The Black Knights' reign didn't last long, however. In 1993, with pressures from the Wolfpack and the Dragon Masters, the Black Knights fell from power. In 2010, the Kingdom of Black Knights was sacked by the Mutant Dinos. It lasted considerably long against the dinos, but they to eventually fell to the dino's might.

After the Dino Attack, the Black Knights' kingdom was rebuilt.

Kingdom of the Dragon MastersEdit

In the ashes of the Black Knights' reign rose the Dragon Masters, powerful knights led by the wizard Majisto. These knights rode dragons to battle their enemies. However, this kingdom's total reign lasted only two years before they fell from power and the Royal Knights rose.

In 2010, the Dragon Masters held well against the Mutant Dinos by fighting from the back of their dragons. However, the Dragon Masters soon fell as well. While their castle lay abandoned, the Maelstrom spreaded into the Dragon Masters' Kingdom and corrupted their dragons, creating Maelstrom Dragons to rule the skies.

The Dragon Masters' kingdom was rebuilt in 2011.

Kingdom of the Royal KnightsEdit

The Royal Knights defeated the Dragon Masters in 1995 and began their rule. However, due to its small size of kingdom and army, the Royal Knights quickly fell out of power in 1997. However, it became one of the leading kingdoms in the war against the Fright Knights. In 2010, the Royal Knights kingdom quickly fell to the Dino Attack as it raged across Castle Cove. Their citizens fled their home for Antarctica. In 2011, the Royal Knights returned and rebuilt their kingdom.

Kingdom of the Fright KnightsEdit

The Fright Knights rose in 1997 and brough about three years of harsh rule across Castle Cove. Led by Basil the Batlord and Willa the Witch, this crooked pair ruled by terror, assisted by their Fright Knights and dragons. The Fright Knights allied with the Bulls and Lord Vladek and attempted to destroy any kingdom that opposed them. However, they were defeated by the Lion, Morcian, and Royal Knights.

In 2010, instead of destroying the Fright Knights instantly like the other kingdoms of Castle Cove. Dr. Rex, leader of the XERRD and the creator of the Mutant Dinos, instead offered Basil and Willa a place to rule beside him and to escape his Mutant Dino's destruction. However, for an unknown reason, the Fright Knights refused and their kingdom was totaled by the Mutant Dinos. The Fright Knights' dragons were eventually corrupted by the Maelstrom and became Maelstrom Dragons. The Fright Knight Kingdom was used by ShadowTech during the Dino Attack for prisoner interrogation.

Following the Dino Attack, the Fright Knights' kingdom was rebuilt.

Castle IslandEdit

Castle Island was originally the home of Kingdom of the Lion Knights and the Kingdom of the Bull Knights, two kingdoms who left Castle Island at war. Their war began in 2000 and continued into 2001. In 2001, the Brickster arrived on Castle Island and destroyed the bridge connected the two neighbor islands, upsetting both factions. The Brickster then hid a Constructopedia page in the water between the islands and left a page with his ally, Cedric the Bull. Pepper Roni later arrived and defeat the Dark Knight of the Bulls and Cedric the Bull, retrieving both pages and turned the Great Castle Cove War there in the Lions favor.

However, this advantage faded as the Fright Knights built their own castle on the island. Following the Fright Knights arrival, the Ancient Knights built their own castle on the island to help the Lions in the war. In 2007, the Brickster returned to Castle Island with his armies of Brickster-Bots and kidnapped King Leo and handed him over to Lord Vladek and left four LEGO Islanders with Willa the Witch. Pepper and his allies later arrived and defeated the Fright Knights and Lord Vladek, save King Leo, and recovered a Power Brick shard. After the end of the war, the Fright Knights' castle was destroyed and their quadrant of the island was turned into a battlefield.

In 2010, the Mutant Dinos were teleported on to Castle Island and they sacked all three kingdoms on the island. The knights on the island fled their home and lived in Antarctica until the Dino Attack ended. Following the war, the Lions, Bulls, and Ancient Knights returned to the island and rebuilt their castles.

Kingdom of MorciaEdit

The Kingdom of Morcia is one of the oldest kingdoms in Castle Cove, dating back to the 1700s. Lord Vladek made several attempts to takeover Morcia, only to be defeated by Sir Santis, Sir Rascus, Sir Danju, and Sir Jayko. Vladek attempted to takeover Morcia two more times, each ending in failure.

Morcia also played a significant role in the Great Castle Cove War by donating many soldiers to fighting against the Fright Knights, Bulls, and Lord Vladek. Morcia and its allies eventually won the war.

In 2010, the Dino Attack arrived at Morcia and tore apart all of its provinces and capitol. Its citizens fled to Antarctica to escape the Mutant Dinos. In 2011, the citizens returned and rebuilt Morcia.

Kingdom of AnkoriaEdit

The Kingdom of Ankoria wasn't a particularly powerful kingdom during its existance. This is shown in the 1600s when Vladek single-handedly took over the kingdom. The Battle for Ankoria took place at its old castle, transformed into Vladek's Dark Fortress. It was there when Vladek was defeated for the second time by Jayko and the latter was crowned king of Morcia.

Ankoria would never recover from its extensive wounds dealt by Vladek. In 2010, the Mutant Dinos arrived at Ankoria and quickly wiped out everyone in the kingdom and turned Ankoria into a breeding ground to create more Mutant Dinos. Even after the Dino Attack ended, Ankoria was completely forsaken by the rest of Castle Cove.

The Kingdom of the LionsEdit

The Kingdom of the Lions became the superkingdom of Castle Cove following the Great Castle Cove War, only to be contested for control by the Dragon Knights. The Lion Knights had several outposts all over Castle Cove that were viciously attacked by Dragon Knights. The Lions Knights Military were known for their defensive strategies, often allowed the Dragon Knights to attack their outposts while they retaliated.

During the Battle of the Lion Castle, the Mutant Dinos attacked, forcing the Dragon Knights

The Kingdom of the Dragon KnightsEdit

The Kingdom of the Dragon Knights attempted to become the new superkingdom of Castle Cove, only to be met with the challenge of the incumbent Kingdom of the Lions. The Dragon Knights were known for their powerful seige machines and their offensive manuevers of attack Lion outposts and gurriella tactics.

During the Battle of the Lion Castle, the Mutant Dinos attacked both sides during the battle. The Dragon Knights fled to their castle while the Lion Castle was ruined. With the extra time, the Dragon Knights managed to defend themselves against the Mutant Dinos. Their castle was fortified against the Mutant Dinos thanks to the help of the Dino Attack Team. They continued their war with the Lion Kingdom, but couldn't make as-frequent attacks due to the Mutant Dinos.

Space Knight KingdomEdit

The Space Knight Kingdom is a kingdom of technologically advanced knights led by King Joe Race and his son, Samuel Race. They are a combination of both Castle Cove traditions and Space-Age Technology. This kingdom is known for building droid and spaceships, as well as using swords and shields as they are traditional. The Space Knights are also fond of racing, show by both King and Prince Race participation in the LEGO Racing Championships.

Due to their superior technology, the Space Knights held out considerably long against the Mutant Dinos in 2010. However, they too were forced to leave their kingdoms for Antarctica and their kingdom was sacked. Instead of rebuilding in Castle Cove, it established a kingdom in the Moon Colony to prevent incidents such as the Dino Attack from occuring again.

Kingdom of the ScorpionsEdit

In 2011, a new kingdom was built near the Dark Forest by a mysterious individual named Kedalv. The kingdom is is identified by a black and gold armor and and black scorpion crest. The kingdom remains largely shrouded in mystery. It refused to accept the declaration of war against the Villains for no known reason. The Kingdom of Morcia suspects the Scorpions are some how related to Vladek.

Kingdom of the FalconsEdit

Near the end of 2011, a new kingdom donned in black-and-silver armor with a falcon emblem was created. It remains entirely shrouded in mystery. It is believed the kingdom spawned from renegade Black Falcon knights. It opposes the Lion Kingdom's rule, but has not launched any military operations against the superkingdom. A fearsome Falcon champion challenged an Elite Lion Knight to a joust for the Lion Princess' hand in marriage.

Dark ForestEdit

The Dark Forest is a large sprawling forest that runs down the eastern border of Castle Cove that runs into the LEGOLAND state of City Center. The Dark Forest is home to numerous bandit factions, primarily the Wolfpack and Forestmen. It is believed that mystical creatures such as dragons, orcs, dwarves, and trolls live in the forest's depths.


  • Castle Cove was created as a location for all LEGO Castle themes by PeabodySam, but BrikmanMcStudz created his own background story for the state.
  • The Castle theme of 2007 is not in Castle Cove after being confirmed to be on a planet called Ashlar in the movie The Adventurers of Clutch Powers.