Alexis Sinister


Alexis Sinister


c. 1960s in Barron, Earth


Brickatraz, LEGOLAND


  • Treasure Hunter
  • Villain


  • Barronian


  • OGEL Empire
    • Adventurers Villains
  • Señor Palomar (formally)



Wanted for

  • Dino poaching
  • Train heist
Alexis Sinister is the sinister of Sam Sinister and a top ranking Adventurers Villain. She became famous for assisting her brother and hunter Mr. Cunningham in hunting dinosaurs on Dino Island and fighting against Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers. She was later arrested for assisting Señor Palomar in a train heist. She was sent to Brickatraz High Security Prison due to her numerous attempts to free her. Security around her cell increased as the Great LEGO Universe War began.


Early LifeEdit

Alexis Sinister was born sometime in the 1970s in the country of Barron. She was the younger sister of Baron Sam Sinister von Barron. As she grew older, she became involved in the Baron von Barron's treasure hunting across the world.

Dino IslandEdit

Alexis joined Sam and Mr. Cunningham in a scheme to make money by exposing the dinosaurs on Dino Island to the public.

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