Brikman McStudz


Colonel Brikman Q. McStudz


August 10, 1991 in the United States


  • LEGO Island Army officer
  • Nexus Force soldier (Paradox Space Marauder)
  • LEGO Racer
  • Movie Director (formally)
  • Agent Defense Organization Colonel (formally)
  • Dino Attack Agent (formally)






  • LEGO Alliance of Planets
    • LEGO Island
    • LEGOLAND Government
      • Dino Attack Team (formally)
      • Agents Defense Organization (formally)
  • Nexus Force
    • Paradox faction


  • Minifig
  • Stromling (temporarily)

Known for

  • Directing several movies
  • Fighting in the Second Brickster War
  • Fighting in the Dino Attack
  • Winning the LEGO Racing Championship three times in a row.
  • LEGO Island Heroism Award recipient
  • LAFTA award recipiant for Best Actor, Best Film
  • Being a Stromling for a few days before becoming a minifig again.
Brikman McStudz is a minifig who lives on LEGO Island. He has made much progress on LEGO Island, including adding a filming studio and saving the world. Brikman was born August 10th, 1991 in Iowa, United States. He is the son of his parents, who live in Iowa currently. At the age of 2, Brikman was taken to LEGO Island and has lived there ever since. He and his friend Pepper Roni often save the island, recently the world, from the Brickster, LEGO Island's evilest criminal. However, he and his friend Major K. Ninja VIII often go on recon missions underground for the LEGO Island Military. In the wake of the Dino Attack, Brikman has signed on to the Dino Attack Team to save the planet from Dr. Rex and his Mutant Dinos.

After the defeat the the Dino Attack, Brikman joined the Nexus Force after his encounter with the Maelstrom during the Dino Attack. As the Great LEGO Universe War began, Brikman was given command of a LEGOLAND operation to retake Egypt from the Villains.


Early Life

Not much is known about Brikman during this period. Brikman McStudz was born August 10th, 1991 to his parents. He lived in Iowa for about two years until his parents took him on a vacation to LEGO Island. His parents then left him in the care of the Infomaniac for an unknown reason and returned. Brikman and his parents still communicate to this day.

During his first year on LEGO Island, he had built himself a tree house in the Residential Area and decided to live there. He would live in the treehouse for several years and add on to his home.

The Brickster Escapes

In 1996, he met Pepper Roni, the Pizza Delivery Dude of LEGO Island and became one of his best friends, often hanging out when Pepper was off work. One year later, Pepper accidently broke the Brickster out of jail, sending the island into chaos. Brikman, however, was one of the few who remained calm during the Brickster's rampage. His house was one of the first buildings deconstructed by the Brickster. During Pepper's helicopter chase, Brikman encouraged Pepper to keep at stopping the Brickster and often yelled out where the Brickster was located.

The Brickster was defeated and Brikman's tree house was rebuilt.

Racing Dude

During the same year and on to the next millenium, Brikman became interested in LEGO Island Racing, watching Studz Linkin, Rhoda Hogg, and others race through LEGO Island's twisted Underground track. Finally, he and Bill Ding built a Formula 1 racecar for Brikman and he officially became a LEGO Island Racer along with Rhoda and Studz.

Later, in 1999, Brikman, Studz, and Rhoda entered Rocket Racer's First LEGO Racing Tournament. Brikman made it far as Circuit 7, where he was defeated by the Insectoid racer Gypsy Moth. Studz and Rhoda went on to Circuit 8, but lost to Rocket Racer on his circuit.

Summer of 1999

Later that year Brikman met Luna Rom, Police Captain Rom's niece from LEGO City who was vistiting LEGO Island for the whole summer. Brikman became pretty good friends with Luna, but not as good a friend as Pepper became with Luna. Brikman watched most of Pepper's adventures with Luna until near the end of the summer. Brikman was with Technicion Bob at the newly built Space Port when the Brickster and his Brickster-Bots escaped Earth on a Fish Ship with Papa Brickolini's pizza oven. Bob let Brikman, Pepper, and Sky borrow a shuttle and they chased the Brickster into space, where they connected their shuttle to the Brickster's cruiser.

Brikman supervised Pepper and Luna making pizzas to trap the Brickster, who had escaped to the moon. After Pepper and Luna landed on the moon to apprehend the self-proclaimed space pirate, Brikman managed to fly the Fish Ship on to the moon as Pepper and Luna used an escape pod to get to the Moon. After landing on the moon, Brikman, suited in a spacesuit, went to see on Pepper and Luna's progress. He found the Brickster captured in an ingeneous trap. The three loaded the Brickster in the Fish Ship and returned to Earth.

The Brickster's Revenge; The Brickster-Bot Bust

Brikman was just getting his racing career started as the Brickster escaped again and deconstructed the island. Brikman roamed the island like the rest of LEGO Island's citizens. His tree house was eventually rebuilt after its Constructopedia page was found by Pepper. Brikman began helping the LIPD locate pages across the LEGO Planet. He actually discovered that there was a page in the Mummies Tomb on Adventurers' Island.

While Pepper was on his adventures, Brikman explored the empty island and decided to visit Captain Click, the dead pirate skeleton who lived in a cave in Space Mountain who did not like company. When nobody answered the door, Brikman gathered some pizzas that he had kept frozen in his newly rebuilt refridgerator and head back to the cave to see why Click wasn't answering. While his way he defeated a Brickster-Bot harassing Pete Bog, who had a note that said "SDREAMS". Brikman went to the cave to break in the door, but it wouldn't budge. Finally, Brikman pronouced the Brickster-Bot's note's message and the door opened.

Brikman found the cave overrun by Brickster-Bots with Captain Click nowhere in sight. However, Steve Hen, Rich Pickings, Darren, and Rob Banks, four designers and artist who had built a studio in Captain Click's cave after a substantial bribe, were being held captive by the Brickster-Bots. Brikman defeated all the Brickster-Bots and freed the designers from the cave as Pepper returned from Adventurers' Island.

Pepper rebuilt the island and locked the Brickster in a cell on OGEL Island, and life went back to normal for Brikman as Sky Lane, LEGO Island newest citizen, arrived, forming a not-so-friendly relationship between the two.

A Year of Peace

With the Brickster locked in a cell on OGEL, Brikman expected a good year of peace. However, he, Pepper, and Sky went on more adventures and missions all around LEGOLAND, fighting pirates, knights, and aliens of different species.

Finally in 2002, the Brickster returned from OGEL Island, claiming to have turned a new leaf, however, Brikman, Pepper, and Officer Nick Brick didn't believe it.

Xtreme Stunts

The conservation between Sky Lane, Pepper Roni, and Brikman McStudz before Pepper began his drive to the base of Space Mountain, 2002

Director Steven Spielbrick starting filming a new action film called Xtreme Stunts. Pepper became the leading man while the Brickster became the leading villian. Brikman decided to work behinds the scenes with the filming crew while secretly helping Nick gather evidence against the Brickster. Finally, he and Nick gathered enough evidence to put the Brickster behind bars when the Brickster put his plans to take apart the LEGO Planet into action with the Super Computer in his tower.

While Pepper climbed the mountain to the tower, Brikman and Sky desperatly hacked into the Super Computer to try and shut it down when the reached an encrypted window that gave Brikman's computer a virus. Sky and Brikman then went to Information Center to access the Mainframe to shut down the Super Computer. Brikman then suggested that they reverse the program and the set the Super Computer to self-destruct the tower. Then Brikman waited in town while Sky took a helicopter to save Pepper from the collasping tower.

The Brickster was defeated again and Brikman watched Xtreme Stunts with the rest of LEGO Island.

Movie Making Time

In 2007, Brikman began experiment with movies after expressing interest in making films during the filming of Xtreme Stunts. Finally, Brikman made a short movie called Han Solo's Private Moments and started the Minikit Movies Filming Incorperation. Brikman would make movies on and off from then until now.

Brikman has earned much respect from his movies, getting (some) permission to use official characters such as Spongebob, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars. Brikman's latest film with Lucasfilms LTD and Paramount Pictures, Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Pharaoh's Tomb, is being nominated for a "Best Action Film" LAFTA (LEGO Academy of Filming and Television Arts),

The Force is With You...

In 2007, a traveller from a Galaxy Far, Far Away took Brikman to his home and taught him to become a Jedi. The traveller, by the name of Kwy-San Haak, was a Jedi Knight who had taught Brikman's uncle, Blokman McStudz II the ways of the Force until he turned to the Dark Side and died. Kwy-San kept Brikman in GFFA for one standard year until Kwy-San was killed by a galactic empire bent on controlling the galaxy.

Brikman stayed in GFFA for two more standard years, continuing his training until he helped the small Rebellion against the empire gain the upperhand to defeat the tyranny. He participated in battles and conflicts all across the galaxy, hoping to free GFFA.

However, the Jedi Council exiled him for his recklessness, stating he had to much emotion. Brikman returned to the Milky Way when a ferry landed him on Mars. Then the Mars Mission team lent him a shuttle back to the LEGO Planet and LEGO Island. Although he had been gone for three years in GFFA, he had only been gone six months Earth-time.

The Invasion of LEGO Island

Brikman came back from the GFFA in time to be involved in the Invasion of LEGO Island. He was one of the many citizens who fought against the Brickster-Bots invading LEGO Island. At one point, he flew his Jedi Starfighter against Fish Ships and OGEL Starfighters, but he was quickly knocked out of the sky with minimal injuries. He soon engaged Alpha Rex, the first Brickster-Bot, for the first time ever. After much struggle, Brikman defeated the Brickster-Bot. Just then, he was shot at by the Brickster, who had control of the Power Brick. Alpha Rex took advantage of the distraction and captured Brikman and took him to the Brickster's personal Fish Ship, the OSS Deconstructor. Soon afterwards the Brickster split the Power Brick and spreaded the shards across the Universe. The Brickster boarded the Deconstrutor and headed east for LEGO City.

Brikman witnessed the Fish Ship Armada began the Invasion of LEGO City. LEGO City had no idea how to fight the Brickster-Bots properly, but LEGO City was prepared for an attack after LEGOLAND sent their military to assist LEGO Island. Althought the military put up a fight, they were no match for OGEL Prime's superior technology. Fortunatly, President Sherbert Q. Bricker had escaped before the Brickster could capture him, but the Brickster settled for Mayor Sandy Beaches. The Brickster sent his armada to capture the rest of the LEGO Planet while he ruled from LEGO City. Brikman was taken and locked in a jail cell inside City Hall.

Saving Earth

Nearly seven hours afterwards, Pepper Roni and Sky Lane arrived at City Hall after defeated the Brickster-Bots in LEGO City. Together they defeated the Brickster and his Brickster-Bot Dusks. Brikman, however, was still locked in City Hall. Half and hour after LEGO City was liberated, Mayor Beaches freed Brikman from his cell and introduced him to Colonel Max o'Truth, fearless LEGOLAND Military officer and commander of the LLS Kristiansen. o'Truth enlisted Brikman on the Kristiansen to help liberate LEGOLAND. Brikman fought against Brickster-Bots in the Arctic and other coastal areas. Eventually, the Kristiansen engaged the Brickster's Volcano in the Arctic Circle. Brikman fought against the Brickster himself and defeated him by getting into a brawl with him and using pizzas like Pepper. The Brickster escaped to the Deconstructor and shot to OGEL Prime while Brikman dispatched from the Kristensen on a PWC to find the SS LEGO Island.

Brikman found the ship on Adventurers' Island. Brikman helped Pepper, Sky, and (character) find Sam Sinister inside of Adventurers' Island's massive volcano. Together they fought against Sam Sinister fire breathing Mutant Dinos, something Brikman would face three years in the future. The group defeated the Mutant Dinos and made Sinister hand over the Crystal Brick, which they returned to Achu, leader of the natives, who freed Snap Lockitt and Valerie Stubbins

Castle Island

Brikman returned to LEGO Island to open arms from the crew and the citizens rescued in LEGO City and Ninja Valley. The LEGO Island sailed east to Castle Island, where the LEGO Islanders found the island ruled by Bulls faction, led by Cedric the Bull's son, Lord Vladek. Pepper, Sky, Brikman, and Papa Brickolini were sent in knight outfits find out the situation. They heard from Sir Richard, one of the Lions knights, that the Lion king, King Leo, had been kidnapped by Bulls. Sir Richard sent the group over to one of the most recently new factions, the Fright Knights, who had built their own section of the island east to the Lions and Bulls, to defeat the newest allies of the Bulls army.

The group armed with pizzas and bad singing, defeated numerous Fright Knights until they reached the castle. There they rescued one of the LEGO Island medics, Dr. Clickitt, Captain C.D. Rom, and Pete Bog, but were soon caught by the supervisor of the caslte, Willa the Witch. She chased them into a mysterious wizard in the forest, who teleported them to the Yellow Castle of the Anicent Knights, another new faction on Castle Island allied with the Lions. The knights, wanting to defeat Vladek, transformed Pepper into a wizard with a special potion and sent the four LEGO Islanders to the front of the Bulls' Castle.

Papa, Sky, and Brikman engaged the castle with cannons while Vladek fired back and sent his Shadow Knights to fight the invaders. Brikman let go of the cannon and started dueling the Shadow Knights with a sword given to him by the Ancient Knights, in a way like his great ancestor, Blokman McStudz, did during the Shadow War. Pepper fired large blasts of magic at the castle until finally, the castle gave in and collasped around Vladek. Annoyed and not willing to fight Pepper head on, he gave Pepper the Power Brick shard and fled Castle Island with magic.

Sandy Bay

Brikman stayed on the LEGO Island while Pepper rid Pirate Bay of the Brickster-Bots. After Pirate Bay was freed, the LEGO Island sailed to the east coast of LEGOLAND to see the status report of Sandy Bay. Brikman, Pepper, Sky, and Captain Rom found Sandy Bay still free of the OGEL Prime Army. The group then decided to try and acess the Sandy Bay Portal to get to OGEL Prime to defeat the Brickster. However, when Dr. Science attempted to activate the portal with coordinates to OGEL Prime, the portal exploded and opened a vortex from OGEL Prime that sent several Brickster-Bots to Sandy Bay, which began the Battle for Sandy Bay.

Brikman faced the Brickster-Bots storming the beach, including having to face the all-new Brickster-Bot Spider, a new spider like Brickster-Bot armed with a laser and incredible speed and agility. The Brickster-Bots were quickly defeated. Also falling out of the vortex was Nubby Stevens, Nancy Nubbins, Studz Linkin, and Rhoda Hogg. The citizens were sent to the LEGO Island as Sparky alerted the group to a new problem, a massive Brickster-Bot MegaSpider was over the town of Brickton. The group built massive pizza cannons and fired upon the MegaSpider until it exploded and gave out a Power Brick shard.

Battle for LEGO Island

On their way to find more places to free from the Brickster, the LEGO Island was intercepted by the Kristensen. Colonel o'Truth told the Infomanaic that he had just recieved confrontation that every country on Earth was free from OGEL Prime's control except for LEGO Island. The Kristensen set course for LEGO Island to force the armies of OGEL Prime to leave the LEGO Planet.

Brikman and Pepper were given F-15 Eagle fighter planes to combat the OGEL Prime Air Force. Soon after defeated the OGEL Starfighters, Brikman joined the LEGOLAND and LEGO Island Military in defeating the Brickster-Bots on the island surface while Pepper captured enemy command posts around the island. With the island saved but still destroyed, the Infomanaic sent Pepper, Sky, and Brikman to the Space Port to enter the the Space Shuttle silo.

Upon entering, the heroes entered underground caverns that including Captain Click's cave and the race track. The group found Captain Click, Technicion Bob, DJ Jackitt, and numerous others with a massive spaceship engine. With Captain Click's help, they rebuilt the SS LEGO Island into the Starship LEGO Island. Pepper, Sky, Brikman, and several others boarded the starship and left Earth

Saving the Universe

With the Starship LEGO Island, Brikman and others set out on the Universe to not only recover the remaining Power Brick shards missing, but to defeat the OGEL Prime armies on other main planets throughout the Universe.

Eventually, the LEGO Island made it to OGEL Prime, where the total outcome is unknown, but the Brickster was defeated eventually and life on LEGO Island went back to normal.

The Sherbert Crisises; The Brickster Year

"Evil President-Dictator, Evil pyschopathic criminal, an average day, in my book." -Brikman McStudz on the year 2009

In 2008, Brikman joined the LEGO Island Armed Forces, and helped the island face against a new threat after an evil scientist used a time machine to bring back thousands of Nazi Soldiers from 1937. After a couple of months facing off against the Nazis with American Colonel Indiana Jones, Lt. McStudz was promoted to Major.

The Sherbert Crisis

Shortly before current-President Barack Obricka was elected into office of President of LEGOLAND in November 2008, sitting president Sherbert Q. Bricker grew mad with his power that would leave him in only a few months. He first disabled the LEGOLAND Senate and Congress in secret. Then he tried to get money to fix the failing economy in LEGOLAND, the one, proven good deed Sherbert did during his first dictatorship, from LEGO Island, still profiting well, despite the economy.

LEGO Island refused, angering Sherbert so greatly that he told LEGOLAND Air Force privatly to "takedown the traitorous LEGO Islanders." Then he publicly announced that he had stopped exporting items to LEGO Island. Brikman uncovered the truth about Sherbert as the LLAF was flying towards the island. The Infomaniac immedietly issued a state of emergency and sent the message to the rest of the Brick Triangle; L.U.N. and Bricky Island. Brikman armed himself and he and half the Brick Triangle military raced to LEGO City to deal with Sherbert while the Infomaniac tried to negotiate with the incoming LLAF, with the other half of the Brick Triangle at his side.

The Brick House, home of Sherbert, was heavily guarding, including tanks and 100,000 soldiers. Brikman and the rest of the Triangle landed at the outskirts of town and made their way into the city on army jeeps. It quickly turned into a battle of the death. Sniper fire rained on the Triangle. Brikman's jeep exploded, killing the two other passengers and driver. Brikman mad ehis way down the streets, trying to avoid shooting at his native county's army.

Brikman had made it to the Brick House as the Senate and Congress were freed from captivity, being held for treason. LEGOLAND soldiers immedietly turned their guns on the Brick House after hearing the truth from the Senators and Representives. However, Sherbert had the Brick House's security defend his home. A few loyalitist began firing on the LEGOLAND soldiers and LEGOLAND was forced back.

Brikman made it past the security and broke in through the back door of the Dictator's home. He defeated the loyalist guarding the hallways and captured Dictator Bricker in his office. The remaining loyalists were arrested and Bricker was put on a military trial and convicted and sentenced to death. Brikman himself witnessed Bricker's execution himself. Vice President Chuck Ziegel became president for the remainder of the Bricker Administration.

The Brickster Year

2008 ended with Brikman being promoted to Marshall Commander McStudz. However, at the beginning of 2009, and for most of the year, Brikman assisted Pepper in defeating the Brickster across LEGOLAND and on OGEL Island. Brikman finally got a chase to take the Brickster head on without Pepper for the most part during the 2009 LEGO Racing Tournament.

Rocket Racer, greatest racer of all time, sparked the GRC again. He freed the Brickster to get OGEL Island as Rocket Racer's Home race track. Brikman, Pepper, Studz Linkin, and Rhoda Hogg, racing for LEGO Island, spread out across the LEGO Planet to race in the circuits to been deemed worthy to challenge Rocket Racer. However, Rhoda Hogg lost into her second circuit, while Pepper managed to beat the Mars Circuit and Aquazone Circuit, but lost to Studz Linkin on the LEGO Island Circuit. However, Brikman defeated Studz Linkin in the LEGO Island Circuit and gained access to the OGEL Island Circuit.

But before that, Pepper and Brikman butted heads with the Brickster, now 'proven' innocent in court. While Nick and Laura Brick compiled evidence against the Brickster, one of the heroes would stay LEGO Island to protect it from the Brickster's forces. While Pepper was under the surface of the ocean, Brikman duelled off against the Brickster's Inferno allies and his Brickster-Bots while the Brickster slowly, but surely, deconstructed the island with the stolen Power Brick and Constructopedia.

Brikman raced Rocket on OGEL Island, toke a portal to LEGO Island, and returned to OGEL for five laps. Brikman defeated Rocket by photo finish. Just as the race ended, the Brickster activated his Deconstruct-A-Ray to destroy the LEGO Planet and left it on the planet with Alpha Rex and his Brickster-Bots to guard it and returned to OGEL. The Brickster and Brikman squared off on OGEL Island, until Brikman gained the upperhand. The Brickster fled OGEL Island in his own race car, but Brikman quickly disabled him on LEGO Island after getting though the portal. There, Brikman and Pepper defeated the Brickster on top the Information Center tower and deactivated the Deconstruct-A-Ray.

The Second Sherbert Crisis

Brikman's life continued into April 2009. While watching a presidential conference on TV, someone held a gun to President Obricka's head. The camera zoomed out, revealing disgraced ex-President Sherbert Q. Bricker was holding the gun. The camera rotated, revealing Nazi soldiers, brought back from time, are now working for Bricker. Sherbert revealed he had feigned death with a decoy loyalist at Brickcatraz, the high-security military guarded prison in the Arctic. He had also assasinated Vice President Harold O'Blocking. He regain control of the country and immedietly and threatened the countries, specificly LEGO Island.

The entire country was sent into havoc. Every state declared a state-of-emergency and LEGOLAND military began attacking LEGO City, trying to retake the capital. The LEGO Island Army sent several helicopters to LEGO City to drop troops down while remaining troops stayed to protect the island from the Luftwaffe Nazi Air Force. Brikman McStudz and Jedi Knight Michael Osterblam led a massive air force from LEGO Island to LEGO City to defeat the Luftwaffe. Brikman and Michael were attacked by a vicious Nazi colonel and ingaged in a brawl on the Brikman's plane. The colonel was defeated when he was pushed into the plane propeller. This distraction caused the Jedi to lose control and to crash into a farm silo on the outskirts of LEGO City, leaving the LEGO Island Air Force to deal with the Luftwaffe alone.

The two stole a Nazi jeep from a group of Nazis scouting the crash site and headed to LEGO City. They encountered a Nazi convey bringing reinforcements into the city. The Jedi destroyed the convey, leaving several soldiers in critical condition. When they reached the city, the Jedi split up, Michael heading to the LEGOLAND Command Base while Brikman made his way down Kristensen Avenue, skirting past the carnage of the battle.

At the end of the street lay the Brick House, hosting swastikas instead of LEGOLAND's flag and the site of a massive battle for control of the capital. Brikman disguised himself a Nazi soldier and snuck in the back door of the Brick House and headed to main office to deal with President-For-Life Bricker. However, he only found captured Barack Obricka. He freed the President and headed for the main balcony, shooting down as many Nazis as they could on the way. By the time they reached the balcony, Bricker was alerted to their presence and was there to meet them. Bricker, armed with duel-wield uzis, shot Brikman's right hand. Shock overwhelmed him and he fell unconscious.

Nearly thirty minutes later, Brikman awoke to the sound a brawl on the roof of the Brick House. Fighting had seized in front of the Brick House, for the Nazis had outnumbered and outgunned the LEGOLAND soldiers. Brikman, dazed and missing his good hand, holstered his pistol and climbed the building to the roof. Obricka and Bricker had been fighting and Obricka laid on roof, wounded, while Bricker held a lone uzi that trembled in his hand. Brikman quickly pointed his pistol at Bricker and blew his arm out of his socket.

Brikman stood over Bricker, who was begging for mercy, pleading that modern day Nazis threatened him into the two Sherbert Crisises and that the Time Stream that had brought the Nazis into 2009 was about to bring a greater threat. Brikman lowered his gun as a Nazi sniper shot at Bricker, hitting his heart. Bricker's Creative Spirit flew out of its home and died, and with it Sherbert Q. Bricker. Brikman and Obricka, under the shock of the ex-President's true and final death, were captured by German Gestapo.

As they were prepared for their execution, Adolf Hitler, Fuher of the the Nazis, escaped the Time Stream to take over the modern day Earth. Brikman escaped the goon holding him and climbed the Brick House and ripped off pieces of the roof to build a machine to reverse the Time Stream. Just as the Nazis were about to overwhelm him, the machine activated and sent every Third Reich soldier back to Germany, 1939.

Obricka was reinstated as president, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp was inaugerated as Vice President, and Brikman initiated to the LEGO Island Army as a Colonel.

Second Brickster War

Following the Sherbert Crisises, Brikman was involved in several Mafia attacks against LEGO Island, particularly the Brickscrooge Mafia, the greatest crime family in LEGOLAND. The numerous attacks were stopped by Brikman, Pepper, and Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr.

On May 16, 2009, just as Brikman was about to take vacation from his army duties, Alpha Rex, the General of the Grand Brickster-Bot Army, led a force of 1,000 Brickster-Bots to LEGO Island. Brikman was immedietly on the guard, but the Bots didn't not attack. While chatting with Pepper, two LEGO Island soldiers attacked the Brickster-Bots, causing the entire robot army to stir from its "pacifist slumber" and begin their invasion, and unofficially begin the Second Brickster War on LEGO Island.

Brikman and Pepper fled into Pepper's house as the Brickster-Bots took control of LEGO Island and renamed New OGEL Island. They freed the Brickster and he named himself "Dictator for Life" in the most literal terms, and invited the OGEL Council members and generals to LEGO Island, including General Grievous II and Spy-Clops. The Brickster also reformed the LEGO Island Military into the OGEL Military.

Only hours after the invasion, Pepper and Brikman left the safety of Pepper's House and free the Infomaniac from jail and flee to the Underground Air Strip, where they find a small resistance force led by Casey Store. Under the Infomaniac's leadership, the resistance would come to be known as the Alliance to Restore LEGO Island, or simply the Alliance.

Brikman would then return to the surface on his own and defeat a Brickster-Bot and steal information from it. The information would prove valuable to the Alliance. However, shortly afterwards the Time Stream would open up and rip LEGO Island out of existance. Brikman was included in the incident. He and the rest of LEGO Island would remain in the Time Stream for a month until early July where the Time Stream would open up and place LEGO Island south of Pirate Bay instead of being west of Castle Cove.

Brikman led numerous battles. He also made several enemies, including Alpha Rex and General Grievous Senior and Grevious II, killing Grievous II. Several battles he led were the Second Battle of OGEL I.S.L.E., the Attack at the McStudz Treehouse, the First Battle of LEGO Island, the Battle at the Police Station, and the Second Battle of LEGO Island. Brikman became feared by the New OGEL Island Army and revered by the Alliance Army.

Late into the war, in early September 2009, Brikman was captured by Darth Vader and converted with a Force Mind Grip to join the Brickster. With the new transformation, Colonel McStudz, along with his new ally Alpha Rex, led the Battle of Mount Killinmalego to steal the Deconstruct-A-Ray from the Alliance for the Brickster's master plan. Brikman was forced to fight his former friend Pepper as the convey with the stolen ray raced out of the mountains. Brikman defeated his friend and handed the ray to his enemy, the Brickster.

Determined to save his friend, Major K. Ninja VII snuck into the heart of New OGEL Island and managed to break the hold Vader had on Brikman's mind. The two then escaped and began planning with the rest of the Alliance their final battle tactics. Colonel McStudz helped fight the in the Assault on the Coast Guard, the final battle to cut the Brickster off from the ocean ways.

With that, Brikman, Pepper, General Store and the Infomaniac led the Alliance army into the LEGO Island Residential Area to obtain a in-town command post for the Second Battle of LEGO Island. With that victory, Colonel McStudz, General Store, and Commander Roni led the Alliance Army into LEGO Island to take the Information Center from the Brickster. Pepper left LEGO Island to face the Brickster, leaving Brikman to face the remaining OGEL Council leaders on LEGO Island: Alpha Rex and General Grievous. Brikman left Grievous to Michael Osterblam while he fought Alpha Rex for control of LEGO Island. After an epic fight, Alpha Rex was captured in an Energy Sphere while General Grievous fled Earth. The Alliance had unofficially won the war. Pepper and the Brickster returned and Brikman witnessed the might of the Power Brick, Constructopedia, Super Computer, and Deconstruct-A-Ray's power and the defeat of the Brickster and the end of the long war.

Death of a Mentor

A month after the end of the Second Brickster War, Alpha Rex made an alliance with a power con artist, Happy-Go-Lucky Business Man. Together they attempted to bankrupt LEGO Island and the held Space Mountain captive. Pepper Roni and Brikman McStudz led the assault on Space Mountain where the freed the space workers on Space Mountains and defeated Happy and Alpha Rex.

Only a few days later, Alpha Rex led an invasion on LEGO Island. Brikman was, once again, one of the many fighters against the Brickster-Bots on the streets of LEGO Island. Brikman was soon defending the Police Headquarters against Alpha Rex and his minions when the Brickster-Bot general blasted General Casey Store, Brikman's military mentor, while the General defended the Jail. Pepper and Brikman defeated Alpha Rex and watched Casey Store die on top of the Police Station.

Brikman was in line to be the next General of the LEGO Island Army, but lost the promotion to Field Marshall Thaddaeus Brickhouse, an uptight field commander. They grew a hateful relationship after Brikman was demoted to Commander McStudz.

LEGO Racing Championship 2010

Brikman remained a commander into the next year, until he proved himself worthy by helping defeat the Brickster-Bots who destroyed LEGO Island in January 2010. Brikman was promoted back to colonel and helped with the rebuilding efforts. Into the spring Brikman was put in charge of the 2010 LEGO Racing Championship, due to the fact he won against Rocket Racer in the previous championship. Brikman set up all the tracks across the Universe and supervised the whole tournament from LEGO Island while he continued to fight against Brickster-Bots led by General Grievous and Happy-Go-Lucky. During the tournament a strange incident brought General Casey Store and Anakin Skywalker back to life. Unfortunately, Emperor Palpatine came back to life as well to destroy OGEL Prime and Earth for their struggles against him.

Brikman fought Grievous in an epic space battle which ended with Brikman the victor and Grievous in grave condition on the OGEL I.S.L.E. Medical Facilities. Happy built a mint in the Residential Area to finance a massive invasion on LEGO Island that was put down by Brikman and Major Ninja with the additional help of Buzz Lightyear and the Green Army Men led by Sarge.

Brikman practiced his racing until the end of May where he raced against Pepper Roni, Rocket Racer, the Brickster, Lord Vladek, and Sheriff Woody. Every other racer was defeated by the Brickster with the might of the Power Wand he stole from a pyramid in Adventurers' Island. During the final lap of the race, Alpha Rex stole the Power Brick and combined it with the Power Wand to make a super powerful weapon in the Brickster's hands. Brikman raced through OGEL I.S.L.E. and the Brickster's Volcano while avoid super powerful blasts from the Brickster. Brikman won the race, which enraged the Brickster.

He fought the Brickster in an epic duel with his lightsaber against the Power Wand. Eventually, the Brickster lost the wand and Power Brick and surrendered to Brikman and was thrown back in jail. Brikman then won 500,000 studs for winning the tournament.

Shortly afterwards, Palpatine came to LEGO Island to destroy Brikman's home. Anakin attempted to fight Palpatine, but failed. Brikman activated his lightsaber and fought Palpatine in an epic duel until he weakened the Sith Lord until near-death. Infuriated and still powerful, Darth Sideous attacked Brikman with super-powerful Force Lightning. Anakin attacked Palpatine while he was distracted and killed the Sith Lord. Palpatine's body exploded into millions of plastic pieces and glowing matter.

Only seconds afterwards, Jedi spirits informed the two Jedi that the combined might of all the dead Jedi have locked Palpatine in the deepest pit of hell where he will never return. A day afterwards, Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Yoda made Brikman an honorary Jedi Master.

Dino Attack

Brikman continued his service on LEGO Island until mid-June, when the Dino Apocalypse began. Brikman managed to sleep through the entire invasion of Dinos on LEGO Island, one reason being his Treehouse not being attacked by the Mutant Dinos while the rest of the island was ruined and the Constructopedia was eaten by a Mutated Sea Serpent. Fourteen hours after the invasion began, Brikman woke up and found the entire island destroyed, with only his house, the Police Station, the Gas Station, the Party House, and Major Ninja's Labratory still standing.

Brikman found an abandoned machine gun and began searching the rubble for survivors and a clue to what happened to his home. Fortunately, the first survivor he found was the Brickster, who was well-informed on the Dino Attack. The Brickster revealed that mutated dinosaurs had been unleashed on the entire planet and had devestated hundreds of cities and nations. Brikman and the Brickster made a mutual truce to eliminate the Mutant Dinos on LEGO Island. They found the Power Brick and the Power Wand and made there base at the Party House.

Soon, more survivors were found by Brikman. That's when he learned that a majority of LEGO Island's population had escaped on the SS LEGO Island and the OSS Brickulator, a modified Space Police: Third Generation Galactic Enforcer command ship. The LEGO Island decided to stay adrift in the Phanta Sea to avoid contact with the Mutant Dinos of Pirate Bay while the Brickulator escaped to the Moon Colony.

While rescuing survivors, Brikman met his first Mutant Dino, a Mutant Raptor. The machine gun had little effect to the dino, so he tried to wrestle the dino bare-handed. Just as he was about to lose the fight, Brikman encountered Digger, one of the founding Dino Attack Agents, who blasted the Raptor with his Cosmotronic Ray.

Digger revealed that the LEGO Planet had been under the Dino Attack since April 2010. Only now, the Dinos had finally attacked larger, more populated regions. Their conservation was cut short as the Brickster attemped to leave LEGO Island on a Nemoidian Shuttle. Brikman dueled the Brickster on top of Brikman's treehouse until the Brickster surrendered after a brutal beating. The shuttle was then destroyed by a massive Mutant Sea Serpent that had appeared from the ocean and destroyed the shuttle and the treehouse with its massive body and its fire breath.

Brikman had the Brickster clean up LEGO Island when a Mutant T-Rex attacked Brikman. Brikman wrestled the thing bare-handed again and slammed the dino against the Police Station until its skull shattered and it died. Out of its mouth came the Constructopedia. Excited, Brikman contacted the SS LEGO Island and asked for the Infomaniac to come quickly.

Came quickly the Infomaniac did. Just as the Constructopedia was about to rebuild LEGO Island, the massive Sea Serpent snatched the Constructopedia out of the Infomaniac's hand and swallowed. The mutant sea creature's acidic saliva started to cause the book to dissolve when it swallowed and returned to the depths of the ocean. The LEGO Island layout page was destroyed and LEGO Island's town plan began to revert to one similar of the town plan of 1997 and 2007.

It soon began to storm and Brikman weathered out the storm in the Police Station. After the storm, Brikman met with Digger again, who armed Brikman with a Cosmotronic Ray and asked him to eliminate an oncoming army of Mutant Lizards and Raptors. Brikman used the weapon and blasted and wrestled the dinos to death. Just as Digger was congratulating Brikman, the Mutant Sea Serpent returned and attacked Digger. Brikman leaped on the creature as the latter dipped below the surface of the sea and returned near the Pizzeria.

Brikman avoided its fire breath while Brikman shot all of the serpent's joint connectors, breaking his body until only his head and his upper body was left. He shot the final connection, which cut the serpent's brain off from its heart, which caused the serpent to die and to spit out the Constructopedia. Brikman returned the book to the Infomaniac and Brikman was made a rookie Dino Attack Agent by Digger. Digger then bid farewell and left for LEGOLAND on a speedboat.

Provoking War

The Infomaniac became fearful that the Brickster would attack LEGO Island's weakened state. So, he assigned Space Police Commando Sparks Cometbrick to lead the OSS Brickulator, which had returned from the moon with a squad of Space Police, to attack OGEL Prime to show the Brickster LEGO Island is not weak. Five Space Police Officiers, Pepper, Sky and Brikman boarded the Brickulator and Commando Cometbrick flew his Raid VPR out of Earth's orbit and jumped into hyperspace. After several hours, the Space Police arrived in the Eagle Nebula, only 557 kilometers away from OGEL Prime.

The Brickulator landed on the coast of DNALOGEL attack an important city, OGEL City. Brikman was given control of a Mars Mission-issued MT-19 Crystal Reaper. With the massive tank in his control, he fought the OGEL Prime Army. He had no motive other than to cause as much damage as he could to the city. Eventually he abandoned the tank portion of the Crystal Reaper and took the small overcraft with Pepper to OGEL City Hall.

Together they fought and defeated all of the Brickster's guards. Brikman and Pepper met the Brickster's newest ally, Buzz Lightyear. Lightyear, being built as a toy like he was in the movies he starred, had his battery box ripped open and was switched from "Play" to "Demo", and made him think he was a space ranger again. He was then told Earth was the enemy of the Universe and OGEL Prime was the capital of a group of freedom fighter trying to "save" the universe.

Pepper began fighting the Brickster while Buzz flew and took Brikman to the top of a massive building. Buzz fired his laser and flew over Brikman in an attempted to kill Brikman. However, Brikman, armed with his lightsaber, slashed the bolts back to Buzz, damaging his spacesuit. Buzz fought back, punching and beating on Brikman. Brikman eventually reached at Buzz's helmet and opened it to the unbreatheable oxygen of OGEL Prime. Buzz nearly died, but managed to close his helmet and escape to OGEL Island.

Brikman joined the fight on the streets and helped defeat the remaining OGEL Prime soldiers at the expense of the death of one Space Police Officers. Commando Cometbrick decided to leave OGEL City so he called the Brickulator to the city when Captain Brix Madine, a famous and revered Space Police Officer, began a chase with Black Hole Gang leader Kranxx. Brikman boarded the Brickulator with the rest of the Space Police crew and watched the chase and eventually the death of Captain Madine at the hands of Kranxx.

With OGEL Prime reinforcements on the way, the Brickulator and the Raid VPR headed home with the looming fear of the Brickster declaring war on LEGO Island or possibly Earth. However, the fears would pass as Dr. Rex, the conspirator of the Dino Attack, sent pods with Mutated Dinos that can breathe OGEL Prime's oxygen to defeat the Brickster.

Missions in the United States

While on OGEL Prime, Digger called the Infomaniac and told him to to inform Brikman that his first mission as a Dino Attack Agent was to be apart of a large group of Dino Attack Agents led by Elite Agent Viper that were sent to the United States of America to defeat the dinos there and the dinos on the Western Hemisphere. Brikman suited up in his Dino Attack uniform and took a PWC to LEGO City, where he was lifted by a T-1 Typhoon helicopter to the states.

Brikman and four other agents were sent to Des Moines, Iowa, to liberate the state from Mutant Dinos, for Iowa had been hit hardest by the apocalypse. The leader of the mission, Scab, had Brikman and the other agents sneak into the capital since there have been confirmed sightings of numerous Mutant Dinos and it is believed that Governor Chet Culver is trapped inside.

Brikman had a flashback attack, as he had visited the Iowa capital when he was eleven-year-old, and now the famous building was nearly destroyed and numerous government officials were dead all over the building. Brikman overcame the flashbacks and he and Jailbreak, another rookie, continued their mission. On their way to Governor Culver's office, they duo was attacked by Mutant Pterosaurs that were perched on the ceiling. Armed with his Cosmotronic Ray, Brikman blasted two of the four into piece. Jailbreak killed one Pterosaur when the surviving Pterosaur's laser eyes killed Jailbreak. Brikman killed the remaining dino and continued his mission.

He reached the office without any other dino attacks. Brikman found Culver inside his office, cornered by three Mutant Lizards. Brikman killed the lizards and freed Culver. While fleeing the capitol, they were attacked by a group of Mutant T-Rexes and Raptors. Brikman defeated one raptor before having to dash out of the capitol while dragging Culver. Brikman and Culver hopped on Jailbreak's Fire Hammer and made their way back to the Dino Attack outpost with the dinos on their heels.

Brikman and Culver arrived nearly ten minutes later. Scab informed Brikman that Pedro, a dangerous Standard Agent, was killed by a hunting Mutant Raptor and only Scab, Brikman, and Elite Agent Iapteus. Iapteus helicoptered Chet Culver to Antarctic while Scab debriefed Brikman. During debriefing, the dinos from the capital attacked the outpost and killed Agent Scab. Brikman barely escaped in Jailbreak's Fire Hammer. When he was ten miles outside of Des Moines, the dinos gave up the chase.

Alone and no mission, Brikman spent the next month travelling all over Iowa, fighting the Mutant Dinos. He visited Dubuque, Burlington, Ames, and Waterloo, attacking the dinos in public places now barren and destroyed. Another month would pass before Iapteus would find Brikman in his T-1 Typoon. Brikman was taken out of states and taken to LEGO City to rest after his exciting two months in Iowa.

Joining the Agents Defense Organization

Brikman continued to operate in the Dino Attack Agency until he decided to head to Antarctica, partly retiring from the team. Brikman was approached by Agent Chase, the leader of the Agents Defense Organization, on Antarctica and was offered to join the Agents. Brikman accepted and built himself a Agent JX-45 Turbo Car as his vehicle. At the refuge facillities, Brikman was briefed by the Agents that Dr. Inferno had allied himself with Dr. Rex, in order to once again pit himself against Evil Ogel, who had allied with the Dino Attack Team.

Brikman and Agent Charge were sent to LEGO City to try and locate Dr. Inferno's base within the city. They uncovered a secret Inferno base within a wrecked flower shop. The teammates headed into the underground lair of the evil scientists and encountered several Mutant Dinos and Inferno Henchmen. They defeated these villians and discovered another outpost in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.

Brikman, Charge, and Agent Swipe were sent to Baton Rouge and found the entire city destroyed and replaced as a Inferno village. The Agents broke into the Inferno base and snuck past the Inferno Henchmen and Mutant Dinos and stole one of Dr. Inferno's laptops containing info on Dr. Inferno's secret base in the Goo Caverns. Brikman, Charge, and Swipe escaped on Brikman's Turbo Car, but were chased down by Gold Tooth and his jungle jeep. One of the agents onboard of the jeep managed to shoot and destroy the laptop. An Agent Helicopter would arrive soon afterwards and rescue Brikman and the others and return them to Antarctica.

After returning to the frozen tundra, Brikman began to notice the dislike towards the ADO. After a few more months associated with the Agents, the dislike seemed to grow. He asked Agent Trace, who told him the truth: That the Agents have been interfering with Dino Attack Team missions. Brikman also learned the ADO had disapproved of the Dino Attack Team, believing they could handle it. Brikman argued with Agent Chase until Brikman resigned from the Agents Defense Organization and rejoined the Dino Attack Team. Brikman commenced training for a few weeks before his next mission.

Battle at the Brickster's Volcano

However, three days before being sent to Adventurers' Island, he received a distress call from Pepper Roni, requesting assistiance in an infiltration mission at the Brickster's Volcano in the Arctic Circle. Brikman was given permission by Specs to leave, and immedietly took a boat to LEGO Island.

He met up with Pepper and the Infomaniac and was told the purpose of the mission: To find Mama and Papa Brickolini, who had been kidnapped during the Happy-Go-Lucky Crisis that occured only a few weeks before and to find one of the twenty-three Power Brick shards that had been split by Dr. Rex's second in command, Dr. Walter Bishop.

Pepper and Brikman flew to the volcano and fought their way inside, where they found three minifigs being held captive by a large squad of OGEL Prime soldiers. Brikman helped defeat the soldiers with his lightsaber and freed the minifigs, which one of them turned out to be none other than Shugu, who had been captured on Ninja Valley for questioning and treason against the OGEL Empire.

After rescuing Shugu and the other minifigs, Brikman stole a Nemodian Shuttle and returned to LEGO Island with Shugu and the other minifigs and let them off. However, when he returned, he was met with the OSS Deconstructor, defending the volcano. Brikman was forced to evade multiple laser blasts for five minutes until the Deconstructor turned and shot into space.

Brikman landed the shuttle in the Volcano throne room and met up with Pepper, who had rescued Mama and Papa and recovered an odd purple Power Brick shard. They all boarded the shuttle and returned to LEGO Island. Brikman remained on the island for about five hours before heading to LEGO City to be authorized as a rookie Dino Attack Agent.

The Mission to Adventurers' Island**

**Means that this section is Dino Attack related and has not yet concluded.

After concluding his training, Brikman was sent to Adventurers' Island to find a Maelstrom Temple to prevent Dr. Rex from using the power to mutate more dinos. Brikman suited up in his new uniform and rode a PWC to the coast of Adventurers' Island's jungles. Once there, Brikman built his newest Dino Attack-issued ATV, his Steel Sprinter, and headed into the jungle to find Agent Rex, the leader of the mission.

While traveling through the jungle, Brikman encountered a temple and found a captured Dino Attack Agent, Agent Gahiji Thutmose, otherwise known as Dust. Brikman rescued the Egyptian and boarded his Steel Sprinter and took off while Dust explained he had killed several natives of Adventurers' Island and they had tied him up in the temple. Suddenly, a Mutant Raptor attacked the two agents. The Steel Sprinter dashed through the jungle with the Raptor on their heels. Just as Dust was face-to-face with the mutant, two normal T-Rexes attacked the raptor and chased the mutant into the jungle. Just as they thought themselves as safe, natives that were looking for Dust found them.

As the natives attempted to take Dust, Brikman blasted them with mud on his Steel Sprinter and rescued Dust once again. They raced away from the natives to a massive cliffside. The natives soon caught up with them and shoved them off the cliff. The two agents were only barely saved by a net set up by Sam Sinister to catch Pterosaurs nearly ten years before. While on the net, Brikman became suspicious of Dust and his obssesion of finding the Maelstrom Temple. The two resided to hopelessness as the spent hours on the net as rained poured on them. Brikman fell asleep while Dust drifted into unconsiousness due to his infected hand.

After an hour, Brikman and Dust were rescued by Elite Agent Andrew, another LEGO Island, and the Martian Agent Laxus. They boarded Andrew's Fire Hammer and continued into the jungle in the search of the Maelstrom Temple. While examining a temple they stumbled upon, the Dino Attack Agents were attacked by a native. Brikman shoved the native off the jeep and Andrew drove the jeep into the jungle when they were attacked by a pack of Mutant Lizards. The lizards popped one of the tires on the vehicle while escaping. Brikman controlled the turret via the controls on the dashboarded and blasted all the Mutant Lizards except for one.

The one remaining lizard spitted acid on the turret and destroyed it. Brikman and Laxus climbed out of the jeep onto the roof and started shooting at the lizard. The lizard dodged the bolts and tackled Brikman and drooled acid on his shoulder, burning it. Brikman managed to throw the lizard of him as Laxus shot the beast. Laxus helped Brikman back into the jeep and bandaged up his wound as the jeep came to a stop due to the flat tire. Around this time, Dust regained consiousness

Andrew took the what was left of the turret and made a makeshift tire to put on the wheel. With their vehicle back in action, they raced to a Dino Attack Outpost inside the jungle. As the arrived, the discovered that a forest fire had started only a few yards outside of the outpost. Laxus and Andrew put on oxygon tanks and helmets and headed into the blaze while Brikman and Dust remained behind. As they waited, they were attacked by a native, who revealed himself to be a Stromling, one of the Maelstrom's soldiers. The Stromling told Brikman that the Stromlings have infiltrated the ranks of the Dino Attack Team and that he had started the fire. Terrified, Brikman and Dust opened fire on the Stromling and killed it.

Shortly afterwards, the duo were rescued by a T-1 Typhoon piloted by Elite Agent Semick. Brikman informed the agents on the helicopter of the potential of Stromling spies within their ranks. They soon arrived at another Dino Attack outpost and Brikman was given permission to replace his broken Steel Sprinter. He gathered the pieces and built himself a Urban Avenger. As he finished the final touches, he was attacked by Dino Attack Agents Mailstorm and Dr. Dunkelheit, who turned out to be Stromling agents. With the help of Semick, Brikman defeated the Stromlings. Semick then told Brikman of a potential invasion on Achu's village and that he was allowed to come. Hoping to approve his image in the eyes of the natives, Brikman rebandaged his shoulder, armed himself, and boarded Semick's helicopter and flew to Achu's village.

Shortly after arriving, Brikman was taken prisoner by the natives for assisting Dust in his escape. However, as Achu had met Brikman earlier, decided to give him another chance to help the Dino Attack and the TumTum Tribe defeat a massive army of Mutant Dinos that were to attack the village.

Brikman assisted in the battle, shooting down several Mutant Dinos. His life was saved during the fight by another Dino Attack Agent named Minerva Fabello. At the peak of the battle, the Mutant Dinos broke through the TumTum barrier and entered the village. While making his way into the village, Brikman discovered Rex, a crippled Elite Agent, near the village wall. Brikman slung his superior over his shoulders and carried the agent on his back.

Rex requesting Brikman to gather everyone in the center of the village. While spreading the word, Brikman and Rex were attacked by Ahua, a Stromling disguised as an Islander, and a group of Islander Stromlings. They were saved by Andrew and Laxus once again and continued spreading the message and soon gathered all the survivors into the center of the village.

Brikman witnessed a stampede of Triceratops defeat the Mutant Dinos, saving all their lives. After ditching Minerva, Brikman headed to Andrew and Laxus's Fire Hammer and learned of the problems other Dino Attack Teams face across the world. He also learns of Dr. Rex's recent hacking off the Dino Attack Database. After reviewing the database, Brikman decided to find Achu and, hopefully, have his slate cleaned. His request was granted and the scorn from other Islanders ended. After his meeting with Achu, Brikman met a scarred Dino Attack Agent whose name was Logan Zekria, codename Scratch. While talking with the strange agent, Brikman was attacked by Ahua again. However, the Stromling escaped once again.

Brikman and Scratch decided to join Semick's plan to rescue the Dino Attack rear guard. Brikman boarded Semick's T-1 Typhoon and flew to the camp. Along the way, Brikman helped Scratch, taking a Fire Hammer to the camp, fight back a group of Mutant Dinos that had attacked the jeep. Shortly after the small fight, the T-1 Typhoon found the camp and landed. Not long later, the remaining Fire Hammer found the camp.

Fight for the Fortress

Peace was interrupted, as Brikman discovered that Dr. Rex's organization of scientists, the Xenon Elite Researchers Regarding Dinosaurs, or XERRD, had set up a fortress in the jungle not far from the rear guard camp. He and his old friend's clone, Major K. Ninja VIII, were assigned to scout the fortress and discover weaknesses. At the fortress, K. discovered a camoflauged entrance into the fortress. Brikman attracted a guard over to where he and K. were hiding and fought the guard until he was unconcious. Brikman stole the minifig's uniform and infiltrated the fortress while K. took the captured guard back to the camp.

Inside the fortress, Brikman made his way through the fortress, encountering Dr. Rex's second in command Dr. Walter Bishop along the way, and made his way to the mainframe control room of the fortress. After tricking the technicions into leaving the room, Brikman directly hacked into XERRD fortress's mainframe and copied almost every file into his flashdrive and Brickberry. As he attempted to leave, Brikman was caught by two fortress guards who were alerted on Dr. Bishop's orders. Brikman defeated one of the guards but was stopped by the superior guard, who held a pistol to Brikman's head. However, Brikman was once again saved by the lucky timing of Minerva Fabello.

Brikman and Minerva made their way out of the fortress. Brikman discovered that Minerva had disobeyed orders when she had entered to fortress, and wondered if Minerva had feelings for him. He didn't make much of the thought as he and Minerva ran out of the fortress and made plans to run back to the rear guard, only to come upon Dust, now handcuffed and under the custody of Commander Rockford, a lawyer-turned-Dino Attack Agent. Brikman then discovered the truth about Dust: He wasn't a real Dino Attack Agent and that he had came to Adventurers' Island to find a temple that belonged to one of his Egyptian pharoah ancestors. Brikman lost all trust in Dust, but had no time to dwell. He, Minerva, Rockford, and Mur, another commanding agent, headed into a clearing where the Dino Attack Team was staging a distraction long enough for an infiltration team to enter the fortress to obtain more info.

Brikman faced not only Mutant Dinos, but Skeletal Mummies. Brikman attempted to fight one, but resulted in the mummy using its powers to create Mutant Skeleton Pterosaurs. The mummy fired its lasers at most of the Mutant Pterosaurs in the sky, creating an all new threat to the Dino Attack Team. To make things worse, native dinosaurs to Adventurers' Island suddenly became hostile to the Dino Attack Team and joined the battle. Brikman saw Scratch, who was also apart of the distraction, become overwhelmed by native dinosaurs. Brikman followed the agent into the jungle and found him in a clearing, waiting for Brikman.

Scratch revealed he had been hunting native dinos as an act of revenge for scarring his face and killing his family. Furious, Brikman tried to make Scratch see reason, but the man refused and decided that they should settle their differences with their fists. Brikman, despite being an experianced fighter, fell short to Scratch's onslaught of attacks. It wasn't until Scratch threatened to kill Minerva that Brikman had a new-found boost of energy and beat Scratch into submission. Scratch, tired of playing games, revealed he was armed with a pistol and shot Brikman's right hand off his arm. Scratch then attempted to shoot Brikman, but Brikman retaliated and tried to wrestle the pistol away from Scratch, accidently shooting the pistol that was aimed at Scratch's chest, killing him instantly. Brikman, out of shock of killing Scratch and losing his hand, fell unconcious.

Brikman awoke to a group of native dinosaurs, now friendly, guarding him. One T-Rex that could understand English confirmed that the native dinos were allies of the Dino Attack again. The T-Rex led Brikman to a clean water source which he drank from. After drinking from the stream, Brikman fell asleep again, the dinosaur guarding him.

Brikman awoke again, this time to a struggle between Dust and Dino Attack Agent Gonnerman. The T-Rex, feeling threatened by Gonnerman's weapon, killed him. Dust surrendered and offered to take Brikman back to camp. Brikman decided to trust the Egyptian and was taken back to the camp, along the way learning about Dust's dark past.

Arriving at the camp, Brikman was admitted into a medical tent and was informed by Dr. Alan Pierce that Major K. Ninja knew the arts of prostetics and would make Brikman a new hand. K. complied to Brikman's wished to build him a robotic hand similar to his original flesh hand. K. then asked Brikman to try an interrogate the guard they had defeated, as he had refused to talk to the highest authority in the camp, Commander Carl Lutsky. Brikman interrogated the guard, who decided to comply to his wishes. In the course of the interrogation, Brikman learned the guard's name was Oswald Fabello, the older brother of Minerva and a former Dino Attack Agent. After letting it slip that he knew Minerva, Oswald viciously attacked Brikman. He only managed to defeat Oswald when he punched him in the face with his new hand. Not a short time later, Minerva returned to the camp from fighting the Mutant Skeleton Pterosaurs in the sky and discovered her brother. Oswald showed no emotional greatfullness for her survival and instead scoffed at her and angered her into punching him and running out of the tent. Brikman followed Minerva to calm her down. However, Oswald ruined that plan.

Brikman and Minerva returned to the interrogation tent and found Oswald struggling with numerous Dino Attack Agents and found that he had already killed the two guards watching him. Finally, Dust defeated Oswald after he had killed four more agents and seriously wounded two others with a knife he had stolen from his guards. Brikman had believed Oswald defeated. Unfortunately, Oswald wasn't disarmed when he had been captured and killed the two other guards holding him, bring the death count to eight, and knocked both Minerva and Commander Lutsky to the ground. Brikman watched unarmed as Oswald cut Lutsky's shoulder and insulted his sister one more time before running into the jungle.

Brikman, sullen from the massacre, sat at the fire pit in the camp and learned from a text message from Oswald to Minerva that Oswald had escaped Adventurers' Island and that there was no hope of finding him. After that, Minerva questioned if she and Brikman were just friends. Brikman confirmed it hesitently. Minerva accepted the answer and remained as friends and not as a couple like Oswald implied frequently.

Brikman wanted to escape the pain that the camp housed, so he armed himself and sprinted into the jungle for several hours until he discovered a mysterious pool that Brikman accertained as a Maelstrom pool connected to the Maelstrom temple. He was attacked again by the Stromling Ahua, only this time, Brikman somehow defended himself from Ahua's spears with the Maelstrom emited from the pool. In surprise and interest, Ahua let Brikman escape back to the Dino Attack camp, not before battling a Mutant Raptor that ambushed him and getting into an argument with Commander Carl Lutsky, the highest authority at the camp. Brikman started become more angry, snapping both at Minerva and Lutsky numerous times.

Around 5 AM the next day, Brikman and the rest of the Dino Attack Agents were called upon Lutsky to begin a massive attack against XERRD fortress for two reasons: To allow Dino Attack infiltration teams exit the fortress before their are captured and to use the fortress as their own headquarters. Brikman rebuilt a nearby Urban Avenger and took off to the fortress. The battle quickly fired up, and Brikman's Urban Avenger was quickly destroyed by auto-turrets stationed around the fortress.

Brikman purposely wrecked the buggy into the fortress and feigned death as a XERRD soldier started to investigate the wreck. While the minifig was checking his pulse, Brikman twisted the guard's wrist and tossed to the ground and killed him with his pistol. He stole the man's uniform and snuck into the fortress to warn the infiltration team of the attack, only to be noticed by Dr. Carolyne Provencal. Provencal fell for Brikman's ruse and decided to use him as a guard for an experiment regarding some important Maelstrom experiments. Along the way, Brikman met Doctors Zed Provhezor and Wallace Breen, who had just finished lecturing a group of disguised Dino Attack Agents. Brikman warned them as he and Provencal passed of the battle and then continued on to Provencal's personal lab.

Inside, Provencal revealed she had discovered Brikman ruse and threatened to stick him with an Injection Saw she helped create that would turn him into a Stromling. He tried to defeat her, but was overwhelmed by her surprising strength and Provencal injected the Maelstrom formula into Brikman's bloodstream. She then left Brikman to escape the fortress on his own, ordering all the soldiers within the fortress not to shoot Brikman so the transformation into a Stromling could take place.

Brikman sprinted through the fortress, killing two XERRD guards along the way and ran into the jungle. After about twenty minutes of running, Brikman sent a message to all Dino Attack Agents informing him of his current state and warned them to wary of him if he should return. After traveling a short distance farther, Brikman returned to the Maelstrom pool, to his amazement. While trying to leave, Brikman met face-to-face a Stromling Ape that turned about to be another Dino Attack Agent named Dr. Cyborg. Brikman shoved the agent into the Maelstrom pool, corrupting one of his own teammates on accident. Brikman soon captured by Stromlings and taken to the Maelstrom Temple on Adventurers' Island where he once again met Ahua.

Ahua divulged Brikman's memories and discovered the truth about his past: he had been left on LEGO Island early in life due to a prophecy that told of a minifig who could control the Maelstrom naturally and would be forced to do battle with evil for most of his life. Shortly after the revelation, Brikman was finally consumed by the Maelstrom and became a Stromling Agent, serving directly under Ahua.

Life as a Stromling

Final Battle

After the War

After the Dino Attack, Brikman stayed on LEGO Island for a few days in January 2011 until he was asked by new President Jørgen Vig Knudstorp to go the the LEGO United Nations, a island state that was wiped out by the Dino Attack, with a small squad of Dino Attack Agents to evaluate the damage and to get rid of the Mutant Dinos that had settled there.

Brikman was joined by Digger, Nazareno, Minerva, Pepper, and a small number of other Dino Attack Agents. They landed on the LUN and immediately split up to assert the damage more quickly. Brikman teamed up with Pepper and traveled through the hazardous land, defeating numerous Mutant Dinos on the way.

However, as they continued, they found a uniformed XERRD soldier walking through the wasteland. Pepper and Brikman followed the soldier until they reached a massive fortress similar to the one Brikman infiltrated on Adventurers' Island. Brikman and Pepper knocked out the solider and a guard, donned their uniforms, and entered the fortress

The duo learned that the fortress had been established following Carolyne Provencal's victory on the LUN and had avoided detection by the Dino Attack Team. The two then entered the command center, where they learned that the fortress commander, Aldous Krakenaur, was attempting to create a large enough Mutant Dino army to take down LEGO City and rule LEGOLAND.

Pepper and Brikman quiclky formed a plan. Pepper would find the others and mount an attack against the fortress while Brikman would sabotage Krakenaur's Mutant Dino-creating machines. He made quick work of the machines and destroyed all of the fortress' supply of Maelstrom. Brikman was discovered by the XERRD guards and captured.

Brikman was brought before Krakenaur, who was furious at the destruction of his Mutant Dino machines. Krakenaur sentenced Brikman to an execution at the hand of XERRD's newest asset. Brikman was shocked to learn that the asset was none other then a Maelstrom-infected Alpha Rex.

Suddenly, the fortress fell under attack by the other Dino Attack Agents piloting their T-1 Typhoon. This distraction allowed Brikman to escape, but he was quickly followed by Alpha Rex, determined to kill his long time enemy. Brikman ran out of the fortress and faced Alpha Rex in the most intense brawl they had ever had.

Alpha Rex quickly gained the upperhand as the fortress was destroyed and Krakenaur was killed by Pepper. Alpha Rex taunted Brikman, remarking that he should have stayed a Stromling, for now he was weak. Brikman's anger was fueled by this remark, and the power of the Maelstrom came to his finger tips.

Brikman threw Alpha Rex backwards with the Maelstrom and quickly gained the upper hand. Using the power of the Maelstrom, Brikman forced his hand into the Brickster-Bot's torso and pulled out several circuits, severly crippling him. Brikman then shot the stunned Alpha Rex several times with his blaster pistol, setting his insides on fire. Alpha Rex toppled over, most of his functions knocked out. The LEGO Islander then stepped over to the robots head and used a Maelstrom-powered stomp to destroy Alpha Rex's memory and 'brain', finally killing the Brickster's second in command.

The use of the Maelstrom took a toll on Brikman's energy. He fell unconscious and was taken to the LEGO Island Hospital, where he was congradualated by General Hazel Spencer and the Infomaniac for finally taking out Alpha Rex.

The Nexus Force

Brikman was released from the hospital a few days and told Minerva and his friends that he wished to learn more about his power and decided the best method to do this was to join the Nexus Force in the Nimbus Galaxy. He left Earth and landed on Nimbus Station, where he easily passed the tests required to join the elite group. He decided to join the Paradox faction due to their study of the Maelstrom as a Space Marauder.

He told the Paradox representives of his power, which immediately had him sent to the Paradox Refinery in the Forbidden Valley for further study. Despite this study, they could not figure out why Brikman could manipulate the Maelstrom, but they decided to use it to their advantage. Brikman spent severely months in the Nimbus System fighting the Maelstrom. He was a Rank 3 Space Marauder by the time he was returned home.

-To be expanded

LEGO Racing Championship 2011

War for Egypt

The Final Fight Against the Maelstrom

Abilities and Traits

Brikman is a deadly sharpshooter when handed just about any weapon, including his shooting-weapon of choice, a Thompson Machine Gun. He was a master of the power of the Force. He could lift objects up to 3 tons and could use most Force attacks, including Force Lightning. Brikman is also a skilled driver on his motorcycle, which is his perferred method to travel. When Brikman is handed a computer, it can take him up to only five minutes to hack it and be able to access anything on it. Colonel McStudz is also a moderate military strategist and a fearsome lightsaber duelist. Brikman now has the ability to manipulate the Maelstrom similar to the power of the Force, which he lost after being infected by the Maelstrom.

Brikman tries to see the best in people, however, he is always willing to defend his home. Brikman is a good friend who also tries to save his planet to the best of his ability. He also sometimes obnoxious, resorting to sarcasm which commonly makes him enemies. Brikman also tries to find the humorous side in life and often makes jokes to make people feel better. However, as the Dino Attack raged on, Brikman grew a darker personality after being infected by the Maelstrom on Adventurers' Island. He is a true hero who always is willing to save a civilization from collapse.


Narcissa and James McStudz

Narcissa and James McStudz are Brikman's parents. They currently live in the Midwestern United States with their two other children. Although they mysteriously gave up Brikman to the Infomaniac on LEGO Island in 1993, they still love him and communicate with him. Brikman takes trips to his home in Iowa to visit his parents and siblings every six months.

Scott and Gabby McStudz

Brikman shares an average relationship with his twin siblings. He doesn't often think of them except for times when they cause him anguish. As the Dino Attack raged across the LEGO Planet, Brikman wished he knew if his siblings and parents were still alive. While in Iowa, Brikman searched for them until Iapteus informed him that his family had survived and were in Antarctica, much to Brikman's relief.

Pepper Roni

Pepper Roni is one of Brikman's best friends. Pepper has claimed that he would always chose Brikman to help him defeat the Brickster. Likewise, Brikman likes to call on Pepper to help him defeat any enemy who stands in their way.

Sky Lane

Sky Lane and Brikman were forced friends due to their mutual friendship with Pepper. Brikman found Sky annoying while Sky found Brikman childish. However, they usually got past their differences to help defeat the various villains that have attacked LEGO Island.

In the Nexus Force, they began to see each other different. Brikman saw Sky as less annoying, while she saw that Brikman that had grown up very much during the Dino Attack. They became closer friends in the Nimbus Galaxy and often teamed up to fight Stromlings.

Major K. Ninja VII and Michael Osterblam

Major K. Ninja VII and Michael Osterblam are Brikman's best friends. Brikman met them in his hometown in Iowa and they came to LEGO Island with him. Major Ninja and Brikman often team up to fight Nazis and Brickster-Bots and, formally, the second floor of McStudz Tower used to be a weapon designing facility for Major Ninja. Michael Osterblam is a Jedi, just like Brikman, and therefore relate often and team up to fight against dark Jedi and lightsaber wielders, particularly General Grievous.

The Infomaniac

The Infomaniac partly raised Brikman at a young age when he was left on LEGO Island in 1993. Brikman admires the Infomaniac and enjoys having conversation with him. The Infomaniac also is fond of Brikman due to the times he was saved the LEGO Planet and LEGO Island from destruction.

Minerva Fabello

Brikman met Minerva Fabello during the final days of the Dino Attack. Initially being hostile towards each other, they both warmed up to each other and became good friends. Brikman and Minerva fought side-by-side in both the Adventurers' Island and Dinosaur Island campaigns. They fell in love during their service and started a relationship in 2011.

Casey Store

General Casey Store was Brikman's mentor when he had joined the LEGO Island Army as a cadet. Brikman always looked up to General Store's leadership and military genius. General Store admired Brikman's courage and willpower to save his home. When Casey had his first death, Brikman was depressed that his mentor was dead and when he returned to life, Brikman was eccstatic. Brikman was informed of General Store's second and final death at the hands of the Mutant Dinos while at the Dino Attack Headquarters, which saddened him greatly, knowing that Store would never return.

The Brickster

During the frequent Brickster crisises that have occured on LEGO Island the past two years, the Brickster had now found Brikman, along with Pepper and Sky, a true threat to his plans. Brikman often fights the Brickster with Pepper by his side, although during the 2010 LEGO Racing Championship and during the Dino Attack, Brikman was forced to fight an all-powerful Brickster armed with the Power Wand by himself. The Brickster himself had expressed a strong dislike to Brikman, due to him constantly fighting and defeated his powerful allies, and made Brikman "Undesirable No. 2" during his rule on LEGO Island during the Second Brickster War.

Other Villains

Brikman has encountered various other villains besides the Brickster. Except for the villains working for the Brickster specifically, most villains saw Brikman as a minor threat. However, once Brikman had infiltrated the Egyptian capitol in Cairo, the villains began seeing that Brikman was threat equal to the other villains.


Brikman McStudz is the pseudonym (sig-fig) of the creator of this wiki. He was built in LEGO Racers, LEGO Racers 2, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, and LEGO Batman videogames. He is planned to be built in the LEGO Universe MMOG.

The events of the Dino Attack is based on the Dino Attack RPG on BZPower with his character being called Zach. Brikman McStudz is not an actually minifig in official LEGO canon. Rather, he is a behind-the-scenes character for most of the event of the LEGO Island series until after 2002, where the story is left off to be decided by the user. In this case, BrikmanMcStudz, the owner of this wiki, is the user.

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